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Custom woodworking in Atlanta is a growing trend. Whether you want to build a deck for your backyard or landscape your front yard, many people are taking up woodworking as a hobby and turning it into a business. You can either start your own custom woodworking company or work for someone else–the choice is yours.

And if you’re looking to dive into this realm, Atlanta’s got no shortage of custom woodworking companies. I’ve come across names like Foursquare Woodworks and POETKIDS, among numerous talented small-scale artisans. The choices here truly are abundant.

woodworking as a hobby

All of them offer quality woodwork at reasonable prices, and they would be happy to help you decide what kind of woodworking project you might like to take on. If you have a specific color or stain preference, you can request the custom woodworking shop to apply it for you.

If you’re thinking of launching your own custom woodworking business in Atlanta, let me share some advice from my journey. To lay a solid foundation, you’ll need to hone your skills first. Then, sourcing quality materials and investing in the right tools is crucial. Preparation is the key to setting yourself up for success in this field.

While these don’t cost much, getting all of the things that you need may end up costing you more than anticipated and you might need to take up woodworking courses to enhance your knowledge and skills on the craft.

For more custom woodworking options, you can visit the following areas too! 

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