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Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Jigsaws are useful tools, there is no doubt about that. But more often than not, they are also very heavy ⁠— as if being dangerous isn’t enough, you also have handling of it with ease compromised by its weight.  Thankfully, if you have the buck, then you have the option to go for the Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw. It weighs lighter than most of the competition, but that does not come at the cost of its performance.

Actually, saying it that way might be understating the product. The Bosch JS470E may be expected to be the best by virtue of its brand alone, but this jigsaw does not fail to impress with its power and precision. The amps on this machine outnumber most as it is at 7, and it also boasts of the absence of load SMP ranges.

Jigsaws can cut through different materials, that is already a given, but not many matches the precision of the Bosch JS470E with the capability to cut wood at ⅝ inches, steel at ⅜ inches and aluminum at  ⅞ inches — but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

If that has sustained your interest, stay with us as we explore more of the impressive jigsaw’s features. These all contribute to the high ranking often given to the Bosch JS470E, especially when compared to other jigsaws currently available in the market.


Easy blade changing system:

We are starting off with a feature that makes the Bosch JS470E world-famous, powerful and highly desired: its blade changing system. Changing it can be done with ease, both for the comfort and the safety of its user. And no, that is far from being simply rhetoric as the blades of the Bosch JS470E can be changed even when you do not have immediate access to your usual tools that are necessary for changing blades in other jigsaws. The insertion and the ejection of the blade are painless and safe through the lever designed especially for this purpose, eventually lessening the chances of hurting your hands.

Accuracy and power:

Most professional woodcutters would love to purchase the Bosch JS470E because of its accuracy. Few models in the market can beat it in both hard and soft materials alike; you are able to cut materials like wood, aluminum, and mild steel, etc., all the while expecting perfection. What makes this possible has already been spoiled in an earlier paragraph: it holds a 7-amp motor whereas others are at a number much lower than that.

Another is the power that does not have to be proven with frequent vibrations. Using the Bosch JS740E would actually generate less of it while still maintaining impressive cuts that can be seen even when the base is positioned up to 45 degrees. The numbers are worth reiterating:  Bosch JS470E has the capability to cut wood at ⅝ inches, steel at ⅜ inches and aluminum at  ⅞ inches.

Internal Precision Control:

Other Bosch models may have a Precise Control function, which stabilizes the machine by clamping the blade by the foot, but Bosch JS470E has the Internal Precision Control which is credited for its low vibration design. This also guarantees smooth work in all possible tasks with the jigsaw.

Speed adjustments:

To enjoy the smoothest cut of the materials, this tool allows you to adjust the speed of it gently. The ease by which it is done depends on the material. It also features a robust cast aluminum footplate that ensures accuracy, but also power and durability, and a four orbital-action tool that makes it possible for the machine to perform seamlessly while doing both soft and tough, aggressive cuts.

The Constant Response Circuitry of the Bosch JS470E is one to thank that even though speed can be adjusted, it remains consistent all throughout. The number of rotations and strokes per minute can be modified through the accelerator and dial on the jigsaw that is both easy to operate.


The outer body is made using the hard plastics but that does not mean that this is a burden like other jigsaws. The material is actually lightweight, and the size of the machine considerably smaller than most. This makes it easy to store the product safely in most places when it is not in use. The Bosch JS470E can still be used with a heavy grip. All one has to do is use the dotted pattern on the handle.


The Bosch JS470E is designed to withstand heavy use. The footplate arm alone can endure a load that can go all the way up to 546 lbs. Its power is also a contributing factor in this. The machine can operate with an SPM of 3,100.

Very portable:

There is another advantage to being very compact: this Bosch jigsaw can be brought from one place to another effortlessly. Purchase from the manufacturer will also provide you with a carrying case so that the machine is fully protected while being transported.

Other features:

One should also be on the lookout for this Bosch jigsaw because of the added benefits of its dust blower and ambidextrous trigger lock.

  1. It is easy to cut in most shapes for most of the materials.
  2. The jigsaw is both powerful and durable.
  3. The low-vibration design makes for comfortable woodworking.
  4. The Bosch JS470E is highly accurate and precise because of its Internal Precision Control.
  5. Its speed is easily adjustable yet consistent while cutting.
  6. The lightweight and compact design of the jigsaw makes it easy to store and transport.

  1. This high-quality. branded jigsaw is expensive than many other jigsaws in the market.
  2. The motor is slightly noisy while in use.
  3. The absence of clamps may not be comfortable for some.


 The Bosch JS470E 120-V 7.0-Amp Top Handle Jigsaw can cut through different materials, both soft and tough, with precision and accuracy. It boasts of an easy blade changing system and low-vibration design that both make the Bosch JS470E comfortable to use. The jigsaw also has a compact and light design.

With all these advantages, the Bosch JS470E is deserving of the praise it is given. However, it does not have the most affordable price. Even though it delivers an excellent job, some woodworkers may have to endure lesser performing models that are easier on the pocket. The notable absence of the clamp through the Precise Control function can also be alienating to some customers even though the jigsaw promises consistency in speed and ease in handling.

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E 120-Volt 7.0-Amp Top-Handle Jigsaw
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