Husqvarna Drive Belt Diagram + Mower Belt Replacement and Installation

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Over the years, I’ve seen Husqvarna consistently deliver top-notch lawnmowers, but like any machine, their drive belts can wear out with time and use. If you’re unfamiliar with the Husqvarna drive belt diagram, replacing it can be tricky.

In this article, as an experienced mechanic, I will guide you through installing and replacing the drive belt on your Husqvarna mower.

What is Drive Belt in Husqvarna Lawn Mowers?

The drive belt is an essential part of the lawn mower. It is a mechanical tool that binds the transmission shaft and engine. 

Husqvarna lawn mower

The main function of a drive belt is to transfer power from the engine transmission to the lawn mower’s blades to enable the mower to advance and spin the blades.

Most often, the blades and transmission shafts are also linked, which allows the drive belt to rotate the blades and push the mower forward. If it breaks, the lawn mower won’t move forward or reverse

Replacing the Mower Drive Belt: 2 Parts

The drive belt is a crucial component of a lawn mower that requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your machine.

Husqvarna lawn mower drive belt

However, replacing the drive belt can be challenging. But it will not be overwhelming if you follow the correct procedure outlined below. I have separated the procedures into two parts so that it will be easier for you to follow.

Removing the Drive Belt

Step #1: Set the Parking Brakes

The most important step in removing the drive belt is to park your lawn mower on a flattened surface without the tendency of abrupt movement. It is also necessary to ensure that the parking brake of your lawn mower is on.    

bottom view of Husqvarna lawn mower

Step #2: Remove the Bolts

The next step is to take the driving belt out of the belt shield by removing the bolts. The belt shield serves as a casing that encloses the driving belt. If you remove the bolts, the belt shield will easily come off.

bolts removed from the belt shield

Step #3: Detach the Belt

Before detaching the belt, it is important to remember its exact positioning. I suggest you take a photo to refer to it when you put it back. 

detaching belt of Husqvarna lawn mower

Ensure that the belt is loosened by moving the idler arm. Gently push the belt on the top of the housing pulleys. 

Installing the Drive Belt

Step #1: Wrap the Pulleys

Once the drive belt is back in excellent condition and ready to be reinstalled or will be replaced by a new drive belt, reopen the engine shaft, and wrap the drive belt around the clutch pulleys. 

wrapping the belt to the pulleys

You may refer to the photo you have taken earlier to ensure that the drive belt is in the correct position. 

Step #2: Put Back the Idler Arms

Push the idler back in and continue routing the belt. Once the belt is properly placed, take off the pressure on the idle arm to be back in its original position and fasten it tightly. 

routing the belt to the poulleys

Step #3: Check the Final Routing Configuration

Compare your routing configuration to the photo you have taken earlier. Ensure that the belt is back in the exact position and there are no hard twists or knots on the belt.

checking final routing configuration

Step #4: Replace the Case

Put back the belt shield, which serves as the casing of the drive belt, and ensure that the bolt holes are adjacent to the correct surfaces. 

putting back the lawn mower belt shield

Step #5: Fasten the Bolts

Fasten back the bolts on the drive belt shield. Ensure that the bolts are tightly fastened to the casing. Now, your drive belt is back in excellent condition. 

fastening the bolts of the lawn mower shield

Replacing the Motion Drive Belt

It is important to ensure that the motion drive belt of your mower is in good condition. If your mower has a broken belt, it will not be able to move forward. Therefore, you must inspect the drive belt regularly and replace it if needed.

Below are the steps you can follow to replace the motion drive belt.

How to Remove the Belt

Like in the previous steps, ensure that the tractor is parked on a flat surface. Set the parking brakes to avoid the sudden motion of the mower.

detaching wire harness of Husvarna tractor

Then, detach the clutch wire harness to remove the anti-rotation link on the tractor’s right side. 

Release the belt from the clutching idler and stationary idler, then lift the belt from the center span idler. Carefully pull the belt towards the back, then release the belt upwards from the transmission pulley. 

checking the pulleys of Husvarna tractor

You also must release the belt from the engine pulley by pulling it downward. It will now allow you to glide the belt towards the back, release from the steering, and finally release from the tractor. 

How to Install the Belt

Connect the new belt from the back of the tractor towards the from until it reaches over the steering plate, then over the clutch brake pedal shaft. Carefully pull the belt to the front, then wrap it around the electric clutch and engine pulley.  

Slowly pull the belt towards the back of the tractor. Wrap the belt around the transaxle input pulley. You have to ensure that the belt keeper protects the belt. Then replace the belt on the center span idler over the clutch idler and stationary idler.

installing new belt on Husqvarna tractor

Replace the anti-rotation link on the tractor’s right side, then attach the clutch harness. Ensure that belt is connected to the pulley grooves and protected inside the belt keepers and guides.

Reasons Why Lawn Mower Belts are Breaking

If your lawn mower belt does not last more than one year, there must be other reasons why the mower drive belt keeps breaking. Below are some of the common reasons.

Pulley’s Wear and Tear

Before it turns to greater problems, detecting early signs of wear and tear could save your lawn mower belt. Regularly inspect the pulley to ensure that it functions efficiently. 

checking drive belt on a lawn tractor

When the bearings of the fully are defective, too much friction is created between the belt and the pulley [1]. Therefore, the pulley can not spin smoothly, which can break the belt.

Belt Guards are Missing

Unlike the Husqvarna 115h Automower, the belt guards are essential for your mower to function properly. The belt guard will ensure that the belt is in place. Therefore, if the belt guards are missing, the belt could fly off and break.

Too Much Grass Clippings

The most common reason for belt breakage is when too many grass clippings are stuck on the deck, particularly on the deck covers and the pulleys. Therefore, it is important to clean the deck regularly.


It is important to check your Husqvarna mower’s drive belt regularly to ensure it functions efficiently. Otherwise, you risk damaging the machine in the long run, or worse, replacing it with a new one. 

Following the Husqvarna drive belt diagram will make it easier for you to understand and maintain your mower’s best condition.

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