The Delta 36 725 is a contractor-grade table saw that comes with a higher price tag. So, is it worth your money, or will it operate in the same arena as a regular table saw? To help you avoid spending more than you need to, our team of woodworking professionals conducted this Delta 36 725 review.
Delta 36 725




The contractor table saw a rolling stand, a large worktable, the blade, and the locking rip fence. A surprising find by our team of experts during the Delta 36 725 review is that many of the plastic parts on some other table saws were made from metal. The table saw is a bit heavy and not as portable as smaller options, but you have to compromise by dealing with a giant machine if you want more power.
Up-close of Delta 36 725

Features of Delta 36 725

Motor Power of Delta 36 725

As a contractor table saw, the Delta 36 725 has a powerful 13-amp motor capable of generating 3,600 RPM, which can rip through thicker materials. In addition, the knife is a closed induction design, generating more energy with better efficiency.

Blade Material and Quality

You can switch out the blade, but the Delta 36 725 comes with a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade. Blades with carbide tips stay sharper for longer, therefore reducing the maintenance frequency.

Not only that, but they can provide more delicate cuts than the standard steel blade. The arbor lock on the contractor table saw will allow for easy blade changes.

Cutting Performance of Delta 36 725

The blade and the motor come together to give the user exceptional results that impressed our woodworkers. In addition, the Delta 36 725 contractor table saw has a locking angle and height adjustment that can accommodate slopes and curves.
Delta 36 725 cutting deck

Rip Capacity

The Delta table saw has a broader rip capacity than most. It can create both left and proper rips with 30 inches in width from the right and 15 from the left. Added together, the 36 725 can be used for a wide range of cuts and materials, which our contractors appreciated.

Fence System

The table saw also comes with a locking rip fence. The system is a T-square 3-point design that helps to guide the various type of cuts for the utmost precision. In addition, the steel rails have a spreader that can support the more expansive stock.

Dust Collection

The dust collection is done via a chute system. It will keep your workspace clean when attached to a proper strategy. It is essential to keep your work area clean. Dust is kindling and ignites your workspace with a spark from a machine.

Side of Delta 36 725

Not only is the dust collection system considered a safety feature, but it also increases your visibility during operation and allows for more precise cuts.

Delta 36 725 Safety Features

Safety features table saws commonly come with blade guards, riving knives, and anti-kickback pawls, which you can mostly find on the Delta 36 725. They are the best accessories you can pick for table saws. The safety features the table saw comes with are just as important as the safety gear you wear during operation.

Make sure to wear adequate PPE [1] such as gloves and goggles and avoid expensive loose clothing that could catch in the machine’s blade.

Price and Warranty

The Delta 36 725 contractor table saw is quite pricey. The cost can deter some people, but the biggest question is if it’s worth it. A tool that’s worth the price, no matter how high, will provide great value for your money.

Delta 36 725

After extensive Delta 36 725 reviews, our woodworking team found the table saw to be worth every penny.

As for the warranty, our professionals always suggest going for a product that has a comprehensive warranty. In general, the longer the warranty is, the more reliable the product is. Therefore, the warranty is an even more tell-tale sign of a good outcome than the brand name.

For the Delta 36 725, the product comes with a 5-year limited warranty. However, 1-year warranties are pretty standard, and anything above three is considered reasonable by our experts.

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Delta 36 725 Review Conclusion

Our team of contractors was delighted with the results of the Delta 36 725 review. The saw is powerful and versatile to perform almost all tasks required at worksites and in workshops. It also comes with a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade designed to rip through heavy stock. In addition, the saw is backed by an extended 5-year limited warranty to protect consumers.
Delta 36 725

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