Is Craftsman a Good Brand? (Power Tools Review)

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In my years of experience with construction and household repairs, I’ve come to realize the significance of owning reliable tools. Craftsman tools have always caught my attention, known for their vast range of products. 

But does their reputation truly match their performance? Let’s delve deep to find out if Craftsman stands out in the world of tools and equipment.

Craftsman Product Overview: Are They of Good Quality?

Initially, Sears owned and managed the brand, including its manufacturers. They maintained a quality control lab responsible for setting strict standards for selecting OEM (original equipment manufacturers) for production.

Craftsman toolbox

Craftsman tools are considered above average compared with other brands. Furthermore, they have a wide product selection of proper outdoor tools for every repair need and are versatile. 

This power tool brand is well-known for its products under power tools, hand tools, automotive specialty tools, and more. Furthermore, they also produce lawn and garden equipment.

Who Owns the Craftsman Brand?

The brand Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, a US-based manufacturer of various household and industrial tools.

Is Stanley Black & Decker a good company?

Stanley Black and Decker is a good company. They provide ample opportunities for their employees to grow and harness their skills through training and support. The company is diverse and inclusive and has a culturally accepted work environment.

Stanley tools


The brand was originally a Sears house brand sold and exclusively marketed in Sears stores. Following the merger between Sears and Kmart in 2005, it became available in Kmart and select retailers. 

Stanley Black & Decker purchased the company in 2017, making it the current owner of the Craftsman name and brand. 

The majority of Craftsman manufacturing facilities are located in China. Stanley Black and Decker are known to make most of its products in China. However, according to reports, Craftsman is slowly moving its production back to the USA. 


Craftsman brand offers good warranties for their products. They offer a full-time warranty for hand tools such as hammer & demolition tools, finishing tools, hex keys, Knives & multi-tools, to name a few. 

In addition, full lifetime warranties are given to purchased non-electric automotive tools, which include an oil filter wrench, 32-blade feeler gauge, battery terminal brush, and gasket scraper, to name a few. 

Craftsman Versastack

Other products have a limited lifetime warranty, including lasers, laser distance measuring tools, and stud finders. 

To avail of the lifetime or limited warranty, customers are requested to keep the receipt. You may visit their website to learn more about their product warranties. 

Craftsman Product Lineup

Power Tools

They have an impressive variety of power tools which could make excellent tool gifts for every handyman dad. In addition, these hand power tools are popular for their durability and quality. 

Craftsman power tools have product categories, including woodworking tools and saws such as reciprocating and circular saws. Most Craftsman tools are cordless power tools such as a cordless drill.

Craftsman 10 Inch Portable Table Saw

Air Tools

They also have several air tools in their production line. These include pneumatic tools like impact wrenches, air grinders, staplers, air hoses, air compressors, and air tool accessories.

Automotive Tools

Craftsman produces a variety of automotive tools. Among the products produced by Craftsman under this category are mechanics tools, oil filter tools, wrench sets, and inflators.  

The Craftsman brand is also highly regarded in this area and with people consistently working with vehicles.

Craftsman automotive tools

Hand Tools

Craftsman hand tools are also regarded as excellent in quality at reasonable prices. Craftsman’s products include hammers, knives, measuring tools, screwdrivers, hand saws, and wrenches. 

Outdoor Equipment

Craftsman also produces decent tools under the category of outdoor equipment. They offer a vast selection of lawn mowers, tillers, augurs, pressure washers, chainsaws, outdoor lighting, string trimmers, snowblowers, and leaf blowers. 


Craftsman also produces items intended for storage and items intended for the garage. Under this category, Craftsman offers a selection of garage door openers, outdoor storage, shelving, tool cabinets, workbenches, and storage bins, among others.


Based on experience, many Craftsman tools are easy to assemble and ready to use. Furthermore, their products have an ergonomic design for ease and convenience. 

Craftsman angle grinder

Their products’ user-friendliness is what makes Craftsman a good brand for many users, especially beginners. 


Like any other brand, tools under this brand vary based on materials and general use. Professional use items are on the more expensive side as compared to other tools. Based on many customer reviews, all items are worth the price and durable with proper care and use.

Customer Reviews

Despite the good side of the Craftsman brand, many users now prefer other brands for better quality and performance as of late. So, I answer the most asked questions in this regard.

Why Do Users No Longer Prefer Craftsman Products?

Many customers no longer prefer Craftsman products due to dissatisfaction with lower-quality tools. Some customers’ testimony from Craftsman tool reviews reveals that Craftsman tools are subpar in quality and can easily bend and break. 

Craftsman compact blower

Customers are also finding it hard to get repairs for these broken tools and tool replacements.

What Tool Brand Do Many People Now Prefer Than Craftsman?

Another tool brand that many people now prefer to Craftsman tools is DeWalt tools. Dewalt is a brand that utilizes better materials, thus manufacturing better tools. In addition, their products are American-made. 

Some users also prefer Husky over Craftsman when it comes to hand tools or mechanic’s tools. Another brand customers prefer is Porter Cable. Their products are lightweight, functional, and slightly above average.

5 Handpicked Recommendations: Best Craftsman Power Tools

Here are some of Craftsman’s highly-regarded products and most used tools from the brand:

1. Craftsman V20 Chainsaw

Craftsman V20 Chainsaw

This product is popular among users since it can be maneuvered conveniently, making firewood cutting easy. 

Furthermore, it is a cordless compact chainsaw to help you freely and easily work in small and tight spaces. It has an extended runtime, so you can work longer hours due to its 4.0 lithium-ion battery [1]

It superficially looks similar to the 20V cordless chainsaw by DeWalt since the same parent company owns both brands. This product is easy to handle and maintain and can last longer with proper care and maintenance. 

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2. Craftsman CMES610 Jigsaw

Craftsman CMES610 Jigsaw

One of its key features is a variable speed trigger that ranges from 0 to 3,000 SPM, resulting in more accurate and cleaner cuts. The machine has four orbital settings to help you cut through certain materials. 

You can choose between a U-shank and T-shank blade. This product comes with a three-year warranty. 

3. Craftsman CMEC6150K Air Compressor

Craftsman CMEC6150K Air Compressor

The Craftsman CMEC6150K Air compressor has an oil-free pump that minimizes upkeep. Its ergonomic design, along with its light weight of 30 lbs, is an excellent tool in terms of portability. 

This is a 13-piece accessory kit that is handy for everyday use. This product comes with a one-year warranty. 

4. Craftsman V60 Weedwacker

Craftsman V60 Weedwacker

The Craftsman V60 weedwacker is gas-powered and comes with efficient brushless motors. 

This allows the product to improve power release from the battery to the cutter, speeding up the mechanism and making work faster and more efficient. This product comes with a four-year warranty. 

5. Craftsman V20 Impact Driver

Craftsman V20 Impact Driver

This product includes a heavy-duty brushless motor, 1500 in-lbs torque, max 3500 IPMS, and 2800 RPM, making it an efficient and powerful tool. It has a nicely textured handle and durable housing to get better control when working. This product comes with a three-year warranty.


Is Craftsman the same as DeWalt?

No, Craftsman is not the same as DeWalt. They are two of the popular brand of companies that produces power tools. 

Does Lowe’s make a Craftsman?

No, Craftsman is not made by Lowe’s. Currently, Stanley Black & Decker owns and manufactures craftsman chainsaws and tools.

Is Craftsman a good lawn mower brand?

Yes, Craftsman is known as a good lawn mower brand. They are known to produce reliable and enhanced cutting efficiency and versatility mowers.

How long do Craftsman mowers last?

Craftsman mowers last for over 20 years or more with proper care and maintenance. Craftsman is a good brand. Many customers can get an average of over 500 hours from a Craftsman mower.

Are Craftsman drills okay?

Craftsman drills are okay. Their products are capable of getting the job done at reasonable prices.

Does Craftsman still honor lifetime warranties?

Craftsman still does honor lifetime warranty and product support for select tools. 

What Craftsman products do people like the most?

Some of the Craftsman products that people like the most include hand tools, work wear, and outdoor equipment such as lawn and garden tools. 

Is Craftsman Still USA-Made?

Some of the Craftsman tools are USA-Made. The majority of these, however, are produced in Taiwan and China, just like the Blue Max-produced chainsaws.


After years of experience with DIY projects, I can confidently recommend Craftsman tools for any woodworking enthusiast. Not only are they durable and cost-effective, but they truly get the job done. Hopefully, this post has clarified things for you and guided your decision about Craftsman’s reliability as a brand. 

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