Echo CS-310 Review (2023) — Unpacking the Top 14-Inch Saw

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Some users prefer smaller chainsaws like CS-310 for ease of use and portability. However, lighter saws are deemed less durable for demanding tasks, often breaking when used on thicker trees and logs.

If you want to know if this unit is a worthwhile investment or a waste of money, I’ll unpack its features and overall performance in this Echo CS-310 review. 

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Design, Weight, and Build Quality

Although it’s undoubtedly a powerful chainsaw, Echo CS-310 only carries a mass of 8.8 pounds. Because of its lightness, this unit is easier to wield and move around than other gas-powered Echo chainsaws.  

One feature that makes Echo CS-310 light is that it doesn’t need a longer bar. For long periods of cutting and trimming, its recommended using either a 14 or 16-inch bar.  

Another design perk you should know when using this lightweight chainsaw is its side-access chain tensioner. Besides added convenience, the tensioner’s location eliminates the need to disassemble the saw from the belt.

It also features an automatic clutch-driven oiler, which only activates when the chain starts moving. Thanks to this attribute, this Echo chainsaw requires less fuel consumption, leading to longer machine life. 

The unit’s durability becomes more evident because of its dual-post chain brake. It’s a critical chainsaw feature that automatically activates through inertia. Along with it, you’ll also spot a bar cover that adds to the unit’s safety. 

Echo CS-310 Features

List of Specs

Gas Mixture

While Echo CS-310 is undoubtedly a great chainsaw, it requires proper fuel and oil ratios to operate to its full potential. Its two-stroke, air-cooled engines need a 50:1 ratioed mix of two-cycle motor oil and unleaded gasoline. 

For every gallon of gasoline you need to power your Echo CS-310 chainsaw, consider adding at least 2.6 oz of oil.  

To mix the correct fuel mixture for your Echo chainsaw, pour the two-cycle bar oil into a container with the clean gasoline. You can check the product manual for the amount suitable for your saw.  

Don’t forget to close the lid firmly to avoid any leak as you mix the solution. After that, you must use the mixture within 30 days. If you plan to store it for future chainsaw operations, adding stabilizers should extend its shelf life. 

Cutting Performance

From its power to the bar and chain length this chainsaw can offer, it’s a no-brainer that it’s a tool capable of cutting through thick fallen trees and wood branches. 

While some corded chainsaws struggled to cut tough wood stumps from trees like cherry, this Echo saw managed to pull through and finish the job. You can also count on it to slice through materials around 10 to 12 inches thick without much resistance. 

Since this saw is as light as some battery-powered tools in today’s market, extensive wood-cutting operations didn’t cause user fatigue during usage. Besides its lightweight attribute, the rubber grip integrated within this chainsaw makes it extra convenient. 

It’s also crucial to note that this chainsaw model has a noise level of around 90 dB. So even if it offers massive power to handle heavy-duty jobs, wear hearing protection to prevent auditory damage.  

Some may think this chainsaw suits tasks around the house or in small gardens because of its light construction, but its power can overwhelm an occasional user.  

Extra Features

Although Echo CS-310 doesn’t come with accessories upon purchase, its package includes around 2.6 ounces of 2-cycle bar oil and fuel [1]. You’ll also find a bar scabbard along with the powerhead. 

One of the reasons why Echo power equipment doesn’t include any chainsaw attachments upon purchase is its specialty service. This feature means you must visit their approved specialists to see which accessory your saw needs. 

You can also consult the chainsaw manual for more info on the unit’s compatibilities and functions. If you lost it, you can search for the model’s link on the Echo website and find the recommended accessories for your saw. 

Price and Warranty

It’s unusual for a gasoline-powered chainsaw with this much range to belong under lower-priced tools. Although it’s not the cheapest saw option, its all-around functions make it an economical and cost-efficient purchase. 

The price range for this chainsaw will fluctuate when choosing between 14-inch and 16-inch bar options. Other accessories will also affect the overall cost of this tool. Ultimately, it all boils down to your chainsaw needs.  

Customer Reviews and Experience

Like other chainsaw options, Echo CS-310 includes mixed positive and negative reviews. Many users are raving at how light and handy this Echo machine is, while others are claiming that it does not suit heavy-duty work. 

Nevertheless, most feedback notes that this chainsaw works best in small to medium-scale cutting tasks. 

Echo CS-310 Alternatives

1. Husqvarna 435

Although more expensive than Echo CS-310, Husqvarna 435 chainsaw can deliver more robust cutting action with its fuel efficiency and Smart Start technology. You can also count on this unit for quieter cutting operations with low vibrations. 

If you want a clear comparison between the two brands, check out this post about Echo vs Husqvarna chainsaw next! 

2. Oregon CS1500

If you’re looking for a chainsaw more suited for household tasks, a handy electric-powered model like Oregon CS1500 should fit your needs. Since it runs on electricity, it starts faster and produces less noise than Echo CS-310. 

3. Greenworks Battery Chainsaw

installing battery on Greenworks 40V 16-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Another eco-friendly option you can try Greenworks Battery Chainsaw. Like Echo CS-310, it also features an inertia-activated chain brake. However, it offers more portability and requires less maintenance. 

4. Craftsman 42cc Gas Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN 41BY4216791 S165 42cc Gas Chainsaw

Craftsman 42cc chainsaw’s professional-grade chassis can withstand heavy-duty and demanding cutting conditions. You’ll also spot bucking spikes within its construction that allow better control than some gasoline-powered units. 

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How big of a bar can you put on an ECHO CS-310?

You can put a bar as big as 16 inches on an Echo CS-310 chainsaw. The manufacturers also include the option for the user to choose a 14-inch guide bar. Ultimately, it depends on your trimming and limbing needs. 

What are the common problems with the Echo CS-310?

Although Echo CS-310 is powerful enough to cut wood pieces around 10 to 12 inches thick, its design and specifications aren’t ideal for heavy-duty work. The purchase also doesn’t come with attachments, which adds to the cost in the long run. You can opt for Echo CS-590 for heavy-duty tasks. 

Review Conclusion: Echo CS-310

My series of Echo CS-310 reviews and tests reveal that this model is an economical and cost-effective option among the sea of new saws in today’s market. 

Although it’s not the most powerful option you’ll encounter, I can guarantee that it serves its purpose and performs better than most selections within the same price range.  

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