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Having spent countless hours in my workshop, experimenting with many tools, it’s always exhilarating to come across something that stands out. 

The Dewalt DCS570B has been in my possession for a while now, and it’s high time I share my comprehensive take on this beast of a tool. Here’s a quick snapshot:

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Key Features of the Dewalt DCS570B

Brushless Motor

In the world of power tools, brushless motors are the gold standard, and for good reason. They’re efficient, offering better power and longer life. 

The motor of the Dewalt DCS570B doesn’t disappoint, ensuring the tool isn’t just energy-efficient and powerful enough for heavy-duty tasks.


After decades in this craft, you develop a sixth sense for choosing the right power tools. When you hold one, you can quickly tell if it fits your tasks well. The DCS570B? It’s like it was molded for my hand. The tool’s design doesn’t just look good—it feels right. 

Extended hours in the workshop can be taxing, but with this tool, those long sessions are noticeably less strenuous. The offset pommel, in particular, caught my attention. 

It is a simple addition, yet so effective in offering support and preventing those all-too-familiar hand cramps. Details like this make a world of difference for professionals. 

Blade Brake

Every seasoned woodworker knows that the true essence of craftsmanship lies in the details and safety. That’s where the electronic blade brake steps in. 

With this feature in play, the blade comes to a near-instant halt as soon as you release the trigger. It isn’t just about safety, although that’s paramount. 

This feature is also a nod to the nuanced needs of a woodworker. An immediate stop prevents those unfortunate, tiny overcuts that could compromise the integrity of a project. In short, it’s an ally in accuracy and ensures that every cut is proper.


When you’re in the flow, the last thing you want is a tool that fumbles in adaptability. Seamless adjustments can often differentiate between a good job and a great one. The DCS570B truly excels here. 

The tool facilitates effortless tweaks to the bevel angle and cut depth. But what stands out is its robust locking mechanism—once set, it stays firm. 

Add to that the intuitive catch-on bevel adjustments at 45 and 22.5 degrees, and you have a tool tailor-made for consistent, repetitive cuts. Efficiency, reliability, and precision all rolled into one.

No Rafter Hook

While the Dewalt DCS570B is a stellar tool, it does skip on one such convenience—a rafter or belt hook. While not a deal-breaker, such a hook could add a layer of handiness, especially when juggling multiple tasks. 

Having a dedicated spot to hang the tool, even for a few seconds momentarily, could be beneficial. It’s a tiny detail, but as we woodworkers know, it’s often the little things that enhance the overall experience.

Right Side Blade and Blade Size

With the Dewalt DCS570B, it’s clear they’ve got the details right. The saw has a 7 1/4-inch blade strategically positioned on the right. 

Not only does this placement cater to various tasks, but the sheer power this tool packs makes it a match for tasks that would leave some corded saws faltering.

LED Light

Visibility is critical in woodworking. One misstep or inaccurate cut can be costly. This is where the DCS570B shines—quite literally. 

The integrated LED [1] light illuminates your workspace, ensuring your cut line is clear and distinct. It’s a feature that you will appreciate significantly, especially when precision is non-negotiable.

Metal Blade Guard

The balance between safety and tool longevity is something to value deeply. The DCS570B doesn’t skimp here. Its metal blade guard is a robust barrier, safeguarding both the blade and the user. 

This guard is proof of DeWalt’s dedication to crafting tools that are efficient and built to last while prioritizing the user’s safety.

Battery Adaptability

Versatility in tools is a trait I’ve grown fond of over the years. And the DCS570B? It delivers. While it’s primarily designed for the 20V battery, it’s commendable that it can adapt to DeWalt’s newer 60V variant. 

This adaptability is a boon for artisans like me, who’ve used DeWalt tools for years. It offers extra flexibility, especially for those with a collection of DeWalt tools and batteries in their workshop.

Review Conclusion: Dewalt DCS570B

The Dewalt DCS570B emerges as a standout performer; from its robust build to its user-friendly features, it’s clear that DeWalt has crafted this tool with the professional woodworker in mind. 

Though it might have minor room for improvement, the DCS570B is a valuable addition to any workshop. As an expert who has worked with many tools, I wholeheartedly vouch for its performance.

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