DeWalt 20V Chainsaw Review [DCCS620P1 Model] (2023)

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In my experience with chainsaws, I’ve always been impressed by the power and performance of gas-powered units. However, recently, I’ve noticed a surge in the popularity of battery-powered saws, largely due to their affordability and efficiency.

When I reviewed the DeWalt 20v chainsaw, particularly the battery-powered DCCS620P1, I wanted to see for myself whether it truly stands out as a powerful contender or if it’s just another product with more hype than substance in terms of power and durability.



Design and Weight

The DeWalt 20V cordless chainsaw is a surprisingly lightweight tool. Including the 5Ah battery, the total weight of the saw is a little under 9 pounds, making it lighter than other battery-powered chainsaws and more comparable in weight to smaller corded models. 

It’s easy to use with one hand, so you can do one-handed cuts. Nevertheless, take the same precautions with gas chainsaws since these are heavy cutting equipment.

You can dismantle the saw’s body with simple knobs, and you won’t need any tools. It means you can clean the saw, check the oil, fix the o-ring, and adjust the chain tension without looking for tools.

A little lever next to the thumb must be depressed before you may pull the trigger. This prevents the saw from being turned on by accident if the handle is picked up. Though it may take some time, you will soon forget it’s even there once you’ve started using it.

DeWalt 20V Chainsaw Features

Overview of Specifications

Assembly and Preparations Before Use

There’s not much to do before using this chainsaw. If you’re felling trees, there are just a few minor details to attend to, including refilling the bar oil. It works like any other chainsaw because it has an internal reservoir that requires bar oil to keep the chain supplied with chain oil.

You can access the bar and chain oil reservoir by turning a little lever on the oil cap on the left side of the saw. You might get the impression that this isn’t very sturdy, but you won’t have any issues with it. Adding an o-ring to the cap will ensure no leaks for over a year.

You should tighten the chain like gas saws, so it pulls easily but securely. Two knobs on the right side of the saw allow you to do this. 

To adjust the tension, loosen the bigger locking knob and then turn the smaller tension knob. The locking knob is then turned back to its original position and tightened.

Battery Power

One thing that constantly amazes me about these battery-powered saws is their efficiency. I’ve found that tasks like cutting medium-sized logs can be done with just a single charge of a 4Ah battery.

Having used it extensively, I can confidently confirm the claim that it delivers 90 cuts in pressure-treated 4 × 4 on a single charge.

Brushless Motor

An extremely powerful brushless motor reduces friction and heat, extending battery life and cutting time. In addition, it shields the machine’s vital internal components from excessive heat, extending its useful life.

The brushless motor of this powerful chainsaw is efficient and powerful enough for demolition work [1], slicing beams, and cutting trees, respectively.

Bar and Chain + Chain Brake

The accompanying bar and chain are high-quality components, and the tension is unexpectedly already set properly. Of course, you can switch them out with the turn of a knob if you’d rather use anything else.

Attempting to start the saw with the brake in the forward position (by pressing the trigger) will not yield any results. To engage the motor, you must pull the brake backward.

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning

A correctly tensioned tool guarantees a clean cut, stops the chain from getting clogged, and safeguards it from damage.

It has a big knob on the side that you may turn to adjust the tightness. You can easily adjust the tension without going through your kit to find the tightening tool, a common problem with many machines. You can adjust from the top of the ladder, which is a convenient feature.


The trigger is “one-speed,” meaning it only has two settings: on and off. Therefore, squeezing or releasing the trigger will not affect the speed. It isn’t a huge issue for this saw size; you can control the speed to some extent by feathering the trigger on and off.

The trigger’s unlock button is located only on the right side, which may be inconvenient for left-handed users. You can see how this would be incredibly inconvenient for people who are left-handed to use.


Trying out this chainsaw was a true pleasure in my woodworking journey. Once I calibrated the 5Ah battery system, I found that starting the chainsaw was a breeze. And to my surprise, this lightweight unit effortlessly cut through fallen trees as tall as 10 inches.

The Dewalt 20V Max XR is also a great tool for making clean cuts out of 12-inch logwood, and the blade will never slow down. Moreover, the Dewalt 20v can also chop down two medium-sized trees in a breeze.

Unlike a heavier gas chainsaw, you will not get fatigued or worn out by the Dewalt 20V unit. The chainsaw will not also do a terrible job of draining the battery.

Overall, it’s one of the best lightweight battery-powered chainsaw models that surpassed our expectations.

Looking for another Dewalt chainsaw with a good performance? Try the Dewalt 60v chainsaw.

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, the chainsaw’s handle is padded and covered the whole way down.

Handling it vertically or horizontally is fine, and unlike a gas one, you don’t need to pull a string a few times to start it.

The tool also safeguards you while you’re in charge of it. A brake and safety switch are installed on the chainsaw to prevent accidental ignition.

Safety Features

The saw has both a standard mechanical chain break and an electric brake. The chain will immediately stop when your arm or kickback pulls the brake in front of your hand.

The low-kickback tip of the 12-inch bar reduces the risk of injury. However, you should still take precautions by reading the handbook and wearing safety gear like hearing protection, gloves, kevlar chaps, eye protection, etc., before using the DeWalt chainsaw for the first time.

Package Content

The chainsaw and its protective bar housing are both included in the package.

The Max XR 20V medium-size battery with a 5Ah capacity is also covered in your purchase. A user’s instructions and a few extras that may come in handy are also included in the package.

DeWalt 20V DCCS620P1 Alternatives

#1: Black & Decker LCS1240

Black & Decker LCS1240

If the DeWalt unit’s cordless convenience interests you, but you worry that it lacks the power to go through tougher tasks and larger trees, the LCS1240 might be the answer.

In the same vein as the DCCS620 P1, these electric chainsaws also come with a 12-inch strong chain. Unlike the DeWalt, which is powered by a 20-volt battery, this unit is powered by a lithium-ion 40-volt cell, giving it increased power and making it better suited for denser and thicker woods.

#2: Oregon CS300-A6

Oregon CS300-A6

If you’re interested in DeWalt tools because of their sturdy construction but think it’s too tiny for your needs, the CS300-A6 is a bigger saw and could be a better fit.

This Oregon chainsaw, like the DCC S620P1, features a robust bar guard and long-lasting construction. Yet, with its longer 16-inch chain compared to DeWalt’s 12-inch chain, this tool will quickly work on larger tasks and can cut through a whole tree like other chainsaws of its size.

#3: Greenworks 20262

Greenworks 20262

The Greenworks chainsaw is quite similar to the DCCS6 20P1 in that it has a 12-inch chain, a self-oiling reservoir, and a pitch of 0.375 inches.

However, the reduced runtime of only 65 cuts per charge compared to the DCCS 620P1’s 90 cuts per charge is a consequence of the lower-rated cell of 2.0 Ah compared to Dewalt’s 5.0Ah.

Looking for another high quality Greenworks chainsaw? Check out the Greenworks 80V Chainsaw.

Review Conclusion: DeWalt 20V Chainsaw

In my review of the DeWalt 20V chainsaw, it became evident to me that this battery-powered model is truly a gem in today’s market, primarily due to its impressive efficiency. While it effortlessly lops off branches and trims small trees, its capabilities don’t just stop there.

What I also appreciate is its practicality. It’s the kind of tool you can safely bring into a workshop or store in a car without worrying about oil leaks.

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