Expert’s Insight: Dewalt DCS520B Review (2024)

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As a seasoned woodworker, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various woodworking tools, allowing me to gain valuable insights into what makes a good quality saw. Recently, I got my hands on the Dewalt DCS520B, a cordless track saw promising a blend of precision and power. 

Having navigated through dense hardwoods and meticulous cuts with this beauty, I’m excited to share my thoughts with fellow craftsmen and enthusiasts.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Key Features of the Dewalt DCS520B

Zero Clearance TrackSaw Cutting System

The Dewalt DCS520B boasts a zero clearance TrackSaw cutting system, which is revolutionary in delivering straight, splinter-free cuts. 

For a perfectionist, its precision is unparalleled, ensuring every cut is precisely where it needs to be, a critical factor when working on intricate projects.

Brushless Motor

Having spent countless hours in the workshop, I’ve used many tools, but the brushless motor in this TrackSaw genuinely impressed me. Its robustness effortlessly tackled heavy-duty tasks and navigated through dense hardwoods like a walk in the park. 

The sheer efficiency of the motor became evident as it noticeably cut down the time I’d typically invest wrestling with those exceptionally resilient wood chunks. It’s the kind of advancement in tool technology that any seasoned woodworker would appreciate.

Safety Mechanisms

The continuous Anti-Kickback [1] mechanism and the riving knife are safety features anyone would appreciate. 

These features secure the tool during usage and prevent any potential kickback when engaged, a critical factor for novice and experienced woodworkers aiming to maintain workshop safety.

Straight Plunge Mechanism

The straight plunge mechanism offers optimal ergonomics, making the Dewalt DCS577B comfortable to use, reducing hand strain, and allowing for prolonged use without fatigue—a crucial aspect when spending long hours in the workshop.

Dust Management

The enclosed low-profile guard facilitates an impressive 90% dust extraction capability. A clean workspace is essential for accuracy and efficiency, and this saw’s ability to manage dust so effectively has dramatically enhanced you’re working experience.

Lockable Spindle Lock

This feature is crucial in stopping the saw from moving backward against the rail, preventing it from climbing out of the workpiece during plunge cuts. It enhances the accuracy and safety of the cuts, which is imperative when working on detailed pieces.

Variable Speed Control

Adaptability in tools has always been something to value deeply. The variable speed control on this saw is precisely one feature that underlines versatility. Being able to fine-tune the speed based on the material at hand is invaluable. 

It’s not just about power; it’s about the correct strength. This tailored approach will give you the confidence to venture into a more comprehensive array of projects and materials. It’s a testament to how the right tool can elevate an artisan’s capabilities.

(If you prefer precise track saws, you might want to check out the Kreg Adaptive System we reviewed.)

Compact and Efficient Design

With a low-profile blade guard, the saw can be used in confined spaces, making it adaptable to various working environments. The compactness does not compromise the efficiency, and the saw maintains high standards of cuts even in tight spaces.

Review Conclusion: Dewalt DCS520B

The Dewalt DCS520B Track Saw is an amalgamation of precision, power, and ergonomic design. It stands out for its precision cutting, powerful brushless motor, and advanced safety features, making it a top choice for any serious woodworker. The ergonomic design and dust management system elevate the working experience, allowing for increased productivity and comfort.

I highly recommend it to any woodworker, whether a hobbyist or a professional, as a reliable and high-quality addition to their toolbox. It’s a robust, precise, and user-friendly saw that can cater to various woodworking needs!

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