DeWalt Chainsaw 60V Review [DCCS670X1 Model] (2023)

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Battery-powered chainsaws like DeWalt DCCS670X1 are sought after by many property owners for being more portable than gas-powered models. However, the question is can a cordless chainsaw handle your regular backyard tasks? 

If you don’t want to end up with the wrong outdoor power equipment, here’s a quick look at our team’s DeWalt chainsaw 60V reviews.  

What We Like

What We Don't Like

Design and Ergonomics

Like all power tools under this brand, DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max has the signature black and yellow combination. 

At first glance, we’re sure one of the first things you’ll notice is the unit’s handy flip-up tab on its oil cap, which you can open with a quarter turn. Thanks to this design, users can pour oil easily into the chainsaw. 

The only downside of this design is you may end up pouring too much chain oil into the unit. Some may think it’s not a big deal, but it could end up damaging your battery-powered chainsaw internally.

Upon our hands-on evaluation, we noticed that this electric chainsaw does need tools for bar adjustments. However, you’ll need to use your strength to remove screws and get the proper blade alignment. In other power saw options, you’ll need tools like a wrench and two studs to aid the mechanical lockout. 

Another key thing in this 60V chainsaw is having wider handles than other battery-powered saw alternatives. Because of this, you’ll have more control over the tool when cutting thicker wood materials or trees. 

DeWalt Chainsaw 60V Features

Overview of Specifications

Brushless Motor

Including the latest technology, like a brushless electric motor, makes the DeWalt Flexvolt 60V chainsaw offer greater performance and more torque. It also aids in maintaining heat as low as possible during the saw operations.

Another reason many users search for saws with this motor type is its ability to move the chain faster. If you compare this 60V chainsaw to its 20V alternative, you’ll see that it can cut more wood pieces in less duration. 

Although it’s not a gas chainsaw, DeWalt 60V can cut through different materials with utmost ease and convenience. And because it’s an electric saw motor, it produces extremely light noises, which is a huge contrast against loud operating gas chainsaws. 

Battery Power

Before you purchase a DeWalt 60V chainsaw, you should know that it runs using a battery. So unlike corded electric models, its operation depends on how long its battery lasts. 

Fortunately, this unit is equipped with a 3Ah battery powered with 60V. It’s the kind of saw you can rely on to deliver up to 70 cuts. However, its batteries may not last as long if you cut thicker wood logs.  

During our first-hand experience, the DeWalt 60V chainsaw only lasted around 14 cuts. Because of this, we highly suggest using this unit for materials not thicker than 6×6 inches if you intend to use it in an extensive operation. 

FlexVolt Technology

Unlike regular DeWalt chainsaws, this tool features FlexVolt Technology. Thanks to this, the unit can consume its battery levels efficiently. It’s also a bulkier saw than the brand’s predecessor cordless tools, and that’s because it carries more voltage. 

FlexVolt chainsaws allow easy battery voltage switches from high to low and low to high. We don’t doubt that you’ll find this feature helpful, especially when handling different wood materials regularly.  

Bar and Chain + Chain Brake

As we continued this DeWalt chainsaw review, we noticed how its 16-inch bar and chain are designed with steel and aluminum alloy [1]. You may not know, but these materials are lightweight and flexible. On top of that, they’re less likely to corrode. 

Speaking of corrosion and rust, the saw’s chain and bar are far from being affected by these because of their powder-coated finish. A hard plastic chain guard is also on the bar to keep these components safe. 

Other chainsaw options don’t have chain brakes, but that’s not the case for DeWalt FlexVolt 60V. It’s a safety mechanism you should look for in any cutting tool to protect yourself from undesirable accidents during chainsaw operations.

Tool-Free Maintenance System

Another feature that some users dislike in a gas chainsaw is the need to get a wrench tool and tighten the unit’s chain. When you use this chainsaw model, you’re free from all this hassle. 

The tool has a rugged knob that you can turn clockwise to adjust the saw chain accordingly. 

Bucking and Fell Grip

Felling and bucking trees are no easy tasks, but you can definitely do these using the DeWalt 60V chainsaw. All you need to do is rock the tool back and forth as you buck the tree. 

The unit has bucking spikes (although not made from the most durable material) that can help in the downward cutting motion into the tree log. 

On the bright side, this DeWalt unit works when used for a felling grip. You’ll need to do horizontal cuts when felling a tree so the saw position feels more natural and easy.  

Performance and Efficiency

As we tried this tool with 7 to 8 inches of wood pines, it cuts through the material in a little less than six seconds. If that’s not efficient enough, did you know its batteries are rated at around 167 watt-hours? 

Although it only includes a 3.0Ah fuel tank, it operates at 60V, giving it a longer runtime than you’d expect from a battery-operated machine. 

Oil Window

As we mentioned, overfilling the chain and bar oil can damage the unit. Fortunately, this chainsaw is equipped with an oil window. This feature shows recommended markings up to where you should fill it without any spills. 

60V Max vs. 40V Max

Although DeWalt started its line with 20V Dewalt chainsaws, the FlexVolt technology is only seen in 40V and 60V Max models. 

Now, if you’re wondering which one to buy, the answer is still 60V simply because its 40V alternative is already paced out if you read the brand’s recent online content.  

And if we compare the two models, 60V still runs faster than its predecessor. Nevertheless, both units are highly suitable for regular property and construction work.

Package Content and Additional Features

Apart from the bare tool, the package we received upon buying this chainsaw includes a user manual and a 3Ah battery. At first glance, its 16-inch bar looks durable and feels lighter. 

Other features that make this unit safer and smoother to use apart from its chain brakes are its automatic chain oiler and toolless chain tensioning. 

Price and Warranty

The price range of this model range from $300 to $350, depending on which authorized seller you bought it from. Although it’s sold at a higher cost than typical chainsaws, you should remember that this unit has a FlexVolt feature that’s not found in other alternatives. 

As for warranty, the typical offer is limited to three years. However, we still advise checking the terms and conditions to determine its inclusions.


Our team confirmed that DeWalt chainsaw 60V units are widely available in the brand’s product catalog. If you intend to buy it online in the near future, you can check their website or their official shop on Amazon. 

Alternatively, you can checkout other options like the Maxlander 40V Cordless Brushless Chainsaw and Cat DG230 18V Brushless 12″ Chainsaw

Review Conclusion: DeWalt Chainsaw 60V (DCCS670X1)

After conducting strict DeWalt chainsaw 60V reviews, we all agreed that this portable unit is powerful and flexible enough to handle different heavy-duty tasks. 

Despite the battery level limitations, our testers’ hands-on experiences proved that it’s easy to use and capable of enhancing one’s wood-cutting operations regardless of the harsh conditions. 

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