How to Cut a Hedge With a Chainsaw

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A chainsaw can cut a lot of materials quickly, but it may not be able to produce the most precise cuts. But if it is the only tool you have now and you need to use it for garden work, you can certainly use it to your advantage. 

In this guide, I’ll explain how to cut a hedge with a chainsaw, step by step.

Safety Measures to Follow Before Cutting

Cutting Hedges Using a Chainsaw: 4 Simple Steps

Step #1: Find and Gauge the Hedge

Inspect the hedge for any signs of wildlife, and try to pinpoint its exact location, if there are any.

checking hedge

Before you begin the cutting process, I recommend labelling the branches that need trimming. It helps ensure precision and prevents any unnecessary cuts.

Step #2: Clear the Area

To focus on the bark, make sure to clear the surrounding area.

Step #3: Begin Cutting

Before you start cutting, assess the entire bark thickness of the hedge. Straight cuts are sufficient for smaller ones, while a curved one is required for a larger ones.

hedge trimming

Cutting Thin Hedges

Step #4: Cut the Branches

Before you chop down those branches, make sure no animals are hiding there. If that’s the case, make sure to steer them away safely from the branches.

Use a chainsaw at an angle of 30 degrees and make quick cuts.

Hedge shaping requires accuracy. On larger ones, this may be less of a challenge, but it might a medium-sized one may easily break.

checking the hedge for animals

Additional Tips for Trimming a Hedge Using a Chainsaw

When chopping down trees or dense wood, a chainsaw is the best tool of choice you’ll need to use.

However, hedges have numerous tiny branches. Damaging the plant isn’t what you want to do, so this task will require a delicate touch and gentle force.

person trimming hedge

Cutting Hedges in Half Using a Chainsaw

A chainsaw is an excellent instrument for thinning down a hedge, whether to construct a path through it or reduce its width. To cut it in half, make sure to do these:

To separate it in two to provide a convenient walkway:


Are chainsaws the best tool for cutting hedges?

A chainsaw’s lack of precision is offset by its effectiveness. You may use a chainsaw to make fine cuts if the operator maintains a steady hand. Using a chainsaw, you can chop a hedge into manageable chunks.

What are the differences between a hedge trimmer and a chainsaw?

In contrast to a powerful chainsaw, which is usually used to fell trees and in lumber, a hedge trimmer is designed specifically to form and prune the tips of a hedge.


Now that you know how to cut a hedge with a chainsaw, you can do your plant-trimming tasks quickly. But before anything, it’s crucial to check the condition of your chainsaw, sharpen and cinch down the chain and follow all safety precautions for smooth fine work.

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