How to Cut Plexiglass With a Circular Saw

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Plexiglass has been one of the best alternatives to regular glass. It has a ton of uses and applications, perfect for your daily use. However, you have one chance to cut the glass correctly to avoid ruining your whole project. 

Today, we’ll teach you how to cut plexiglass using a circular saw. Thanks to the straightforward steps we’ll give you, you can finish your DIY project in no time.

What You Need

Before we go straight to the actual steps and procedures, you must know what to prepare for. Doing so helps you save a lot of time and energy and helps you figure out what goes where and what you need. To save you from all that unnecessary trouble, we have created a handy list below.  

Circular Saw and Plexiglass

Of course, the circular saw and plexiglass [1] are the superstars of your project, so you’ll need to get them first. Aside from these two, other essential materials you need include:

green circular saw on wooden surface

 Before you start working with your plexiglass and circular saw, make sure they’re in perfect condition. Check out your plexiglass and look for unnecessary scratches or dents that would affect its quality. As much as possible, you want your plexiglass to be in tip-top shape.

 As for your circular saw, we highly recommend you test it out first before using it. Ensure that it’s in good condition and won’t break down in the middle of your project. Finally, make sure you’re familiar with how to use your circular saw.

To make better markings, using top-notch guides for circular saw is a smart choice. 

Well Lit Room With Proper Ventilations

The next thing you need to look for is a well-lit working space that provides proper ventilation. Handling tools in a poorly lit room is hazardous and increases the chances for accidents and errors.

upgrade woodworking workshop

The same goes for well-ventilated working spaces. You should always look for an area where the nasty fumes can exit. If not, you’ll risk feeling tired and ill later on. Plus, having enough ventilation also helps with regulating room temperature.

Clear Working Area

Working with equipment can be challenging and potentially dangerous, particularly when your working space is cluttered. To ensure a smooth and efficient project, you must clear your working table from any unnecessary items that can obstruct your workspace. Doing so minimizes the risk of workplace injuries and creates a conducive environment for completing your project efficiently.

Cleaning your working area isn’t that hard. All you need to do is to return all your tools back to their respective containers and clear your table of trash or dust. The results give you a cleaner setup.

Protective Gear

Finally, always wear protective gear when you’re working with sharp equipment. You want to prevent causing any bodily injury to yourself. Here is some protective gear you need: 

Steps to Cut Plexiglass

Now that you’ve got all your materials down, it’s finally time to get started with the cutting. We’re sure you’re excited about this part, so let’s get straight to it.

 Step 1: Get your plexiglass and measuring tape. Start marking the plexiglass based on your measurements. Use a ruler to keep the markings straight and accurate. Give at least an inch worth of extra space for you to polish the material later on. 

 Step 2: Using an excellent woodworking clamp, you can now clamp your plexiglass on the working table so that it stays in place while you’re cutting. 

cutting plexiglass with circular saw

 Step 3: Using your circular saw or even a worm drive type circular saw, start cutting along the edges of your markings. Do the same for all plexiglass that needs to be cut. Make sure to wear your protective equipment at all times. 

 Step 4: Once complete, smooth the edges down with your sandpaper. Rub the edges of your cut plexiglass until it becomes even and sleek. 

 Optional Step 5: If you want the edges to have a nice shine like the rest of the body, you can buff or polish it.


There you have it, super easy steps on how to cut your plexiglass using a circular saw. Before we go, we’ll leave you with one crucial piece of advice: always observe safety precautions.

 We want you to be able to complete your DIY project, but of course, without compromising your safety. Accidents happen when we take our bodies and hands for granted. Always remember to wear proper PPE, especially when you have a circular saw that can cut wood like butter! 

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