Husqvarna Z248F Reviews (2024) — Pros & Cons of This Zero-Turn Mower

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Husqvarna holds a strong reputation in the world of outdoor equipment, known for its high-quality and robust lawn mowers. However, not all mowers are created equal, and performance can vary across different models and terrains. While many mowers perform excellently on flat and smooth surfaces, they may encounter challenges on sloped or rugged grounds.

So, I’ve put the Husqvarna Z248F, a leading zero-turn mower from the brand, to the test. And upon evaluating its performance, durability, and reliability across a variety of mowing tasks, let me share my insights to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your landscaping needs.

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Design and Build Quality

Like other Husqvarna products, Z248F includes a rugged construction that allows it to endure harsh mowing conditions. This unit also features durable wheels, making it perform better than other lawnmowers of the same size.

Most users of this unit will find delight in its deck lift with a spring assistance function. Thanks to this feature, the operator doesn’t need to exert more effort moving the mower from one place to another.

If you inspect the model closer, you’ll see the control panel near the mower seat. This location gives the operator quick and easy access during the mowing operations.

You can count on Z248F’s durability because its steel-made cutting deck is around ten gauges thick. Maintaining the unit regularly and cleaning it religiously after every usage will serve its purpose for years.

Chassis and Frame

Because of its steel construction, this mower’s chassis and frame provide high-tensile strength. With this impressive attribute, Z248F can withstand and resist instances of flexing and minimize the vibrations produced during the mowing process.

The strength and durability of these mower parts allow the unit to deliver a more stable and smoother cutting performance. You can also spot a motor engine guard in this section, making the mower safer.

Given its reliable and hardwearing frame design, it’s a no-brainer that Husqvarna Z248F experiences fewer mechanical and component issues than others.

Husqvarna Z248F Features

List of Specfications

Engine Power

Let’s begin this Husqvarna Z248F review by evaluating its engine power. This unit runs on a 23 HP Kawasaki engine. With an impressive displacement of 44.3cc, you can maximize this lawn care equipment in different grass trimming and cutting tasks without encountering many issues.

And since this powerful engine operates alongside a 48-inch mower deck, the performance it can deliver boosts with utmost efficiency.

Despite its massive power and three-blade operations, this Husqvarna model doesn’t produce excessive noise and vibration. You may not know, but regularly exposing engines to these elements can shorten the machine’s life and lead to malfunctions.


Many lawn owners find Z248F’s hydrostatic transmission incredibly enticing because it requires less maintenance than regular mowers. This specification also gives the operator the power to move the machine forward and reverse seamlessly.

Unlike other zero-turn mowers from different brands, activating its hydrostatic transmission requires adding pressure to the handlebars. Changing the speed settings won’t need extra steps on a separate lever or foot pedals.

Blades and Cutting Deck

While its 48-inch cutting deck isn’t the biggest in today’s market, its size can give you an advantage in mowing tighter and narrower spaces.

You can utilize the 10-gauge steel mower deck with three blades by cutting grass around establishments, narrow pathways, or cramped landscapes surrounded by planters. 

From the deck’s right side, you’ll easily spot the yellow button for Power Take-Off (PTO) [1] that you must push up to get the blades running. If you want to halt these sharp mower parts, do the reverse and pull it downward. 

Yes, Z248F includes a durable deck and blade, but you can only use it in the long run with proper cleaning and maintenance. On top of that, you must replace dull blades with sharp ones for safer operations and better results. 

Deck Lift

In addition to its exceptional durability, the device boasts cutting-edge blades and a cutting deck that utilizes advanced ClearCut air-induction technology.

This feature navigates the airflow within the machine into a vertical motion before any blade engagement. Due to that, the mower can encounter less grass clumping and better clipping distribution during the discharging process.

The manufacturers also placed the deck’s height adjustments within the left-hand’s reach with a spring-assist function for more effortless mower movement and lift. These settings can change the unit’s position from 1.5 to 4 inches.


You may have difficulty steering the side handlebar if you’re a lawnmower beginner. It’s one of the reasons why this zero-turn model has a slight learning curve.

Instead of steering wheels, the parts that control the front wheel movements are the handlebars. You only need to pull or push these bars to set its mowing pace. The pushing motion will move the machine forward, and the pulling will make it reverse.

How to Make a Turn

When turning with this zero-turn mower, the operator must push one handlebar forward and start pulling the other in the intended direction. So if you’re making a right turn, you must begin pushing the left handle and pull the right bar towards you.

Learning how to navigate a turn with steering bars can take some time. When practicing, experts recommend doing it on an extended and flat lawn with minimal slopes to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Pros and Cons of the Steering Bar

Unlike regular steering wheels, handlebars won’t hinder your line of vision. It’ll give you enough space to look straight ahead and identify if you’re driving over obstacles.

The clearer view brought by steering bars can save you from accidents often caused by lawn debris or damaged sprinkles scattered around the yard.

Meanwhile, the typical drawback of handlebars is they require more strength and force to operate than standard steering wheels. Operators with weaker upper bodies will find this model harder to use than others.

However, if you’re mowing a flat grassy field, you can expect steering bars to work like wheel types. It’s also an excellent alternative if you’re not keen on controlling mower speed by foot pedaling.

Parking Brake

Another convenient feature you can activate by pushing the handlebars out is the parking brake. This advanced safety technology ensures the mower won’t roll over when set in park mode.

These brakes also add more user control, giving the operator more power to increase or decrease the speed according to the mowing needs. Unlike manual controls, this automatic feature lessens accident risks.

Foot Plate

Regular maintenance and cleaning can be a hassle for mower operators, mainly because of the tools they need to pull out from storage. Fortunately, this model has a foot plate, where you can store deck belts, wrenches, etc.

This integrated mini-storage will ease maintenance and repair procedures when issues arise amidst mowing. Even though this mower part is detachable, you can ensure the components are secure and within the operator’s reach.


Navigating mower controls may appear tedious for other models, but not Husqvarna Z248F. Thanks to its accessible and ergonomic control panel, you don’t need to rumble all over the place to find which button to push or lever to adjust.

And since it’s next to the operator’s 15-inch high-back seat, everything you’ll ever need is within your right hand’s reach.

Maneuverability and Cutting Performance

Every variation of the Husqvarna Z248F can run with a 23 HP Kawasaki engine or 26 HP Kohler motor, so it’s only natural this model can tackle typical mowing tasks.

And while its cutting deck includes a 10-gauge steel construction, you must remember that it’s only 48 inches wide. With this size, you can maneuver the unit in narrow lawn corners.

The mower’s cutting performance also relies on the three blades integrated into the deck. Besides better mulching and preventing grass clumping, they also allow smoother mowing operations across the field.

Seat Comfort

As a mower from a premium brand, you shouldn’t be surprised that Husqvarna Z248F includes a 15 to 18-inch operator’s seat. The manufacturer understands that comfort is a feature they can’t skip, especially when using the machine for extensive cutting procedures.

These seats also come with soft cushions, eliminating the possibility of fatigue during the ride. With these high-quality seating features, you can focus more on the job instead of the discomfort it can bring.

Safety Features

Upon closer inspection, Z248F’s frame showcases an integrated bumper and motor guard. These safety features prevent potential damage from dirt and dust buildup. It also secures the mower parts and protects the unit from external impact.


Like other Husqvarna models, this mower is ready for mulching, bagging, and discharging activities. Buy kits and accessories for these features from the same brand to ensure compatibility and avoid wasted money.

Additional Features

Since it’s a gas lawnmower, refueling can be a hassle. Luckily for Z248F users, you don’t need to lift any component to fill up the engine. You can just remove the fuel tank cap on the right side of the frame.

Another feature I find most convenient is its non-slip foot area. You can never be too careful when handling a moving vehicle, so this safety precaution struck the right cord in accident prevention.

Customer Reviews

While many of Husqvarna Z248F reviews are positive, it’s normal for a complex piece of equipment to gain negative comments because of its learning curve.

Most users are full of praise for its mowing power and maneuverability. Meanwhile, other reviewers submit complaints about the zero-turn feature ruining their lawns. These issues often occur when the operator doesn’t turn on the 3-point turn feature.

Other negative reviews are about clump grass clippings, which mowers only experience when it’s not correctly maintained and cleaned after usage.


How fast is the Husqvarna Z248F?

Husqvarna Z248F is as fast as an average jogging speed of 6.5 miles per hour. Some may think it’s slow, but it’s an ideal momentum for safely mowing lawns.

Who manufactures engines for Husqvarna mowers?

Engines integrated into most Husqvarna lawnmowers are from popular companies like Briggs & Stratton, Honda, and Kawasaki.

Where are Husqvarna lawnmowers made?

Husqvarna never assembles its product line in other countries, unlike other affordable lawnmowers. Most of their production happens in either Sweden or United States.

What type of oil does the Husqvarna Z248F take?

You can choose between 10W-30 or 10W-40 engine oil when filling up Husqvarna Z248F. It’ll take at least 0.57 liters to fill its tank.

What size of mower will I need for a 20-acre land?

While 20 acres is a big chunk of land, you can only determine the size of lawnmower you need by checking the terrain conditions, vegetation, and other environmental factors.

A 48-inch mower can do the trick, but you’ll need a model with a bigger mowing deck of around 72 inches if the lawn has complex slopes and hills.

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Review Conclusion: Husqvarna Z248F

Coming from a trusted brand, it’s no surprise Husqvarna Z248F offers better mowing features than other models of the same size and price range.

While the zero-turn radius of the Husqvarna Z248F might seem like a game-changer for mowing efficiency, newcomers should be aware that mastering its operation can be trickier than anticipated. 

As echoed in numerous Husqvarna Z248F reviews, it’s crucial to assess your specific requirements and get comfortable with the mower’s functionality before making a commitment to this particular model.

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