Husqvarna Z242F Review (42” Zero-Turn Mower) (2023)

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Believe it or not, your turf’s condition highly depends on the kind of tool you’re using. If you get a zero-turn mower that’s not good enough for the job, your hefty investment for a healthy lawn all year round will all go to waste.

Intrigued to solve this issue, we conducted a series of Husqvarna Z242F reviews to see if it has the right features for your mowing needs.

What We Like

What We Don't Like


At first glance, Husqvarna Z242F may seem like it has the same quality as other units you can purchase under the brand. But upon our team’s inspection, we noticed that this zero-turn mower houses an ergonomic control panel that makes the unit easier to use than other mowers. 

On top of that, it’s engineered with a rear-mounted Kawasaki engine. With this engine location, the unit is less likely to encounter mechanical failure caused by rough terrain and landscapes. 

As for its exterior, it’s obvious that Husqvarna Z242Fis designed with durability and comfort in mind. These zero-turn lawn mowers can also handle harsh mowing conditions thanks to their 10-gauge steel design with spring-assisted components. 

Its steering levers are also one of the designs we admire on this model. When these bars are moved outward or inward, they can easily trigger the automatic park brake system. It’s a feature that ensures user protection during rough grass cutting operations.  

Husqvarna Z242F Features

Overview of Specifications

Husqvarna Z242F – General Specs

Base Machine (length & height) 75-inch / 40-inch
Base Machine (Chute Down) 51 inches
Base Machine (Chute Up) 43.5 inches
Overall Mass 551 lbs
Husqvarna Z242F – Engine Specs
Engine Type Kawasaki Engine (18HP)
Engine Series FR Series
Air Filter Auto-type Paper
Fuel Tank Location Side
Power Source Gasoline/Fuel
Husqvarna Z242F – Cutting Deck
Cutting Width Size 42 inches
Mower Deck Type Fabricated
Cutting Deck Design 10-gauge Steel
Cutting Height Steps  Six (6)
Clutch Rating 87 ft. lb
Blades Included Two
Deck Lifting System Manual
Powder-coated Deck Yes
Deck Wash Port Yes
Husqvarna Z242F – Transmission System
Transmission Hydrostatic
System Manufacturer Hydro-Gear
Husqvarna Z242F – Other Features
Mower Seat Type Comfort High Back
Seat Spring Included
Hinged Armrests Optional
Husqvarna Z242F – Warranty
Residential Usage Yes
Commercial Usage No

Engine Power

Even before this review, we were aware of how efficiently the Husqvarna Z242F can get the job done, thanks to its powerful Kawasaki engine on deck. In just an hour, it can cover at least 2 acres of grass or lawn, making it faster than typical mowers. Moreover, being a zero-turn mower, it can deliver substantial engine power, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted task completion.

Zero-turn mowers with this feature also offer a smoother movement and do not produce unnecessary loud noises during usage. 

Control Panel

Among all the features under this unit’s belt, we can say that its reliable control panel takes home the cookie for its enhanced user convenience. 

Even if this is the first time you have purchased a riding lawn mower, you can easily spot where the hour meter, choke settings, ignition switch, and speed controls are. It may seem trivial, but keep in mind that not all mower brands include this feature in their products. 

Cutting Deck

While it’s true that maintenance can extend your mower’s life, the cutting deck materials still plays a big part in its durability. Fortunately, Husqvarna Z242F zero-turn mowers are made of 10-gauge steel that can withstand harsh lawn conditions. 

Additionally, its deck houses two blades. These blades engage through an electric clutch, so starting and stopping the unit from running is less complex than expected.

Cutting Capacity and Quality

As previously mentioned, this 42-inch zero-turn mower can mow over 2 acres of land within the span of one hour. During the test drive, we discovered that the unit could run up to 6.5 mph. With such high-speed capacity, it can finish any cutting job precisely and swiftly.


You may not know, but lawn machines that run with hydro-gear drive systems use fluid to power their mower blade. Because of this, this unit requires less maintenance and has a longer machine life than other units. 


The combination of Kawasaki engine and Hydro-gear transmissions allows this Husqvarna unit to produce massive power to keep the cutting operations smooth.

And given that it has a highly accessible control panel, we do not doubt that the mower will perform well even when used by a newbie user.

Ease of Use

Husqvarna understands the struggle of long hours of mowing, so the unit’s high-back seat is unsurprisingly designed to provide utmost user comfort. You can also activate the park brake system easily if the levers are moved outward or inward. 


It’s easy to fall for a product for its low price and positive reviews, but the question is, is it worth your money? The short answer is yes. Your investment in this lawn mower will be worthwhile as it’s made of high-quality materials that are meant to last for a long time. 

Safety Features

Any riding equipment including Husqvarna Z246i can expose you to some level of danger, so this mower is specifically installed with parking brake functions and pressure sensors to keep you safe.  

Maintenance and Durability

This unit runs with hydrostatic transmission, so it doesn’t need much maintenance. However, to avoid any issues with your Husqvarna Z242Four experts still recommend draining the gas tank and removing the battery before putting it in storage if you don’t want to tarnish its durability and functionality. 

Price and Warranty

There’s no denying that quality triumphs over any price range[1]. And considering this unit’s reliability and advanced lawn care technology, having a higher price tag is completely justified. As for the warranty, the manufacturer only offers it for Husqvarna Z242F zero radius mowers that are for residential usage. 

Review Conclusion: Husqvarna Z242F

After conducting this Husqvarna Z242F review, our team is confident that this unit can provide a better mowing experience to residential users. It may seem like an excessive investment at first, but its durable structure is an assurance that you can rely on this cutting tool for years to come. 

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