Husqvarna 562 XP Review (2024) — Weight, Specs, and More

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Chainsaws are crucial equipment for any tree care professional, but without proper research, you might end up investing in a high-priced model that fails after only a few uses. It is essential to conduct thorough research and consider various factors before making a purchase to ensure you acquire a durable and reliable chainsaw.

If you want to learn if the 562 XP lives up to its manufacturer’s reliability, I’ll be exploring the chainsaw’s features, benefits, and drawbacks. To give you a detailed rundown, here’s my Husqvarna 562 XP review. 

What I Like

What I Don't Like

Design and Build Quality

The 562 XP chainsaw from Husqvarna is designed with a magnesium crankcase, which makes it lightweight yet durable. 

The saw chassis is sturdy and can withstand heavy use, while the snap-lock cylinder cover makes it easy to access the chainsaw’s vital moving parts for maintenance.

The chainsaw also features retained bar nuts to prevent them from falling off during use and a convenient flip-up tank cap for easy fueling. 

The large surface air filter and air cleaning system improve engine life and reduce air filter cleanings, while the air injection system prevents debris particles from entering the engine. 

Additionally, the chainsaw’s chain brake and chain tensioning device ensure safer and more efficient operation.

Husqvarna 562 XP Features

Overview of Specs

Manufacturer: About Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a leading manufacturer of outdoor power equipment, including chainsaws, lawn mowers, and trimmers.

The company was founded in Sweden in 1689 and has produced outdoor power tools for over 300 years. Husqvarna is known for its quality products and innovative solutions, making it a favorite among professional loggers and skilled landowners.

Assembly and Setup

One of the great things about the Husqvarna 562 XP is that it is easy to assemble and set up. The chainsaw comes with clear and concise instructions, and most users report that it takes less than an hour to get it up and running.

Some assembly is required, such as attaching the bar and chain and filling the oil and fuel tanks. However, even those not experienced with chainsaws should be able to put the 562 XP together without any issues.


Initiating the 562 XP is effortlessly done with the assistance of the automatic engine setting, which fine-tunes the saw for peak engine efficiency. All users have to do is prime the carburetor and yank the starter cord to maintain the chainsaw’s operation.

Additionally, the chainsaw features an air purge system that eliminates air from the carburetor, which allows better starting without difficulty.

Engine Power

The chainsaw is powered by a 59.8cc engine that delivers an impressive amount of power. This chainsaw can easily cut through thick logs and trees, making it a popular choice among professional loggers. 

The engine is designed to deliver maximum power with lower fuel consumption, resulting in longer run times.


The 562 XP stands out with its superior chain speed compared to numerous other chainsaws, allowing for swift and effective cutting through wood. Its quick acceleration, paired with the perfect balance of power and speed, renders it a top-notch option for various cutting jobs.

Cutting Performance

The 562 XP provides best-in-class cutting performance. The chainsaw features a large air filter and a centrifugal air cleaning system, resulting in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.

The air injection system removes debris particles before reaching the air filter, further reducing maintenance needs. The chainsaw also features a quick-release air filter and a snap lock cylinder cover, making it easy to clean and service.


Husqvarna is known for producing the best saws and some other high-quality, reliable outdoor power equipment and the 562 XP is no exception. The chainsaw is designed with innovative solutions that ensure maximum durability and reduced exhaust emission levels.

Additionally, the chainsaw’s chain tensioning device and retained bar nuts make it easy to adjust the chain and maintain optimal cutting performance.

Ease of Use

The saw is designed for convenient operation and ease of use. The chainsaw features heated handles for comfortable operation in colder weather, and its chassis is designed to minimize movement, resulting in less fatigue for the user.

The chainsaw also features an air purge system that removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easier starting.

Safety Features

Safety is always a top concern when working with chainsaws, and the 562 XP model is designed with many safety features. The chainsaw features a chain brake that stops the chain in case of kickback or other issues. 

The chainsaw’s carburetor adjustments and fuel tank are designed to prevent fuel from spilling during operation.

Recommended Applications

The chainsaw is a versatile chainsaw suitable for various applications. It is powerful enough for professional use and easy for home use.

Its lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for trimming and limbing jobs, while its high power and cutting speed make it an excellent choice for felling large trees and cutting firewood.

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It is also an excellent choice for use in tree care, land clearing, and other demanding applications requiring maximum power and durability.

Price and Value for Money

The 562 XP from Husqvarna is not the cheapest chainsaw on the market, but it is an excellent value for the money.

It is a high-quality, professional-grade tool built to last and designed to deliver optimal performance in various applications. It’s one of the best chainsaws for the money as it’s priced competitively and comparable to other high-end chainsaws in its class.

Which is Better, Husqvarna 562XP or 572XP?

Husqvarna chainsaws are well-known in the chainsaw industry, and both the 562XP and the 572XP are popular choices among professionals and skilled woodworkers. The 562XP is a reliable and efficient saw with excellent performance and durability.

It features a large surface air filter and a quick-release air filter, making cleaning the clogged air filter less hassle. The noise sound power level is relatively low, making this saw convenient for longer periods without causing too much disturbance.

On the other hand, the 572XP is a newer model designed to offer more power and better performance than its predecessor. Its oil flow and chain speed are significantly higher, making it an ideal choice for professionals who need maximum power and efficiency.

The equivalent vibration level is also lower, which means less fatigue and strain on the user’s hands and arms. The 572XP also has better limbing performance, which enables users to make clean and precise cuts with minimum effort.

However, both saws comply with stringent environmental regulations and can run on different fuels, including ethanol blends. The flywheel on the 572XP is lighter, which reduces the saw’s weight and provides less interior movement, making it easier to handle for extended periods.

The three-piece crankshaft also contributes to reduced vibrations and longer engine life, which means less time spent on maintenance and more time cutting.

The choice between the two husky saws depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences. If you want a reliable, all-around saw that can easily handle various tasks, the 562XP is an excellent option.

However, if you require maximum power and performance for demanding applications, this model is the way to go.

Buying Considerations for a Chainsaw

When considering a chainsaw, it is essential to look at several key factors. First, examine the saws’ key moving parts, such as the fly wheel and crank shaft. These components play a crucial role in the chainsaw’s performance and durability. 

The flywheel regulates the saw’s maximum RPMs, while the crankshaft transfers power from the engine to the chain.[1]

Another important consideration is the chainsaw’s performance autotune, which adjusts the saw’s fuel mixture and other settings to optimize its performance. This feature can improve the saw’s power output and fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Additionally, some chainsaws come equipped with heated handles, which can be a valuable feature for those who use their saws for longer periods in cold weather conditions. This feature can help prevent hand fatigue and improve user comfort.

Finally, it’s essential to consider the saw’s maintenance requirements. A saw with easy-to-access and quick-release parts, such as the air filter, can save time and effort in keeping the saw in good working order.


Is Husqvarna 562XP a pro saw?

Yes, the Husqvarna 562XP is considered a pro saw or a professional-grade chainsaw because of its powerful performance, durability, and advanced features designed for heavy-duty use. 

Review Conclusion: Husqvarna 562 XP

My Husqvarna 562 XP reviews and tests have consistently shown that this is a powerful and reliable chainsaw designed for professional use. 

The 562 XP showcases a strong build, intelligent design, and outstanding performance, all combined with features tailored for the user. 

This makes it a prime choice for professionals in need of a reliable, high-performing chainsaw that offers unparalleled limbing proficiency and requires minimal effort from the user.

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