Husqvarna Z242F Problems + How to Fix and Troubleshoot

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When it comes to quality mowers, Husqvarna products are on top of the list. They offer you great flexibility and smooth performance, but that doesn’t mean they can’t develop issues. 

However, is that you may not be well-versed in identifying where the problem lies and handling the issues. In this guide, our engineers will discuss common Husqvarna Z242F problems and how you can fix them.

How to Fix Husqvarna Z242F Issues

Issue #1: Deck Issues

One of the causes of deck problems in a mower is the belt. The belt can be loose, or the bearings/tensioner inside may be damaged. A loose belt alongside a faulty bearing can cause wobbling. 

Husqvarna Z242F loose belt

You can solve it by adjusting the belt accordingly if it’s loose. If you find the bearing is faulty, you should replace it immediately. 

Issue #2: Engine is Not Starting

An engine not starting is a common problem in Husqvarna Z242F mowers. When an engine refuses to start, it could be any of these three things – the freewheel control’s position, fuel filter/parts, or spark plugs. 

If the freewheel control is “engaged” during the starting, you need to set it to neutral. If the fuel filter is dirty, you need to clean it or get a new filter. The same goes for spark plugs if they are dirty or defective. 

Issue #3: Blade Problems

Blades Not Engaging

This is a common issue in most Husqvarna riding mower models, including the Z242F. Blades not engaging could signify damage, but the extent of the effect varies. Before you set out to replace it, our engineers suggest checking the condition of the blades.

Husqvarna Z242F blade

If the belt is damaged, consider replacing it. Replacing a damaged belt isn’t easy. So, you would need the services of a professional. 

Sometimes, it could be that the belt wasn’t properly mounted. If that’s the case, you should set it correctly. 

Worn-out Blades

If the blade is worn out, your best bet is to change it. Always refer to the manual for a guide on replacements if you are confident about replacing the blade yourself.

Issue #4: Tire Problems

Tire problems can affect the movement of a mower. The machine can wobble as a result of uneven pressure on the tires or slowed wheel speed. 

Husqvarna Z242F tire replacement

Ensure you adjust all the wheels and maintain the pressure on all tires for optimal performance. 

Issue #5: Having Trouble with Steering

Mower Isn’t Moving Backward or Forward

If the mower isn’t moving backward or forward, your Husqvarna’s drive belt or damper may be responsible. Dampers aid in the lever’s movement. So, a faulty one will affect mobility. 

The Husqvarna drive belt may be loose so that it falls off easily. What you can do is tighten the belt’s grip on the pulley. The belt may also be damaged and need immediate replacement. 

As for the damper, you should consider fixing it if broken or replacing it. 

Stiff Steering Arms

Stiff steering arms are often caused by a jammed steering lever or faulty damper. Before you carry out any replacement, ensure to check the lever [1]

Husqvarna Z242F steering arms

Adjust or set the lever if it’s jammed or out of position. 

Leaning to One Side

Leaning on one side is another common issue that many users experience with their zero-turn mowers. This problem arises from a faulty tire. You will need to examine the pressure of each tire to know if they are the same. 

A zero-turn mower tends to lean on the side with less tire pressure. Ensure to adjust the tires accordingly to shake off the wobbles. 

How to Adjust Steering on the Husqvarna Z242F

  1. Set the steering speed and lever. 
  2. Adjust the speed by fastening or loosening the speed nut. 
  3. Set the steering handles in a position of alignment to make the lever more efficient. 


Husqvarna Z242F problems aren’t always difficult to handle. Most of the time, you can solve them by following the solutions above, and will save you a few bucks on repairs. 

However, you should consult an expert if you encounter an issue that’s overwhelming or you are unfamiliar with it. It’s essential to maintain your mower properly and safely for the best performance. 

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