Is Kobalt a Good Brand and Who Makes their Power Tools?

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A good set of tools for your home repair needs doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Most buyers turn to brands like Kobalt for competitively priced tools and equipment, but are the quality and performance just as good? 

If you’re wondering if Kobalt is a good brand, read on to find our experts and engineers’ verdict.

Overall Kobalt Tool Quality

Kobalt manufactures a wide selection of fairly decent tools and products. Most of their equipment range from average to above average in quality and can generally get the job done. Its ergonomic design and the versatility of the tools gives the user the ease and comfort needed when doing repair jobs.

Manufacturing: Who Makes Kobalt Tools?

Danaher Corporation manufactures Kobalt products. As of writing, the Kobalt headquarters is currently situated in Moorseville, North Carolina, USA.

Kobalt tool cabinet


Usually, Kobalt warranties range from three-year to five-year limited guarantees, whereas some tools have a lifetime warranty. However, these warranties are largely dependent on the product. 

Kobalt Product Lineup

Kobalt has five major product categories: power tools, hand tools, storage equipment, mechanic’s tools, and outdoor equipment. 

Power Tools

Kobalt produces a vast number of power tools for basic use. These battery-operated power tools include a variety of saws and drills. The company also produces drivers, sanders and polishers, impact wenches, routers, batteries, and accessories. 

Air Tools

They offer a variety of air tools known for their decent quality. Some of these air tools include air compressors, air impact wrenches, air grinders, and various pneumatic accessories.

Hand Tools

This product category is one of Kobalt’s most popular selections. These hand tools include the following: wrenches, pliers, hammers, utility knives, and a variety of household tools. They are popular hand tools gifts for your hobbyist dad, too. 

Kobalt hand tools


Some of the storage products Kobalt produces include: tool chests, tool cabinets, tool boxes, and utility shelving, among others. 

Outdoor Power Equipment

Power equipment produced by Kobalt is battery-powered. Unfortunately, this company does not produce gas-powered outdoor power equipment. This equipment includes lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, string trimmers, and sprayers.

Is a Good Brand Overall?

Yes, Kobalt is a good brand. Its wide selection of tools is above average in terms of quality and can most certainly get the job done.

Advantages of the Kobalt Brand

Using Kobalt tools come with some advantages, which include the following:

#1: Diverse Product Selection

Kobalt has a diverse product selection dedicated to building and repair needs.

Kobalt products store display

#2: Top-Notch Material

Most of the tools are produced in China and the USA, whereas a few items are manufactured in Germany. Kobalt products are known for their top-notch quality of materials. 

Furthermore, products are subjected to a higher quality of material and standard than their competitors. 

#3: Budget-Friendly

A lot of their items are not expensive. If you want a set of tools where you do not need to break the bank to purchase some, then Kobalt branded tools are the ones for you.  

#4: Design and Innovation

In terms of design, Kobalt tools are well-formed, and there are no moving parts and components that can break. Thus, one less thing to worry about with their products. 

Disadvantages of the Kobalt Brand

Using Kobalt tools come with some disadvantages, which include the following:

#1: Durability of Low-Priced Models

Kobalt tools, especially the low-priced models, are not durable for heavy-duty work and when used in extreme hot and cold conditions. You will find that these tools will start to wear out quickly with time. 

Kobalt tools

#2: Accessibility

These tools are found at Lowe’s hardware stores or through an online retailer. This limits potential buyers from going to a physical store; however, they can opt to buy their products online. 

Top Picks from Kobalt

1. Advanced Mechanic Tool Set

Advanced Mechanic Tool Set

Kobalt tools, especially the low-priced models, are not durable for heavy-duty work and when used in extreme hot and cold conditions. You will find that these tools will start to wear out quickly with time. 

2. 20 Piece Screwdriver Set

20 Piece Screwdriver Set

This set contains a variety of screwdrivers [1] to help you turn screws of all shapes and sizes.

You might also want to take a look at the screwdriver tool set created by Icon. The screwdriver set has a premium storage tray and magnetic tips that have been precisely crafted.

How Does Kobalt Compare with Other Brands?

When compared to other brands and retailers, Kobalt performs fairly well. However, their products have this tendency to perform with small building and repair projects. The majority of their tools are not durable enough for heavy-duty projects.

(For a reliable option, you may want to check this review of the Kobalt 80V chainsaw, and see if it suits your cutting needs) 


Is Kobalt made by Craftsman?

No, Kobalt is not made by Craftsman. Kobalt is made by Danaher corporation. Kobalt tools are a direct competitor of Craftsman and Husky brands.


If you have an upcoming project or have a knack for collecting tools without breaking the bank, then Kobalt might be your brand. It allows you to finish tasks using their wide selection of ergonomic tools for any home project, big or small. 

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