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Porter-Cable PCE345 Review

If you are into DIY or you happen to be a newbie to woodworking, perhaps you may not be too keen on spending hundreds of dollars for top of the line equipment right away. In this case, you should look into the brand Porter-Cable. The company has established itself as a brand catering to this market. For those looking for their first jigsaw, the Porter-Cable PCE345 would be a strong contender.

The Porter-Cable PCE345 was first launched in 2014. It has since seen improvements to become the stable, often praised model that it is now. Not only does it come with many features that DIYers and woodworking newbies can toy around to enhance their skills, but it also has a reasonable price fitting for a first jigsaw.

In the years since its launch, its durability despite years of frequent use has been proven, which is also an advantage not normally expected for the money that has been shelled out. Below are some considerations we think prospective Porter-Cable PCE345 would like to know, and more.

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Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw Features


There are many reasons the Porter Cable PCE345 is said to be the best value for money jigsaw you can buy in the market. One of them is its power. This jigsaw is equipped with a 6-amp motor, which is not common among jigsaws in its price range that usually produces 4- or 5-amp machines.

The no-load speed for the jigsaw can also go as high as 3,200 strokes per minute (SPM). Both numbers are often seen on more expensive choices, and these are the main draws of the jigsaw. Consequently, its power means that the PCE345 is capable of cutting more kinds of materials than its price peers.

Cut Depth

The Porter-Cable PCE345 has a cut depth of 4”. This is another impressive feature as the number exceeds certain jigsaws manufactured by more popular and highly rated manufacturers. Some users have felt that they have gotten more for their money because of this, besides the power. The device can also cut in several angles (0°, 15°, 30°, 45°) depending on your preference.

Electrically powered jigsaw

The Porter-Cable PCE345 is electrically operated. While battery-operated jigsaws have their benefits, among them mobility, this Porter-Cable product can perform at its highest because it has an unlimited power supply. Generally, corded models are also lighter than their battery-dependent counterparts.

Different speed settings

The jigsaw comes with 7-speed settings. With many options, you can find a better-suited setting for your material of choice. This can be changed seamlessly through a dial that has been integrated with the trigger. What’s more, Porter-Cable has also included four more orbital settings. While not necessarily affecting speed, these complement the assigned speed setting to guarantee optimal cutting performance on a variety of materials.

Guarantees your safety with additional features

While jigsaws are among the safest of its kind, there are still risks in using a tool that cuts through different sturdy materials with a blade. The Porter-Cable PCE345 has enough safety features included to keep accidents from happening. One is a lock-on feature; instead of having your finger on the trigger while operating the machine, you can take it off and lessen fatigue when cutting for longer stretches of time.

There is a wide shoe as well as a protective cover, aimed to make the process smooth. A LED light is also employed so that the cut lines are illuminated when visibility is compromised by lighting conditions. For an entry-level jigsaw, the Porter-Cable PCE345 does not skimp on safety.

Designed for your comfort

The earlier features mentioned under safety features can also be included here, but there is more to the jigsaw that makes one assume that a user’s comfort is also a priority for Porter-Cable. The jigsaw is designed with over-molded grips in both its front and top handles, ensuring better hold of the equipment while cutting through different sorts of material. It is also lightweight so that work with it would not be a struggle. Durability is not a question with years of satisfied users making testimonies online.

Easy process of changing the blade

Choosing and installing the ideal blade for your work does not additional tools with the Porter-Cable PCE345. All one has to do is simply remove the old blade and replace it with another. It reduces the time needed in your workshop as many materials can be dealt with in a matter of seconds.

Easy to use and versatile

Porter-Cable PCE345 makes operating the jigsaw for a newbie as easy as much as possible. The number of materials that can be cut with the equipment is also impressive for the price. You can pick out wood, plastic, and metal and end up with a satisfactory product. We also recently wrote an article about how to use jigsaws right with some great tips.

Other accessories included

The Porter-Cable PCE345 comes with the basics. Besides the jigsaw itself, the package comes with a wood cutting blade, a wrench for shoe adjustment and a user manual.

  • The manufacturing company provides the base warranty of 3 years.
  • The blade is quick and easy to change with its tool-free blade change system
  • It provides greater speed controls.
  • Durable, with very little to no issues on usability.
  • Powerful motor that is often unseen in this price range.

  • Not very portable as an electrically-powered jigsaw.
  • It does not come with any compartments for easy blade storage.
  • The trigger is too close for comfort to the speed dial. It is not impossible to accidentally shift the speed while pressing on the trigger.
  • Accuracy and precision are not at par with more expensive models.
  • It is better suited for DIYers and casual hobbyists instead of experienced and serious woodworkers.

Review Conclusion

The Porter-Cable PCE345 is a powerful jigsaw with a 6-amp motor that can up to 3,200 SPM. It has an easy blade change system that doesn’t require any tools. The jigsaw also boasts of seven-speed settings and a lock-on feature but is better suited to amateur woodworkers and DIYers.

For those looking for their first jigsaw, the Porter-Cable is a great candidate: it is reasonably priced, durable and powerful. Accuracy is not at par with more expensive models, but other features make up for this especially when considering the cost of buying this jigsaw. It was also featured in our jigsaws comparison (check here) It has everything to get you started on your workshop while making the process as easy and safe as possible.

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Porter-Cable PCE345 Review
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