Gravely Mowers Price Guide and List

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Newbie users may not know, but Gravely Mowers are widely used for commercial landscaping. And with a vast product line under its belt, choosing the most suitable mower for your lawn care needs isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Lucky for you, our mowing experts curated a Gravely Mowers prices guide to narrow your choices and lead you to the best selection. 

What Types of Mower Does Gravely Offer?

Given that Gravely has over 100 years of industry experience, our team wasn’t surprised upon learning that the brand offers a vast selection of lawnmowers. They offer everything a lawn owner may need from electric, zero-turn, stand-on, walk-behind, job-site vehicles, and even different mower parts. 

Lawn Mowers

Both stand-on and walk-behind mowers from Gravely are known for their durability and precision. The high-grade design of these selections is meant to withstand harsh weather and suit any season’s mowing needs. 

Riding Lawn Mowers

When checking the market, you’ll notice that this brand offers two types of riding lawn mowers: electric-powered and fuel-powered. What sets apart its electric selection, and what most experts appreciate, is its quiet but powerful operation.

Gravely riding mower engine

Both electric and fuel mowers have a zero-degree turning radius. However, the fuel-powered models are not limited to batteries and can carry at least 5 gallons of fuel per cutting session. 

Mower Implements

Another remarkable thing about Gravely is you don’t need to search everywhere when you need a component replacement for your mower. As long as you indicate the model and the unit’s serial number, the brand’s website will return the results of the available parts, from blades to any lawnmower attachments. 

Gravely Mowers Lineup

Compact Pro

Compact Pro is a selection of small zero-turn mowers sold under the Gravely brand. Although smaller than others, our lawn care experts are sure that these units can take you to narrow landscapes that bigger models can’t reach.

Gravely Compact Pro

Fuel-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Pro-QXT Tractor

Complex lawns require versatile walk-behind mowers like Pro-QXT Tractor. Thanks to its quick-attach system, any user that’ll use this unit can easily make attachment [1] changes from snow blowers to power brushes with utmost ease. 

Walk-behind Lawn Mowers

Pro-Turn 100

There are many models under this Gravely selection, with engines powering up from 22 to 26 Horsepower and decks sized 48 to 60 inches. On top of that, these mowers also come with different but reliable engine brands like Kohler, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. 

Gravely Pro-Turn 100

Fuel-Powered Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn 200

Besides being priced higher, the mower units under Pro-Turn 200 offer more powerful engines. With its selection ranging from 27 to 31 HP, there’s no doubt that these mowers can handle tough mowing jobs for extensive hours. 

Fuel-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn 400

Mowers under this selection may have the same deck sizes as the previous models, but their engines can power up to 35 HP, depending on the model. 

Gravely Pro-Turn 400

Fuel-Powered Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn 600

If more comfort and control are what you seek in a zero-turn mower, then Pro-Turn 600 is a selection you must check out. Along with a reliable suspension system, these units are meant to deliver long-lasting cutting performance with their 27 to 38.5 HP Kawasaki engines. 

Fuel-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn EV

Like any other brand, Gravely Mowers offered its customers environment-friendly lawn care options under Pro-Turn EV selections. Users should expect higher pricing on these mowers in exchange for their quiet operations and reliable batteries. 

Gravely Pro-Turn EV

Electric Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn Mach One

Specifically designed to cut overgrown grass, Mach One is a mower selection meant to process high material volumes. It also has constant belt tensions that keep cuts high-speed and high quality. 

Fuel-Powered Riding Mowers

Pro-Turn Z

If you’re tight on budget, Gravely also has an affordable zero-turn product line like Pro-Turn Z. Upon our team’s checking, these mowers have commercial-grade components and engine selections that operate up to 26.5 HP. 

Gravely Pro-Turn Z

Fuel-Powered Riding Mowers

Pro-Walk Gear Drive

Another budget-friendly option you can consider is Gravely’s Pro-Walk Gear Drive selection. Although priced lower, these lawn machines require less maintenance and perform well. 

Fuel-Powered Lawn Mower

Pro-Walk Hydro

If you ask us, Pro-Walk Hydro is a great selection for commercial mowing beginners. Why? Because these units have hydro levers that are easy to glide and maneuver.

Gravely Pro-Walk Hydro

Walk-Behind Lawn Mower


Gravely Mowers embraced affordability when they released their ZT HD product line. Although not as powerful as Pro-Turn 600 and Pro-Turn EV, these mowers are the top-selling lawn care equipment in their class, thanks to adequate horsepower and deck sizes. 

Fuel-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers


Mowing machines under the ZT X product line are perfect for residential owners looking for commercial-grade lawnmowers struggling with budget and storage space. You can buy these selections in Kawasaki and Kohler engine variations. 

Gravely ZT X

Fuel-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers


Although not classified as commercial mowers, ZT XL units come with heavy-duty features that deliver professional-grade cuts and high durability. It’s also designed for long mowing sessions without the struggle of user fatigue.

Fuel-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

How Much Should I Pay for a Gravely Lawn Mower + Factors to Consider

Lawn Condition and Size

If you truly want to get the job done as efficiently as possible, you should consider if your mower can handle the size and condition of your lawn. For example, any land beyond ½ acre is recommended to be mowed with riding mowers rather than the walk-behind models. And zero-turns are your best shot if you have to navigate around lawn decors. 

man operating a Gravely riding mower


If you comb through the market, you’ll notice that most commercial-grade Gravely mowers aren’t that cheap. Fortunately, they have affordable product lines like ZT X, ZT XL, and ZT HD. 

Frequency of Use

Not all lawns are the same, so expect that some may need mowing more frequently. Because of this, you may want to buy mowers that require less maintenance, like zero-turns. 

Top 3 Gravely Mowers Today and Their Prices

1. Gravely ZT HD 52 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

Handling rough terrain isn’t a problem for this model as it has convenient seat isolation that lessens vibration during the cutting operations. On top of that, it’s made of a 10-gauge steel deck that allows airflow and delivers industrial strength. It also has a wide mowing deck that can cater to an extensive mowing area. 

Gravely ZT HD 52 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

2. Gravely ZT X 52" Kawasaki® FR691V

Its easy-to-use pins and levers are the main reason why most experts recommend this unit for beginners. If you look closer, it also features a full-welded steel frame, which means it has enough strength to tackle your seasonal lawn care requirements. Compared to other selections, this model is also more affordable. 

Gravely ZT X 52 Kawasaki FR691V

3. Gravely ZT HD 60 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

You may not know, but this ZT HD unit was often mistaken for a commercial mower. It’s not a surprise because it does have a commercial deck design with 10-gauge steel that can power through rough mowing conditions. This $7,214 unit also has a tubular frame also impressed us as it provides great stability when driving on hills.

Gravely ZT HD 60 Zero Turn Mower (Kawasaki)

Where to Find Gravely Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale Near Me

If you don’t have time to drive around and find a store selling Gravely Mowers, our lawn care team suggests going to the brand’s website. They have a section where you can search for a specific brand and select where to find a dealer. Through this, you’ll easily find the Gravely Mowers prices and the list of nearby stores. 


The selections under Gravely Mowers offer a great investment if you’re dealing with commercial mowing and rough lawn tasks. 

Although it may come off as more pricey than other brands, believe our experts when we say that these units are designed to withstand harsh mowing conditions and can last longer than cheaper alternatives. 

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