Husqvarna 445 Review — Is This X-Torq Gas Chainsaw Any Good? (2024)

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When it comes to the Husqvarna 445, its notably lighter construction in comparison to most gas chainsaws can understandably raise questions about its power output. After all, the last thing you’d want is a tool that lacks the necessary power, resulting in uneven and imprecise cuts.

Like other Husqvarna 445 reviews, I’ll embark on a thorough examination to gauge its overall value. My primary objective is to ascertain whether its X-Torq engine packs enough punch to tackle a variety of tasks effortlessly.

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Design and Build

Initially, Husqvarna 445’s plastic exterior caught us off guard. Fortunately, I’ve confirmed that it’s from hardwearing materials that eliminate corrosion risks. 

You’ll also spot the forged three-piece crankshaft that makes it durable enough to operate properly even at maximum speed settings. 

Besides maximum durability, the guard, throttle lock-out switch, and trigger at the unit’s crown are design features I especially liked because they ensure user safety during usage. 

Since a rubberized grip is such an important safety feature, I understand why its absence in this model can put off some woodworkers. However, wearing protective equipment could solve this dilemma quickly, besides offering further protection. 

In front of the handle, it showcases a chain brake feature in the form of a left-hand guard. It has a combined start and stop switch that controls the unit’s power supply. 

Further to the unit’s back, the fuel oil caps are also visible. These parts don’t always include tethers, but it helps keep the lids firmly attached to the saw during the oil change. 

You don’t need to unscrew the chainsaw’s top cover to clean the air filter or replace a spark plug because it has a removable feature that you can snap open whenever possible. Its design also includes a cut line for proper alignment and accurate cutting results. 

Cutting Parts

Like most Husqvarna chainsaw models, this unit features an extensive bar length of around 18 inches or 44 centimeters and a nose sprocket. It’s recommended greasing the nose sprocket regularly to prevent the wheel from seizing and malfunctioning. 

If you inspect Husqvarna 445 chainsaw, you’ll notice that it has a slightly narrower chain than other saws. Despite this feature, it includes 72 drive links with a pitch of 0.325 inches and a gauge of 0.05 inches. 

For a Husqvarna model of this size, its high-speed chain operates at 17.3 m/s in full power is plenty impressive. 

Besides its excellent chain speed, it’s compatible with different-sized guide bars. Among the widely available parts in the market, you can equip it with variations ranging from 13 inches to 20 inches. Most cutting tasks need chains around 16 to 18 inches for precise cuts. 

3-Piece Crankshaft

Any woodworker can tell that the Husqvarna 445 can deliver excellent durability because of its 3-piece crankshaft. Thanks to these three-set separate parts, the chainsaw can withstand heavy-duty and harsh cutting conditions. 

Air Injection

Admit it or not, these tools will produce debris particles. Because of this, it’s not surprising that the air filter will clog. Fortunately, this model has a centrifugal air injection system to prevent these substances from entering the filters. 

While testing, I’m especially intrigued with this feature because it decreases maintenance frequency and extends the tool’s life. 

Automatic Oil-Release System

You don’t need to experience the hassle of oiling the saw regularly because this unit has an automatic oiler function. This feature makes manual adjustments unnecessary since it has a release system in charge of the oil flow. 

A limitation of the Husqvarna 445 is its fixed flow system, which restricts the ability to customize the fuel system according to the specific requirements of various cutting operations and conditions.

This can be a drawback for users who desire more control over their chainsaw’s fuel settings to maximize its effectiveness in varying situations.

Husqvarna 445 Features

Overview of Specifications

Size and Weight

Considering its lighter weight and size, it only takes minimum effort to wield Husqvarna 445. Thanks to this excellent hand tool ergonomics [1], you can avoid experiencing user fatigue during its usage. 

The bare tool only weighs around 10.8 lbs and can increase to 13.5 pounds with chain installations. While it’s heavier than typical cordless tools, it’s not as heavy as other gas-powered alternatives. 

As mentioned earlier, the unit’s length will depend on the bar equipped on it. This particular model is compatible with bars 13 to 20 inches long. It can also affect the chainsaw’s overall weight.

Engine Power

This model has a 2-stroke 45.7 cc engine motor, so you can trust that it won’t have any issue producing at least 2.8 horsepower. 

With this power range, you can count on your chainsaw to operate with up to 9000 RPM. This maximum speed is enough for a medium-scale task.  

Performance and Ease of Use

The X-Torq motor is the main feature that sets newer Husqvarna models like model 445 apart from the rest is the X-Torq motor. It increases fuel efficiency and reduces toxic emissions. 

For newbies who are unaware, increased fuel efficiency means it can handle more cutting operations. It also provides lesser refuel breaks. 

On top of that, Husqvarna’s smart start system is one of the features that make this model easier to use for chainsaw beginners. You can also avoid engine flooding thanks to this function. 

Since it’s a gas chainsaw,  it’s only natural for the engine to produce vibrations during operations. It can hinder your chainsaw’s performance, but not with this unit’s LowVib system. 

The dampening springs installed in its construction aren’t all that noticeable, but they can isolate vibrations and prevent them from traveling through the handles.  

Warranty Period and Extension

Like any other power tool in today’s market, Husqvarna provides a two-year product warranty for model 445. I suggest checking the terms and conditions to determine which incidents and parts this policy applies to.  

If you’re unsatisfied with the Husqvarna’s warranty duration, you can add 2 to 3 years of product protection if you buy the tool from Amazon. 

Safety Features

One of the chainsaw-related accidents tool users encounter during chainsaw usage is kickback. Husqvarna understood this dilemma and included a chain brake feature in the unit. All you need to do is push the handguard, triggering the inertia-release mechanism. 

You don’t need to worry about accidental startups because you can rely on the throttle trigger to turn the lockout switch on. As you scan the unit, you’ll spot the chain catcher towards the bottom part. You may not know, but it’s a protective feature for your hands. 

Although these safety features lower the chances of accidents, you must wear protective clothing to guarantee user protection. 


Upon purchase, the chainsaw only comes with a tool manual and a sheath for the guide bar. It’s a pity that the package does not include a carrying case, but you can buy it separately from the same store. 

Which is the Best: Husqvarna 445, 440, or 450?

These three Husqvarna chainsaws include almost similar specifications. However, 445 and 450 can produce more engine power of 45cc to 50 ccs, while Husqvarna 440 chainsaw only offers 40cc. 

On the other hand, model 445 carries an average horsepower of 2.8, which is relatively higher than the 2.4 HP of model 440. Meanwhile, buying the more powerful 450 with 3.2 HP is the wisest thing to do if you don’t have budget restrictions and are tackling heavy-duty tasks.


Where is the Husqvarna 445 made?

Husqvarna 445 is made in Sweden, just like most tools from the brand. Although they manufacture and supply many products worldwide, most of their tool selections still undergo manufacturing in the same drilling works. Read more about who makes the Husqvarna chainsaws and where are they made next!

Is the Husqvarna 445 good for beginners?

Husqvarna 445 chainsaw is a lightweight tool, so beginners won’t have difficulty using it. Its torque engine should give it enough power to tackle small to medium tasks, but there are chainsaws that can handle hardwood trees and other heavy-duty jobs. 

Review Conclusion: Husqvarna 445

As stated in this Husqvarna 445 review, it’s clear that this model is best suited for medium-duty work. As long as you use this tool in the correct manner, I can guarantee that it will accompany your cutting tasks for the longest time. 

Feel free to refer to this guide as well as the tool’s user manual to make the most of this cutting equipment and unlock its full potential.

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