Why Your Husqvarna Chainsaw Won’t Start + Troubleshooting Tips

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There can be a few things going on when your Husqvarna chainsaw won’t start. You might be thinking of taking it to a professional or buying a new one, but you might just spend a lot of money for something you could’ve done yourself.

So, our technicians have made this guide to help you learn some troubleshooting tips to get your chainsaw up and running.

How to Troubleshoot a Husqvarna Starting Issues

One or more of these issues may exist in your Husqvarna chainsaw, which you should investigate.

Step #1: Check the Amount of Fuel and Fuel Mix

Before going to more advanced checks, it might just be a fuel issue. Check that there is enough fuel, that it is of good quality, and that it is the correct fuel or oil mix, which is normally 40:10 or 50:10. 

mixing fuel for husqvarna chainsaw

Sometimes, your machine may only need some fresh gas. It’s also worth noting that Husqvarna chainsaws need a different kind of gas from what your car or lawnmower uses, so make sure you’re putting the right type of mix in your tank.

Step #2: Check the Fuel Filter System

Check to see whether it’s been blocked. If your fuel tank is dirty, use a fuel system cleaner to clean it. 

Put some gasoline cleaner in the fuel tank, let it sit for a while in the engine to circulate, capturing any debris, and then clean the fuel filter.

Step #3: Inspect the Carburetor for Dirt and Blockage

A slightly more significant consequence of leaving fuel in the gas tank for a long period of time is that the carburetor can become clogged when the fuel becomes sticky, making it impossible to start the engine. 

husqvarna carburetor

If you notice that the primer bulb is not filling, it’s likely that the fuel isn’t getting to the carburetor, too.

You might be able to get away with cleaning the carburetor if it’s not too bad. Otherwise, you may need to completely rebuild or replace it.

Another thing you can do is unscrew the top cylinder cover and remove the air filter. Use the right Husqvarna carburetor tool for this task. 

Step #4: Check if the Controls are Turned On and Activated

Make sure that the starter is turned ON, the choke is set to START, and the throttle lock and chain brake are turned off. Also, check if the primer bulb on the saw is filled. 

Husqvarna 435

Furthermore, pull on the front handle to check if the chain brake is disengaged. If none of these are completed, the machine will not start.

Step #5: Do the Correct Starting Procedure

Allow your engine to warm up before using it. This is especially important in the winter. Remember that the chainsaw’s performance is influenced by weather patterns.

Step #6: Check if the Spark Plug is Working

Another typical cause of a chainsaw not starting is an old, unclean, improperly attached, or faulty spark plug, which could be due to the chainsaw being an older model.

The porcelain insulator might be fractured or the electrode might be burnt away. Also, check whether there is an excessive amount of carbon build-up in the machine.

husqvarna spark plug

You can also remove the spark plug from the cylinder and put it on the rubber boot which you can find on the end of the wire. 

When you’re holding the wire, make sure that the tip is at least 3 centimeters from the grounded metal point. Then, the next step is to place your foot into the rear handle and start pulling on the starter rope. You should see a blue spark.

If the spark plug is just a bit filthy, clean it – but because spark plugs aren’t expensive, it’s usually better to just replace it.

Step #7: Check the Air Filter

The air-to-gas ratio will be affected if the air filter is blocked or unclean, and the engine may not start since the air isn’t reaching the combustion chamber. Check the air filter and clean it if necessary if it won’t start.

husqvarna air filter

You should clean the filter on a regular basis as part of your usual chainsaw maintenance, and think about replacing it altogether if it becomes overly dirty.

Step #8: Gauge the Condition of the Starter Cord

The compression of an engine is indicated by the chainsaw starter cord or starter rope. It’s possible that the engine compression is too low if you see the cord sagging when you pull the rope.

Adjusting a Husqvarna Chainsaw Carburetor

The job of the chainsaw carburetor is to identify the correct amount of fuel to mix with air before entering the engine, ensuring that the equipment runs smoothly.

tuning chainsaw carburetor

There are three adjustment screws on the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw, just like the adjustment screws on the carburetor of a Stihl chainsaw. H stands for high (regulates the air or fuel mix at high RPM), L stands for low (regulates the air or fuel mix at low RPM), and T stands for idling (regulates the amount of fuel that gets into the carburetor while the throttle is pressed).

How to Adjust a Husqvarna Chainsaw

L Screw

While the engine is running, adjust the L screw by turning it to the left. Carry on like this until the engine practically stops. Then slowly crank the screw to the right until the engine starts to accelerate smoothly. You will also hear the engine idling smoothly.

T Screw

Start screwing it in clockwise until the saw moves, then slowly turn it anticlockwise until the chain stops moving. The engine will smoothly idle.

adjusting chainsaw carburetor

H Screw

Continue turning it anticlockwise until it no longer screws. The saw’s engine will start to sound harsh at this stage. If you detect this, start spinning the engine clockwise until it sounds smooth, then gently push the throttle.

Top Tips to Avoid Husqvarna Chainsaw Starting Issues

husqvarna 435

In sum, all of the parts of a chainsaw must be in good working order for it to function properly. All you might need to fix the saw is your user manual and a steady hand. 

Don’t be concerned if your chainsaw breaks down because, as previously said, all mechanical instruments will break down at some point, and Husqvarna chainsaws are no exception.


When you’re wondering why your Husqvarna chainsaw won’t start, the guide for fixing common Husqvarna chainsaw problems provided above by our expert team will come in handy. Whether it’s a clogged carburetor, flooded engine, faulty recoil starter, or a defective spark plug, you can definitely fix it with minimal effort.

Still, if you’ve tried one or more of these cutting techniques and your chainsaw still won’t start, you should take your machine to a Husqvarna chainsaw technician.

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