How Much is a Half Cord of Wood? Average Cost, Volume & More

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If you want to stock up on wood supplies, you may wonder about the current cost. Although a cord of wood is the standard, you might need a smaller supply like a half cord. But, you may be unaware of how much is a half cord of wood.

Our experts will tell you the average costs and everything you need to know about half cords.

What is a Half Cord of Wood?

The term “half cord of wood” will likely confuse first-time buyers. Some dishonest sellers could take advantage of your unawareness to sell you the wrong measurements.

stacked firewood

A cord or full cord is the standard unit of measurement for woods, measuring 4x8x4. A half cord of wood is the quantity of wood that fills a space of four feet high, four feet wide, and four feet deep. It is the standard measurement for any half cord.

What is the Size of a ½ Cord of Wood?

As previously explained by our woodworking team, the size of a ½ cord of wood is four feet high, four feet wide, and four feet deep. 

However, do note that some factors like seasoning and stacking can affect the accuracy of the measurement.

What is the Volume of a ½ Cord of Wood?

The volume of a ½ cord of wood is roughly 64 cubic feet. 

face cord

Face Cord vs. Half Cord

A face cord or rick of wood is a third of a cord. It measures 4 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide, and 16″ deep. On the other hand, a half cord measures 4 ft. high, 4 ft. wide, and 4 ft. deep.

Half Cord of Wood Weight

A typical cord of wood weighs 5,000 pounds, equivalent to 128 cubic feet. Half would weigh roughly 2,500 pounds. Sometimes, it weighs less if the wood is pre-stacked.

How Much Does Half a Cord of Wood Cost?

The cost varies according to location, quality of wood, and how the wood is split. Typically, a half cord of wood costs roughly $180 – $280, while a cord of wood costs between $100 and $500, depending on quality.

stacking cord of wood in a truck

Other Price Considerations to Know

Type of Wood

Wood is hard or soft. Generally, hardwood is more expensive than softwood because it is seasoned. As a result, it produces less smoke and burns over a long period. 

Oak, the commonest type of hardwood, costs around $180 in low-demand areas and about $600 in places with high wood demands. 

Type of Cut

Pre-stacked woods will cost higher since they have been cut to a cord of wood, half-sized cord of wood, or quarter-sized cord of wood length. The benefit is it will save you the hassle of splitting the wood yourself. 

operating a log splitter


Wood costs higher in winter than in summer and spring[1]. Therefore, our team recommends you stock up on supplies in summer against winter. 


If the wood is seasoned and clean, it will cost you more. Klin-dried wood has low moisture content and can be used immediately, unlike green firewood.

Location and Convenience

Location will always affect the price of things, including wood. States implement specific laws that regulate the level of wood supply. That’s why wood is more costly in California and New York but cheaper in areas like Delaware. 


Delivery companies charge differently for transporting woods. The main reason for this price difference is the stacking of the wood. 

firewood in a truck

A seasoned and stacked wood would weigh less because of the low moisture content. Hence, it’s easier to store and will attract a lower delivery charge than transporting green firewood or freshly-cut wood.

Where to Find Half Cord of Wood for Sale Near Me

You can find tons of dealers in your location. Our team recommends that you ask for recommendations if you are new to buying wood or recently relocated. In addition, you can compare the prices of available sellers to get the best deal.


How many pieces of wood is a half cord?

A half cord has about 300 pieces of wood. However, the correct number will depend on the wood split and water content.

How many pounds is a 1/2 cord of wood?

A ½ cord of wood weighs about 2,500 pounds, roughly 64 cubic feet in volume.

What does a 1/2 cord of wood look like?

A ½ cord of wood is about 4 ft. (H) x 4 ft. (L) x 4 ft. (D). It can fill an area that’s 64 cubic feet.

Can half a cord of wood fit in a truck bed?

A half cord of wood can fit in a truck bed if the bed is large enough to contain it. An 8-foot truck bed can accommodate half a cord of wood. Anything less than that will be insufficient.


Knowing how much is a half cord of wood and the quantity you’ll receive can be relieving because it prepares you ahead of time. You’ll be knowledgeable about what you’re buying. So, the chances of getting duped by dishonest sellers are slim.

Our professionals implore that you check out the best deals before buying. You could save some bucks in the process. 

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