Which is the Best Delta Table Saw? (2023) — Best Contractor Table Saws & More

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Considering a Delta table saw but hesitant about the price tag? I get it. Delta’s on the pricier side; we all want the best bang for our buck. I’ve reviewed several Delta table saws to ensure you’re not shelling out for something that’s just average. Trust me; I’ve got your back. Let’s make sure your investment counts!

Best Overall
Delta 36-6023
Editor's Choice
Delta 36-L352
Best Budget
Delta 36-6013
Delta 36-6023 No Background
Delta 36-L352 No Background
Delta 36-6013 No Background
First, on our team’s list is the 36-6023 table saw from the brand. It has a powerful 15 amp motor that deems it to be contract-grade, with rack and pinion fence rails. In addition, the product is backed by a 5-year professional-grade warranty.
The most expensive model on our team’s list is the Delta Unisaw. It features a 3 HP motor with exceptional vibration control and a large working surface. It also comes with the legendary Biesemeyer Fence System.
If the above models are out of your budget, then the Delta 36-6013 is the next best thing: a large rip capacity and a powerful 15 amp motor. In addition, it doesn’t come with a large working surface making it a very portable table saw.
Best Overall
Delta 36-6023
Delta 36-6023 No Background
First, on our team’s list is the 36-6023 table saw from the brand. It has a powerful 15 amp motor that deems it to be contract-grade, with rack and pinion fence rails. In addition, the product is backed by a 5-year professional-grade warranty.
Editor's Choice
Delta 36-L352
Delta 36-L352 No Background
The most expensive model on our team’s list is the Delta Unisaw. It features a 3 HP motor with exceptional vibration control and a large working surface. It also comes with the legendary Biesemeyer Fence System.
Best Budget
Delta 36-6013
Delta 36-6013 No Background
If the above models are out of your budget, then the Delta 36-6013 is the next best thing: a large rip capacity and a powerful 15 amp motor. In addition, it doesn’t come with a large working surface making it a very portable table saw.

Reviews of the Best Delta Table Saws

1. Delta 36-L352 3 HP Motor 10 In. Saw

As the premium choice, our experts came to expect a lot from the Delta 36-L352. The team was pleasantly surprised as it exceeded expectations. The 3 HP motor table saw was designed to withstand the most challenging boat building and cabinet-making projects.

This table saw for cabinets comes with onboard storage for your convenience. In addition, the vibration control with a single-cast Trunnion system lets you handle power without sacrificing accuracy.

The Delta cabinet saw also comes with the legendary Biesemeyer Fence System that consistently performs with every cut you make. In addition, there are many user-friendly features involved with the Delta 36-L352, including an accessible on/off switch.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

2. Delta 36-5052T2 Contractor Table Saw with 52" Rip Capacity and Steel Extension Wings

The following table saw on our team’s list is the Delta 36-5052T2. The large table saw has extension steel wings to give you more surface compared to other saws. In addition, it has a powerful 15-amp universal motor that can handle hardwoods.

The table saw comes with an enormous rip capacity of 52 inches, which can handle large materials needed for boat building or cabinet making. This is a belt-drive table saw included with the legendary Biesemeyer Fence System for supreme accuracy.

The saw is built to last with extreme durability and even has a stacked dado capability.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

3. Delta 36-6023 10 Inch Table Saw

The Delta 36-6023 earned its spot on our list as an excellent table saw for job sites and DIY projects. It has a lot of power with the 15-amp contractor-grade motor that can handle a range of materials.

The bigger 32.5 rip capacity allows for large stock. The Delta 36-6023 table saw also comes with an efficient rack and pinion fence system. The rack and pinion fence system can make smooth adjustments for better precision.

The Delta 36-6023 is a highly portable table saw and can be wheeled around the site. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the Delta table saw is an insured model.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

4. Delta 36-6013 10 Inch Table Saw

If you like portable table saws, then the Delta 36-6013 is the right Delta table saw for you. It’s a smaller design still endowed with a Delta contractor-grade 15-amp motor that can handle various cuts.

The 36-6013 offers a 15-inch rip capacity handling large stock even for the small size. The large table size and the steel frame will provide support for your materials. The fence rail system is telescoping, which gives users the ability to make quick adjustments.

The unit is backed by a 5-year professional-grade warranty from the brand.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like

Delta Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

Reading Delta table saw reviews would not give you the complete picture of how they compare to other saws. However, I have gone into great detail to list out what features to look for when you’re searching for the right table saw for your needs.

Design and Size

There are different types of table saws you can go for, but we’ll look at that in a bit. First, I will go into the design and size of the saw briefly. How large the saw is will correspond to the type of materials and stocks you can work with. Of course, this is also dependent on the blade type and motor power.

Keep in mind that larger table saws are more challenging to carry with you, and ones with a cast iron table are more difficult to move. Delta Power Equipment Corp, better known as Delta, has various models you can choose from. I made sure to include many different kinds that will appeal to DIYers and experts alike.

It’s also my opinion that you should look for cast iron construction with the least amount of plastic parts to ensure the robustness of your tool.

Motor Power

The motor power is usually measured in HP or volts. The higher the figure for both units of measurement will mean more power. There are two types of motors and drive configurations. The belt drive, which the 36-5052T2 model on the list operates with, is much more potent than what you see on standard table saws. This type of drive provides more cutting power and is generally seen on heavy-duty models.

Then there are the direct-drive saws, which are less powerful and are usually seen on a portable saw. The best table saw can have either drive; the key is what they are used for.

I would recommend the belt-drive motor for contractor saws and saws used at the job site. However, the direct-drive engine is a little less powerful and is excellent for routine jobs and homeowners.

Dual voltage motors will allow the item to have two different lines for something like a 2-in-1 model. There are some Delta saw models that offer this special advantage.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of a table saw can be divided into two aspects: height and rip capability. The rip capacity refers to the space between the blade and the rip fence for cutting wide materials. On the other hand, the depth capacity determines the maximum depth of cut, often measured at a specific angle. I recommend a table saw with a 90-degree cutting angle for optimal performance.

What other types of cuts can the saws make? Dadoes, bevels, and angles are some examples. Again, the cutting capacity is essential to determine whether or not the Delta saw would perform tasks for your purpose.

There are also table saws that feature dual rip windows. Dual rip windows offer more utility and help you make rip cuts faster.


The fence guide system is a guide feature on a table saw that would keep precise cuts and consistent. We have seen some examples of rack and pinion fences and the Biesemeyer Fence System highly coveted among professional circles.

Of course, it will cost a little more to have the legendary Biesemeyer Fence, and I feel the rack and pinion system is a heavy-duty fence that can do just as well.

Type of Table Saw

The category of table saws can be split into further subcategories. I will dive deeper into which type of table saw would best suit your needs in this section.

First up are the portable table saws. These types of saws are meant to be mobile, offering you flexibility in your workspace. These saws can come with a folding stand or not, but the frame is wheeled and can fold easily for storage if they do. Portable saws are usually smaller and less powerful compared to full-sized models, but they offer unrivaled convenience.

There are also contractor table saws, and as the name suggests, these are the ones that are known for sheer power. Contractor saws are meant for professional-grade use and are usually purchased by experts. These are also the models that offer large cutting capacities and heavy-duty blades to handle the more formidable stock.

Contractor saws also have a larger working surface and usually exhibit a more robust and durable construction.

There are also cabinet-style saws, often referred to as just cabinet saws. The motor and arbor are attached via the heavy-duty trunnions at the base of your unit. These saws provide excellent stability and exact cuts, especially for more extensive stock.

Lastly, there are the hybrid table saws, which are a very sought-after model. Hybrid table saws are a mix of contractor and cabinet saws. Manufacturers create these units by combining the best of both worlds for a heavy-duty woodworking machine.

Dust Collection

Sometimes consumers are so focused on the performance, and cut capacity of a saw that they forget about the maintenance features. Dust collection is a multi-purpose feature that can keep your workspace safe, clean and allows more precision in your work.

Look for a dust collector or dust port with which you can connect your shop vac or cyclone system. You will need the chute to be long enough to attach to the dust collector when your table is in the standing position.

Preferably, you will be able to find a system with bi-level dust extraction for the most thorough job. I say there are also dust collectors out there with air filtering that can catch material down to 1-micron in size. One of the best features is an efficient dust collector system for a great saw.


From locking cams to a large throat plate, there are many accessories a table saw can come with to ensure quick blade changes, precise cuts, ease of use, and more.

Let’s start with the miter gauge. The miter gauge usually comes with the table saw, and it is used to hold pieces steady when you make angled cuts.

The throat plate is used for quick and easy blade switches, so you want an accessory with your saw. I say many manufacturers use plastic throat plates, but if you can, look for ones constructed with metal for better durability.

To enlarge and extend your work area, you can look for stamped steel wings or regular extension wings to give you bigger space. Having the option to enlarge your tabletop also offers the opportunity to work with more extensive stock.

Then we have the bevel dial, which will help with precise cuts if your saw comes with one. It gives the user adjustability for bevel angles and can even allow for minute changes.

A retractable blade on your saw will enable cleaning easier. In addition, the blade will retract below the tabletop, which is a great feature to have for cast iron tables.

Safety Features

A saw is only as good as its power and performance but also its safety features. Let’s start with the blade guard. The blade guard, most likely plastic, is used to keep your fingers away from the moving blade. Most tools will come with this, but I say you should look for ones with a transparent blade guard so you can always keep an eye on your piece.

The riving knife is another safety device that will most likely come with your saw. It’s not usually seen on miter saws, but you can find a riving knife on circular saws as well. It sits on the saw’s arbor, and the job of the riving knife is to maintain a distance between the two sides of your material.

The push stick can also come with the purchase, but it’s not hard to use an extra piece of scrap wood to do the same thing. A push stick is used to push smaller pieces through the blade without placing your fingers close to the spinning teeth.

The blade brake is a feature that will halt your brake. There are even ones on certain saws that can detect contact with skin and automatically cease the movement of the brake. So if there is a safety feature you must have on your saw, the blade brake is it.

Anti-kickback pawls are used to grab the workpiece in case of severe kickback. A kickback is exactly what it sounds like, a piece kicking backward and possibly hitting the user. The pawls will spring into action if this happens and hold the piece steady.

Next, look for the on/off switch. It should be large and conveniently located in case you need to emergency shut off the machine.

Price and Warranty

Delta table saws are known for their higher prices. However, just because models are a premium choice, it doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. You need a unit that makes precise cuts. The saw should also have very sturdy construction, preferably from cast iron and steel. Delta tools are kept in high regard in the woodworking profession, which justifies the price tag.

As for the warranty always reflects better on the company when the included warranties are for longer than 1 year. This is the case with Delta tools, and most of the products I selected to offer a 5-year professional-grade warranty.

Delta History and Track Record

Herbert Tautz founded the machinery brand. The brand was first established in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and they started by making small tools before slowly building their customer base.

After that, Delta started breaking into the more significant power tools industry and eventually made its mark with industrial-grade equipment. Delta has changed hands in ownership a few times in its history. Back in 2004, Black and Decker bought Delta from Pentair but sold it again to Chang Type Industrial Co., LTD, a Taiwanese company.

Delta is a brand that is making its way to becoming one of the most recognized tool brands on the market. Just like with every other brand, not every product will always be a hit. However, the Delta Unisaw has become a modeling standard for table saws, and many other brands have modeled subsequent units after the Unisaw.


Is Delta a good table saw brand?

Yes, Delta is a good brand for table saw. It has had over a century to build up its reputation and products that include the Unisaw. The Delta Unisaw is a renowned model that features the legendary Biesemeyer Fence System. Delta saws are famous for their accuracy, dependability, durability, power, and performance.

Where are Delta table saws manufactured?

Delta table saws are manufactured in the USA. The company was acquired by a Taiwanese industrial company that intends on moving production to South Carolina. Some parts of Delta table saws may still be manufactured or put together in Taiwan.

Are Delta table saws made in the USA?

Yes, Delta table saws are made in the USA. They were first produced in Tennessee [1] when they were still under Black and Decker. However, since Chang Type Industrial acquired them, the new owners moved the manufacturing to South Carolina.

Top Pick For a Delta Table Saw: Delta 36-6023

The top pick for the best option after extensive Delta table saw review is the Delta 36-6023. This model is portable but still features an industrial-grade motor with 15 amps. In addition, the saw has a large rip capacity combined with a rack and pinion fence system to guide your material and blade. Backed by a 5-year professional warranty, the saw boasts reliability and efficiency.

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