Husqvarna Z246i Review (46” Zero-Turn Mower) (2022)

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Anyone can gain easy access to a reliable zero-turn lawn mower in this day and age. However, did you know that not all options you can find in the market can mow large properties?

So if a typical riding lawn mower can’t fulfill your needs, here’s our team’s Husqvarna Z246i review to give you an alternative that’ll enhance your mowing experience to the next level. 

Husqvarna Z246i

What We Like

What We Don't Like


Admit it or not, the first thing you’ll notice when buying a zero-turn lawn mower is its design and build. And because Husqvarna Z246i  has a distinct brand identity, there’s no way you’ll miss its vibrant black and orange color combination. 

Even at a single glance, our mowing experts could already tell that it’s a unit meant for rough cutting operations because of its guard bumper. 

Husqvarna Z246i full view

Mowing in a low-light setting wouldn’t be a problem for this zero-turn mower as its design includes LED lights. 

Once you hop on the mower, you’ll notice that the deck lift system is just within your reach. Because of this, there won’t be any abrupt interruptions when you need to adjust the cutting deck.

It’s also constructed with a robust and durable steel frame, so running this zero-turn lawn mower over dire lawn conditions won’t damage the unit. 

Husqvarna Z246i Features

Briggs Engine

Engines are a critical part of a zero-turn mower. Fortunately for you, Husqvarna Z246i features a reliable Briggs & Stratton[1] Endurance V-Twin engine that gives the unit enough power and speed to mow 2.5 acres of property within an hour. 

Husqvarna Z246i also has a 23HP power capacity, which means it can navigate through rough terrains plus the mower can work on hills just fine. 

engine of Husqvarna Z246i

On top of that, it has a 3.5-gallon tank capacity. With this feature, the engine operations won’t be interrupted repeatedly for fuel refills. 

Zero Turn Capacity

Besides its high-powered Briggs & Stratton engine, zero turning radius is among the most notable features of the Husqvarna Z246i zero-turn mower. In fact, it’s a great option if you don’t want to leave any grass uncut in the corners of your yard. Unlike regular mowers, you don’t have to run through the same spot twice to ensure even cuts. 

Flexible wheels are also part of the zero-turn capacity that we put in high regard in the mowing industry. As it propels smoothly, users can expect cutting tasks to finish within half of the mowing time they expect.

However, no matter how convenient zero-turn features are, we don’t recommend using it at high speed if you’re a newbie user. As previously mentioned, this unit takes a bit of time to get used to. 

Mowing Deck

For your mower to cut well, it has to draw enough air in its deck. We do not doubt that Husqvarna had this in mind when they designed this 46-inch model with vented spindles. Its deck is also capable of different lawn tasks like mulching and bagging. After every mowing season, we’re certain that you’ll find its side-discharge extremely helpful. 

Husqvarna Z246i mowing deck


Given that this unit runs with a Briggs & Stratton 23 HP engine, it’s no surprise it can operate at a top speed of 6.5 mph. When set in reverse mowing, the fastest this unit can go is around 3.5 miles per hour. 


You may not know, but this brand is known for its SmartSwitch technology. For those with no idea how great this feature is, it simply means it has a key-less operation. All you need to do is set up the configurations so that the unit can start in a single touch. 

Cutting Height

Like any other zero-turn mower, its mowing deck can be adjusted. Believe it or not, there will be a time when you need to change your cutting configurations. It could be triggered by the changing seasons or personal preference for your property. Nevertheless, it’s great that this unit can be set up as high as 4 degrees. 

Anti-Scalp Wheels

While it’s true that trimming the right length of grass helps you grow a healthy turf, some mowers with rough wheels can ruin your lawn. Luckily, Husqvarna Z246i has anti-scalp wheels that won’t incur damage to the grass path no matter how many times it navigates over the mowing area. 


With all that speed and power brought by zero-turn transmission and Briggs & Stratton engine, saying that we had a smooth mowing experience is an understatement. Our team didn’t have a hard time maneuvering over the grass field during the test drive, thanks to its reliable wheels. 

Husqvarna Z246i controls

Overall, this Husqvarna model isn’t as heavy as it looks. After giving it a try, it’s actually light to operate. It must be because it has less mass than the usual heavy-duty mowers from Husqvarna

Ease of Use

If you ask our resident mowers, the little things like a digital hour meter make a zero-turn mower easy to use. On top of that, did we mention that the unit has a deck wash port? Thanks to this, cleaning and maintaining the mower wouldn’t be complicated. You can even hook its system to a garden hose for better under-deck cleaning action. 

Another small add-on we liked was the unit’s cup holder. Understandably, mowing takes a while, and it won’t hurt to have a place to hold your drink as you mow your lawn. 

Safety Features

Above all these functions, it’s a real treat if you see a mower with intuitive control levers. Using these advanced gardening tools can be overwhelming, so a reactive mechanism helps in enhancing control and ultimately keeping the user safe including a pregnant one from unprecedented dangers. With just a pull of these levers, the parking brake can disengage and stop the operation. 

In a way, the cup holder is also a safety feature. It prevents you from attempting to hold a cup while using the mower and lessens the likeness of fluid spillage over the control panels. 

Husqvarna Z246i up close

And did you know that this mower’s system can detect uneven surfaces? On top of that, the blades will automatically disengage once it detects if you’re leaning or standing up from the mower seat. No worries, though. It won’t shut down right away, so there’s no hassle with this feature. 


We all know that a lawn mower’s machine life is often associated with its build quality material. As this mower will face harsh mowing conditions and you will often mow the lawn every summer, it’s only reasonable that its manufacturer made its construction with durable 13-gauge stamped steel. 

Price and Warranty

If we compare the model to mowers of the same size, this brand is obviously on the higher end of the scale. However, it is to be expected, especially because Husqvarna has been widely known as a premium brand for many years now. Zero-turn lawn mower products including Husqvarna Z242F are also hot in the market, so the current demand naturally translates to higher pricing. 

Husqvarna Z246 vs. Z246i (Upgrade Comparison)

When testing these models side-by-side, we can say that their major similarities lay in air induction design. Both units are designed with vented spindles that deliver better grass lift if you inspect closely. However, the key-less feature is the biggest upgrade Z246i has that its alternative doesn’t have.

Review Conclusion: Husqvarna Z246i

There could be a ton of Husqvarna Z246i reviews out there, but if you don’t learn how to use it properly, all its perks will be wasted down the drain. And while we understand that this unit’s features and power can be intimidating, you can’t get used to it without trying. Once it’s on your lawn, we’re certain that you’ll conquer the mowing season.

Husqvarna Z246i
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