Guidelines for Choosing Skirting Boards

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Besides making your home look beautiful, there are different advantages to installing skirting boards. If you’re considering improving your home, you have to consider skirting as an affordable way to make these changes. 

Every homeowner, myself included, dreams of a home that radiates charm and elegance. I’ve learned that even small alterations can redefine a space. Simply swapping or adding skirting boards can make a difference. There’s a vast array of designs, hues, and sizes out there, giving you the liberty to pick what resonates with your style.

This way, you get to choose what works best for your home. Skirting boards also come with different carvings. Therefore, you can find a pattern that suits your home the most. The size of your skirting board is determined by the area you want to hide. 

Don’t rush this choice. Here are some pointers I’ve gathered to guide you when shopping for skirting boards.

1. Consider room size

If you don’t want your room to appear awkward, then it is essential to consider the room size. The dimensions of the room play a significant role in determining the appropriate skirting board height and width.

The skirting boards you choose have to fit perfectly well with your rooms. Additionally, the width of the skirting boards should be chosen carefully to ensure they don’t overpower the room or look disproportionately small.

installing skirting boards

It’s vital to take accurate measurements. I can’t stress this enough: get those measurements spot on. This ensures the skirting boards fit like a glove. And if you’re considering additional woodwork, being aware of the correct lumber dimensions can save you from a lot of headaches down the road. 

2. Materials

There are different materials used to manufacture these products. However, ensuring that your skirting boards are designed with long-lasting materials is vital. The materials you choose help to determine if the skirting board will ensure daily wear and tear. 

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tools and white skirting board

Where you live plays a part, too. I had to think about my local climate to ensure the material would hold up over time.

In addition, the material you choose will also determine the cost of your skirting board. From my experience, it’s entirely possible to find durable materials that won’t break the bank. Just prioritize what’s essential for your space and needs.

3. Quality

When you buy skirtings direct, find a supplier who guarantees top quality. The best stores sell legit products. A pro tip from my side: always go through reviews and testimonials from past buyers.

white skirting board

When you find an authentic skirting board supplier, they guarantee top quality. Make sure your store has a perfect reputation.

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4. Colors

The best color helps to change the aesthetic of your home. So, before you pick your skirting, spend some time thinking about a theme that complements your home’s current look. Believe me, when the colors and patterns harmonize, everything just clicks. And don’t forget about the flooring – it should vibe well with your skirting. So, check out the best places where you can buy wood and boards that suits your theme. 

man carrying skirting board
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