Echo CS-590 Review — Is This Timber Wolf Saw Good? (2024)

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When in the market for a chainsaw, it’s essential to understand the product’s features and if it’s still a viable option for your needs. Without sufficient knowledge, you may end up with chainsaws with starting issues that lack the necessary power to cut through wood.

In this review of the Echo CS-590, I’ll be diving deep into the key details of this chainsaw to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Design and Build Quality

The Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 has a rugged and sturdy physical design that is built to withstand heavy use and abuse. The chainsaw is constructed with high-quality materials, including a metal frame and plastic housing that protects the engine and other components from damage.

The simple and apparent emphasis on practicality in its design reminds me of the Echo equipment from two decades ago that is still operational. 

The chainsaw has an ergonomic handle that is designed for comfort and ease of use, even during extended periods of operation. The handle is coated with rubber to provide a non-slip grip, which reduces fatigue and improves control. 

Additionally, the handle is positioned to provide an optimal balance that helps to reduce user fatigue and improve overall cutting performance.


The Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 is a relatively heavy chainsaw weighing approximately 13.2 pounds (6 kg) without the bar and chain attached, but compared to other chainsaws, this is already a well-weighted saw.  

However, the actual weight of the chainsaw can vary depending on the length of the bar and chain that is attached.

I understand that its weight might be a bit daunting for some, however, it’s crucial to remember that this heft is intentional. Heavy-duty saws like these are designed to offer enhanced cutting power and stability, especially when dealing with larger or more challenging materials.

Usually, consumer brands create most chainsaws to be lightweight, but this often means that all the workload and vibrations produced during use are transferred directly to your body and Echo avoided this.

Echo CS-590 Features

Overview of Specifications

Start Up

There is a lot of initial skepticism from other Echo CS-590 reviews because this is not traditionally mentioned in big brands. But honestly, even from its start-up process, its performance is surprising. I even forgot I was holding an Echo tool, not my beloved Stihl.

The start-up process for the Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw can be considered relatively easy, although it may take some practice to master the technique for an average person. 

To start the Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw, you must first ensure it is on a stable surface with the chain brake engaged. 

Then, fill the fuel tank with the recommended gasoline and 2-cycle oil mixture. Turn the on/off switch to “on” and press the decompression valve button to ease the engine start. 

Pull the throttle trigger to the “start” position and pull the starter cord firmly until the engine starts. Release the throttle trigger, and the chainsaw is ready to use. The engine started running on my third pull.

The chainsaw has a digital ignition system with a decompression valve, which makes it easier to start the engine by reducing the amount of force required to pull the starter cord. 

However, I noticed that Echo attached the fuel and oil caps of CS-590 with plastic instead of a nylon rope to make it steady when in use. 

This could be seen as a disadvantage, but during usage, it didn’t really affect the tool’s usefulness and it performed like there was a nylon cord.  

Additionally, I also like its intelligent simplicity, such as its automatic oiler system and two-step filter that makes it easier to maintain and keep the chainsaw running smoothly, which can also contribute to the ease of startup.

However, every time you have a new saw, always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and take the necessary safety precautions.


The Echo Timber Wold CS-590 features a professional-grade 59.8cc 2-stroke engine that delivers outstanding power for easy cutting of both hard and softwoods or any landscaping projects. 

With an engine power of 3.9 horsepower (hp), it’s evident that this chainsaw is geared for heavy-duty tasks. Its engine displacement, sitting at 59.8cc, further speaks to its robust performance and cutting prowess.

Cutting Performance

Like other commercial chainsaws, the Echo Timber Wolf CS-590 chainsaw is also known for its excellent cutting performance, thanks to its powerful professional-grade 59.8cc 2-stroke engine and other design features.

I was extremely impressed by its large engine displacement and high horsepower output, because it is highly capable of cutting through a variety of materials. I tried cutting different hardwoods, softwoods, and even light-duty projects, and it cut them with ease.

During my cutting tasks, I gently pulled a pole barn using a heavy-duty rope attached to F-250. Then, I used the Echo saw to cut the structural beam. Surprisingly, it made smooth cuts through the beams without any issues.

The chainsaw also features a clutch-driven, automatic oiler system that helps to keep the bar lubricated and reduce oil consumption for more economical operation.

I was glad that the fuel capacity of this chainsaw is large, and its automatic oiler system helps to reduce downtime and increase productivity by reducing the need for frequent refueling and lubrication.

Vibration and Noise Levels

The Echo CS590 is equipped with anti-vibration technology, which effectively minimizes the amount of vibration that reaches the user’s hands while operating the tool. For me, it’s made longer tasks far more comfortable and has noticeably decreased fatigue.

Even though it has an anti-vibration technology, there’s still a plastic chain stay that prevents the chain from coming loose in case of vibration while being used.

In terms of noise levels, the exact decibel rating for the Echo CS590 is 104 decibels (dB) at the operator’s ear. This is expected as gas-powered chainsaws can be quite noisy, so I recommend wearing appropriate hearing protection when operating them.

Safety Features

This saw is equipped with several safety features designed to protect chainsaw users and prevent accidents during operation. 

One of the key safety features of this great saw is the chain brake, which helps to prevent kickback and protect the user from any chainsaw injury

The chainsaw is also equipped with bumper spikes that help to provide additional control and stability when cutting through logs. Echo Timber Wolf designed this to help prevent the chainsaw from slipping or losing control during use.

In addition to the chain brake and bumper spikes, the Echo CS590 also features a rear hand guard that helps to protect the user’s hand from coming into contact with the chain during operation.  

There’s also a chain catcher located on the chainsaw’s clutch cover, and it works by stopping the chain from flying out of the housing if it breaks or jumps off the bar.

Furthermore, the Echo CS-590 chainsaw is equipped with a low kickback bar and chain, which helps to reduce the risk of kickback and increases safety during use. 

The chainsaw features a two-post chain brake system that provides added safety and prevents the chain from rotating when the saw is not in use.

These features help to make the chainsaw a safer tool to use, particularly when working with large logs or other challenging cutting tasks. 

Pricing and Warranty

In general, the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is priced at the higher end of the chainsaw market, reflecting its professional-grade features and high-performance engine. However, the chainsaw’s plastic housing helps to keep the price down, making it more affordable. 

The Echo CS590 Timber Wolf really offers excellent value by combining intelligent design, outstanding value, and simple functionality that exceed expectations. It’s a commercial-grade chainsaw that users will be impressed with.

As for the warranty, Echo tools have varying warranties depending on the retailer and the specific model purchased. In general, the Echo brand offers a limited five-year warranty for consumer use [1] and a two-year warranty for commercial use on its chainsaws, including the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf.

Like other major commercial brands that I recently purchased, the warranty terms and conditions may vary depending on the retailer of power tools, so it is important to check the warranty information carefully before purchasing the chainsaw.

Alternatives to the ECHO CS590

1. Poulan Pro PR5020

If you are still a bit skeptical about CS590, then Poulan Pro PR5020 is a good alternative. This is also a gas-powered chainsaw with a 20-inch bar and chain. 

It features a powerful 50cc 2-stroke engine and an automatic oiling system. The chainsaw also has anti-vibration features, a simple chain tensioner, and a spring-assisted starter system for easier starting.

The price point is nearly half that of the Echo CS950. While it doesn’t match the strength and quality of some other models, it’s a viable option for those of us looking to save a bit while still getting a decent tool.

2. Husqvarna 455

The Husqvarna 455 is another great example of a gas-powered chainsaw with a 20-inch bar and chain. In terms of performance discussion, the Husqvarna 455 features a powerful 55.5cc engine and an air injection system that helps to keep the air filter clean and improve engine performance. 

This outdoor power equipment also has an adjustable oil pump and quick-release filter access for easy maintenance, but give it a more serious consideration because it is more expensive than CS590.

3. ECHO CS400

If you’re into the commercial side, then ECHO CS400  is another commercial-level chainsaw with an 18-inch bar and chain. 

Echo continues to provide a powerful engine to its power tools because this features a powerful 40cc engine and a clutch-driven oiler that helps to reduce oil consumption. The Echo CS-400 chainsaw also has anti-vibration features and a decompression valve for easier starting.


Is the CS-590 a pro saw?

Yes, the CS-590 is considered a pro saw. It has a powerful engine, high-quality components, and advanced features that make it suitable for professional loggers, arborists, and other users who require a reliable and efficient tool for cutting large trees and handling tough jobs.

How big a bar can you put on an ECHO CS-590?

The bar length that can be put on an ECHO CS-590 is 24 inches (60 cm). but the chainsaw can also accept guide bars ranging from 16 inches up to 24 inches in length.

Review Conclusion: Echo CS-590

After a series of Echo CS-590 reviews and tests, I can confidently say that it is a reliable, powerful, and user-friendly chainsaw. 

With its 59.8cc engine, ergonomic design, and anti-vibration technology, this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a top-quality chainsaw to their tool shed. Although slightly heavier, the CS-590’s performance more than justifies the extra weight. 

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