Top 18 DIY Projects for Men — Awesome & Useful Crafts To Try at Home

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Are you looking for an excellent DIY project for men? It’s effortless to bite off more than you can chew with an ambitious project you don’t have the skills to complete. Our team of professional woodworkers is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Thus, we have compiled a list of DIY projects for men suitable for your skill level.

Top 18 DIY Projects For Men

1. Wooden House Number Sign

house number sign
Let’s start with an easy idea to make nice gifts for Father’s Day or just decorate your space. A wooden house number sign will make your home stand out on the block, and you will always have fond memories of creating a minor masterpiece. The construction is easy, and there are only a few steps to carry out. The materials are also simple to get your hands on, and you don’t need complicated instructions to complete the project.

2. Bookshelf Chair

If a DIY project isn’t enough for you, you can try to get your hands dirty with a bookshelf chair. So what’s a bookshelf chair? It’s a comfortable chair that doubles as a bookshelf. It’s an awesome idea that may be a bit too complicated for a weekend project, but it will elevate your home decor.

Considering a DIY PVC organizer cubby to go with your home furnishings can also be a fun addition to your space. Of course, if you have kids, you can always do more with an extra storage room.

3. Coffee Table Pallet

vase and cup of coffee on wooden table

Do you have a lot of leftover wood pieces and pallets from your workshop? Or maybe you can get your hands on whole pallets? Pallets are cool and reliable materials that can create several DIY projects. For example, a coffee table pallet!

If you’re a handy person, many easy tutorial videos are available to help you create this piece of furniture. You can even construct the table to have two different levels for book and magazine storage.

4. Wooden Tool Box

gardening tool box
What’s more fitting than cool DIY projects that can be used right here in your workshop? Our team of contractors loves to explore cool DIY crafts, and the next fun project they have in mind is a wooden toolbox. This extraordinary project can go in your garage, in your backyard for gardening, or make a great gift idea!

5. Pallet Rack

pallet rack
Riding on the coattails of the pallet coffee table project, you can also make a pallet rack. Again, you can get the job done quickly without the help of any pictures and complicated tools. DIY projects for men don’t have to be overly complex, and they can be straightforward ideas that can be created by hammering two or more pallets together to create a rack.

6. Baseball Bookends

Our expert woodworkers fell in love with this idea the first time they came across it. This DIY project involves baseballs, scrap wood, and other tools you already have in your garage or workshop. However, what you will end up with is a project that is unique to you.

Instead of boring wooden or metal bookends to organize your reading material, you will see your books held together by what seems to be a pile of baseballs.

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7. Beer Coasters

beer coasters

If DIY categories that are too complicated aren’t up your alley, then cool beer coasters are simple and easy and can also be decorative with some paint. All it takes is a couple of pieces of thin sheets of wood so you can cut out the shape you want for your coasters.

Feel free to experiment with shapes, colors, and designs. Beer coasters can be a fun activity for the whole family and save you money instead of buying your own.

8. Wooden Beverage Crates

wooden crates

Carrying around drinks in the summer can seem precarious, especially if you are toting around multiple beverages simultaneously. However, many guys like to enjoy a cool beverage in the summer, and we have many team members that share that sentiment. So, if this sounds like you, then wooden beverage crates are the next craft design plan.

You can style the crate however you wish, customize it with your favorite colors, and make it into an art piece by putting on some primer and painting different designs.

9. Beverage Tote

wooden beer caddy

Continuing on with the beverage transportation idea, you can also think about a beverage tote. A beverage tote is a little bag that holds one or more drinks when you’re on the go. But, again, you won’t need to prepare too much stuff to get started. Beverage totes are cool DIY projects involving the whole family or just a solo weekend project.

Our woodworking professionals feel that any DIY task that adds value and convenience to your life is one worth trying.

10. Bike Hanger

shirts hanging and a bicycle mounted on a wooden hanger

A bike hanger is an awesome storage device for your garage or shop. Although it may seem complicated, it’s pretty simple to make if you have the right tools. Of course, you will need more than a simple knife, but it doesn’t involve anything as heavy-duty as concrete.

Hanging your bike on the edge of the wall can sound daunting, but the bike hanger is much stronger than you think. In addition, you can use reclaimed wood, which solves your leftover scrap wood problem, and you can save a lot of money making your storage solution.

11. Garage Tool Shelf

woodworking tools

Our woodworking pros have one thing in common – they always have trouble finding their tools. This is because many of them don’t have a good way of organizing the items in a box, which led to this next design plan. We just hope that creating a garage tool shelf that can hang their gear and handheld tools will keep the storage area clean.

Our woodworking guy won’t have to struggle to find what they need in a sea of equipment. If an organization is a problem for you, then a DIY garage tool shelf is an excellent project choice.

12. Floating Corner Table

laptop on a floating corner table

Corners in our homes are often regarded as dead space or an awkward place where nothing quite fits. Many people try to search for tables or shelves with precise measurements to fill the void. This will no longer be the case with a floating corner table. These DIY projects for men allow you to repurpose wood scraps by cutting them to fit into a corner.

A corner table can also become a corner shelf if you make enough levels. You will gain a workstation, a reading table, a storage surface, or anything else you can use a table for with these cool DIY home remaking projects.

13. Tool Roll

If you don’t want to dangle all your tools from hooks, another incredible thought is to make a tool roll. A tool roll consists of multiple pouches that can house your items and roll up for easy storage and transport. You can add unique creative ideas to the tool roll such as zippers, buttons, belt hooks, and more. Unrolling your tool roll and have all the items you need sitting in front of you can save you from having to look through a messy toolbox.

Our experts like the idea of a tool roll because a kid can quickly get into a toolbox, but it’s safer for everyone if you carry your tool roll with you.

14. Wooden Key Hanger

driftwood hanger

Misplacing your keys is a common problem that not only our contractors suffer from. The solution to that is a wooden key hanger. You can also add many unique ideas to this DIY [1] plan, especially if you are arts and crafts savvy. After a long day of bringing home the bacon, remember to hook your keys up and don’t just toss it aside. Now you have a designated place for your keys, thanks for this reliable woodworking projects ideal for starters, as well. 

15. Wooden Door Mat

Remember those customizable doormats that can have slogans or words personalized? You can now make your own with a wooden doormat. Ideas for what to put on the mat are endless, and your imagination is the only limitation. Our experts suggest etching the designs deeper into the surface, so they are visible in any lighting.

16. Kitchen Step Stool

baby holding a wooden stool

A step stool is one of the most versatile accessories you can have around the home. It can help kids reach higher places and allow you to get to items just out of your reach. They can also double as a stool in a pinch and be used as mobile support for your senior pet.

A step is also an item that can sell quickly if you ever decide to put your DIY designs up for sale.

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17. Wooden Glass Holder

glass jars on a wooden tray

Perhaps one of our favorites, the wooden glass holder, is a DIY idea everyone can appreciate and its is a great woodworking projects for couples. It’s best used for wine glasses and champagne flutes, but our woodworking guy says mugs can work as well with a few simple tweaks. Of course, many guys like to enjoy a nice glass of alcohol after a long day of bringing home the bacon, so we understand the need for wine glass organization.

18. Book Compartment

If you have an old book you don’t read anymore or have two copies of the same story, you can use one to make a book compartment. It will include hollowing out the center to make a small area where you can place your trinkets, prized possessions, and accessories.

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DIY projects for men can be fun for the whole gang. The most valuable and best DIY designs will add value to your life. Whether it is making an activity more convenient or organizing a messy area, our team of professionals has come up with various ideas for different skill levels so everyone can join in.

Robert Johnson is a woodworker who takes joy in sharing his passion for creating to the rest of the world. His brainchild, Sawinery, allowed him to do so as well as connect with other craftsmen. He has since built an enviable workshop for himself and an equally impressive online accomplishment: an extensive resource site serving old timers and novices alike.
Robert Johnson
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