DIY Saw Horse Plans and Ideas (Homemade Designs)

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A sawhorse is a handy structure for supporting wood projects and items’ weight in a workshop. Considering how costly and bulky some of them are, it’s best to construct one with a good DIY plan. Unfortunately, some plans are too complex for beginners to comprehend.

I’ve tried out several DIY sawhorse plans and have some top picks to share with you. If you’re looking to build a sturdy sawhorse, these recommendations come straight from my hands-on experience. Let’s dive in!

1. Inexpensive Sawhorse Plans

Inexpensive Sawhorse Plans

As the name suggests, these saw plans minimize the costs of building a reliable saw horse without compromise. They contain a limited number of materials for a design with detachable legs. 

With detachable legs, not only is storage easier, but it will save some space in your workshop. You can neatly fold the design and hang it on the wall when not in use. The instructions are straightforward too. Therefore, no one will find it complicated to build with the plans.

2. Cheap, Improved Sawhorses

Cheap, Improved Sawhorses

Sawhorses help to keep your tools and materials off the ground. However, the vast majority are expensive and flimsy. Cheap, Improved Sawhorses will help you to construct a durable structure without spending a fortune. 

All you need to carry out this construction is some scrap wood and screws. The good thing about this plan is it’s easy to set up and work with. You can build the sawhorse quickly once you have all the tools and materials down.

3. Beginner Sawhorse Plans

Beginner Sawhorse Plans

Beginner Sawhorse Plans are some of the best homemade plans to follow for beginners. The design is comprehendible, making it possible for woodworkers to cut, measure, and build. Unlike the inexpensive DIY plans, the structure after construction isn’t foldable. 

The advantage here is the rigidness can support heavier items than most foldable designs. Moreover, the sawhorse will have shelves for extra storage. These plans will be perfect if you are not concerned about saving space in your workshop.

4. Heavy-duty Sawhorse Plans

Heavy-duty Sawhorse Plans

These plans will build a pair of heavy-duty sawhorses, durable enough to bear the weight of bulky items. 

Heavy-duty sawhorse plans allow you to create matching dovetail grooves along the perimeters of the sawhorses to prevent shifting and enable the user to secure material to the structure.

The sawhorse plans feature simple layouts and several instructional videos that are comprehensible. They show how to cut and construct specific parts of the structure to attain perfection. 

(But if you want to layout your project yourself, here’s a complete guide on how to draw woodworking plans to make the final product as good and accurate as possible.)

5. Folding Sawhorse Desk

Folding Sawhorse Desk

This plan is different from the rest of the list. The Folding Sawhorse Desk plan enables you to build a sawhorse that can double as a desk. This means you can use the structure for other purposes other than woodworking. 

The details are uncomplicated to follow. Plus, the materials needed for the job are cheap. Once completed, the structure will have foldable legs and a strong wood top and be compact enough to fit into your workspace.

6. Dual-Vice Sawhorse Plans

Dual-Vice Sawhorse Plans

Imagine typical sawhorses equipped with dual vices, offering excellent support and secure clamping for materials. These plans are the ideal choice when you require a sturdy and compact structure that can serve as both a sawhorse and a workbench. 

The instructions provided are easy to understand, making it simple to build these versatile structures. You can clamp materials and tools securely and tightly to the two vices to avoid shifting. This will improve accuracy and enhance safety.

7. Tri-Horse Workstation Plans

Tri-Horse Workstation Plans contain detailed instructions that would allow you to construct a three-legged sawhorse. The PDF file features layouts and directions for building a sawhorse with varying heights and lengths. 

After the final construction, the sawhorse will have a workstation to support various power tools, such as table saws, planers, and circular saws [1]. The plans are perfect for pro-users and woodworkers that indulge in heavy-duty projects. 

8. Sawbuck Plans

Sawbuck Plans

Standard sawhorses support lumber pieces, but it can be difficult to cut through lumber on them. This is because the flat top design can’t hold the weight of the lumber in place. With sawbucks, things are different.

(You might want to read this guide on creating your woodworking cut list.)

A sawbuck has a wedge-shaped design that secures the log and prevents it from shifting out of position. The plans for this are easy to understand, even for amateurs. 

Once built, you will have a six-legged structure that provides enhanced support. The good thing about the design is its compactness, as you can fold it up when not in use.  


Building your own sawhorse is a breeze! Trust me, if others can do it with just a bit of woodworking know-how, so can you. Besides, these straightforward DIY sawhorse plans won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Following them was like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle – fun and satisfying. Now, you’ve got this sturdy buddy in your workshop, always ready to back up my projects. Give it a try; you won’t regret it!

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