How Much Does a Sheet of Plywood Cost? Plywood Prices 2023

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If you have an upcoming woodworking project but have a tight budget, you might have asked how much a sheet of plywood will cost you. To make things easier, we’ve rounded up plywood prices so you can finally choose what plywood sheet fits your budget.

What is the Average Cost of Plywood?

Plywood prices might vary greatly due to factors. Plywood is available in various grades and thicknesses, from heavy planks to thin sheets.

Depending on the size you require, the price will vary. But on average, a plywood sheet can cost anywhere from $12 to $55, while thicker kinds of plywood can cost up to $120.

Standard Sizes of Plywood and Their Average Cost


A 4×8 sheet with 1/4-inch thickness can cost anything between $6 to $45. A sheet with an 11/32-inch thickness might cost somewhere between $15 to $120.

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A 2×2 sheet of plywood with 1/4-inch thickness costs around $5 to $31 but may cost more depending on the wood and thickness.


The average cost of a 2×4 plywood sheet with a common thickness of 1/4 inch is between $17 to $36. 


Depending on the wood and thickness, a 4×4 plywood sheet may cost around $11 to $39.

Price Estimates of Different Plywood Sizes



Thickness (Inches)


Oak Plywood




Sanded BC Pine




Birch 3 ply




Sanded Maple




Sanded Cherry






Estimated Price 

(4×8 sheets)


$6  to $11


$6 to $25 


$15 to $40


$10 to $20


$15 to $35


$7 to $14


$5 to $10


$7 to $14


$10 to $18

More About Plywood

Plywood is made by gluing together thin sheets of veneers. The medium density makes it less likely to split when nailed along its sides. Compared to other materials, it can prevent expansion and contraction, making it more stable and durable.

Plywood is a long-lasting product used in various applications, including interior design, packaging, and furniture manufacturing.  Depending on its intended function, you can use plywood for various things, such as woodworking, construction, or even aviation [1].

Contributing Factors to the Price of Plywood

Sheet Size

The price of a 2 × 4-foot sheet of plywood is nearly double that of a 4 × 8-foot sheet. In general, the more you buy, the more it costs.  Thus, the sheet size you need will significantly impact the price of the plywood you want to buy. The price of the plywood sheet increases linearly with its size.

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Generally, thicker plywood is of a greater grade and more durable than thin types of plywood sheets.  In this case, the more expensive it is, the better the quality.

Plywood sheets range from 11/32 inch thin to 1/2 inch thick and beyond. Plywood with a greater thickness contains more components, so the price will naturally rise.


A-grade sheet of plywood is the toughest sort and the greatest for construction purposes; it also looks the nicest, smoothest, and can be readily painted so that you can use it for interior and exterior design.

Plywood sheets of a lower grade would likely have several knots or holes, rendering them practically unsafe and visually unattractive. Better quality plywood has a uniform composition, meaning it is free of these holes and knots and is stronger and more attractive.

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Plywood grade is another important determinant of a plywood sheet’s value. There are several different quality levels or grades, and the density is one of the most noticeable distinctions between them.

Type and Wood Species

There are several plywood varieties available in the market. It’s estimated that over 20 distinct types are constructed from softwood or hardwood. Aircraft plywood, for example, is by far the most costly and long-lasting type available.

Understanding the differences between softwood sheets and hardwood sheets is important.

Hardwood is naturally superior because it is water-resistant, dense, and more durable than softwood. Hardwood sheets, in contrast to their softwood counterpart, is much more expensive.

Supplier and Order Quantity

It’s not a good idea to buy plywood from the first store you discover selling it. Get many quotes to choose the most affordable option, and inquire about volume discounts if available. 

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Quantity discounts make it worthwhile to consider making bulk purchases rather than smaller increments.

Plywood prices might vary widely depending on where you make your purchase. For example, the price of plywood sheets purchased from a posh urban hardware shop will be far higher than if purchased from a rural mill or factory.


The demand and supply, as well as the level of competition, will always impact pricing. In addition, the pace at which a tree grows, the weather condition, and the amount of lumber that can be harvested will have to affect the price.

Plywood prices may also be impacted by other variables that are unrelated to the material itself, like the state of the industry or economy. 

Additional Costs

Sanded plywood manufactured from alternative wood sources is 30% more expensive than raw sheets of plywood. For instance, Birch, Fir, and Oak might cost more than a regular variety of plywood or structured wood OSB. 

cutting plywood at Home Depot

Retailers often stock between 3 and 5 kinds of plywood, so if you need a certain kind of sheet and your retail outlet doesn’t have it in stock, they may have you pay more to have it specially ordered.

Furthermore, most retailers can bring the sheets to your worksite for an additional fee if you don’t have your means of transportation.

Tips on Saving When Buying Plywood

Plywood comes in such wide varieties that it might be difficult to choose. When shopping for sheets of plywood, it’s important to know how you’ll use it for indoor or outdoor projects.

Since many local staff may not have all the necessary information, we highly recommend conducting as much research as possible online before contacting them is best. 

If you think your budget won’t be enough for the costs, you might want to check out these cheap alternatives to plywood that you can use. 


Now that you know how much is a sheet of plywood, you can start looking for what your project needs and if your budget allows it. Since not all plywood is the same, selecting the right kind, thickness, and dimension for the task at hand is important rather than focusing on just the cost.

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