John Deere S100 Lawn Tractor Review and Specs (2024)

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While John Deere is widely celebrated for its cutting-edge features, there’s a growing preference among homeowners for a more compact tractor option, as opposed to the brand’s formidable mower decks.

Thankfully, you won’t need to embark on an exhaustive search to find your ideal solution. In this comprehensive John Deere S100 review, I’ll delve into the intricacies of their compact unit, assessing whether it possesses the qualities to enhance your mowing experience.

John Deere S100

What I Like

What I Don't Like


At first glance, you can distinguish this model apart from other lawn tractors because of its signature colors. You may not know, but the John Deere S100 houses green and yellow tractor paint all over its vehicle surface. 

It may look unusual for typical garden tools, but it’s the brand’s signature design for every model they release to the public. 

Unlike other garden mowers, the John Deere S100 lawn tractor only weighs around 414 pounds, excluding the additional attachments compatible with its mower deck, like the ideal dump carts specifically for lawn tractors. Because of this, the unit is easier to maneuver and store. 

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Upon close inspection, this model only has a length of 68.8 inches, which makes it a highly suitable grass-cutting tool for a smaller yard.

John Deere S100 side view

And because it has a short-length wheelbase of 48.9 inches, you can expect John Deere s100 lawn tractor to deliver high-quality blade cuts within a short time span. 

On top of all that, this garden tractor model is made of corrosion-resistant material, which means it’s less likely to suffer from dents. It also features a one-piece seat with a mid-back height and can tilt up to 11 inches to make the unit comfortable during usage. 

And did I tell you that it’s equipped with an open operating system? Because of this, even mower and tractor newbies can use John Deere S100 easily and efficiently.

John Deere S100 Features

Overview of Specifications

General Specs

Mower Deck Size42 inches
Engine Power Range17.5hp / 13kW (Gross)
Design TypeLawn Tractor
Power take-off (PTO) SettingsManual Settings
Wheel Base48.9 inches
Tractor Weight414 lbs (no fuel or attachments)
Tractor Length68.8 inches
Deck Wheels2 Anti-Scalp Wheels
Choke or Speed ConfigurationsSingle Lever (spring-return choke)

Engine Specs

Engine ManufacturerBriggs and Stratton 31R977 (M31)
Engine Power Range17.5 Horsepower
Air Cleaner TypeCartridge Cleaner
Engine Displacement30.5 cu in. / 500 cc
Engine CylindersOne (1) Cylinder
Cooling System TypeAir Cooling
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel GaugeMechanical
Fuel Tank PlacementRear Part
Gas Tank Capacity9.1 L
Gasoline DeliveryCarburetor & Pulse Pump
Oil ChangeOil Drain & Replaceable Oil Filter

Electrical Specs

Battery Type12 V / 300 CCA
Starter TypeBendix
HeadlightsTwo (2) Standard Incandescent Lights
Rear Work LightsNone
Charging Settings8-amp
Hourmeter InclusionIncluded

Tires Specs

Front Tires Size15×6-6
Rear Tires Size20×8-8

Transmission Specs

Transmission ModelTuff-torq (TL200)
Transmission TypeHydrostatic Belt-Driven Transmission
Reverse Speed Settings0-3.2 mph / 0-5.2 km/h
Forward Speed Settings0-5.5 mph / 0-8.9 km/h
Control PedalsSide by side
Oil Cooler TypeFins & Fan Transaxle
Oil Filter IncludedYes (but not serviceable)
Differential LockNone

Chassis Specs

Frame MaterialWelded Steel
Paint FinishPowder Finish
Front AxleCast Iron Front Axle / Powdered Metal Front Tires Bushings
Cup Holder InclusionYes
Floor Mat InclusionYes
Storage TypeTray & Optional Cover

Steering Specs

Steering TypeSector & Pinion (tie rod & single drag link attached)
Steering Wheel Diameter12 inches (Standard)
Mower Turning Radius18 inches
Four-wheel steer SettingsNot Applicable

Seat Specs

Seat Height11 inches
Seat SuspensionsTilting (with two coil springs)

Mower Deck Specs

Design TypeSide Discharge Type
Material TypeStamped Steel
Wheels IncludedTwo
Drive SystemManual PTO
Wash Port InclusionYes

Lift System Specs

Cutting Height1-4 inches (13 cut positions)
Lift TypeSpring-assisted / Hand Grip
Cutting Height Increments0.25 inches

Attachment Specs

Attachment TypeSliding
Front Blade Size46 inches
Front BumperStyled
Deck Size42 inches
Snow BlowerFront Mount Snow Blower
SpreaderTow Behind Only (57.7kg to 80kg)

Safety Specs

ANSI StandardPassed
OPEI StandardPassed
Safety Video InclusionYes

Production Details


Detailed Information



John Deere

Factory Location

Greenville, Tennessee, USA

Warranty Policy

Validity2 years/120 hours bumper-to-bumper warranty

Engine Power and Electrical System

As this review include first-hand test drives, I’m able to witness how it could withstand rough lawn landscaping jobs thanks to its 17.5 HP motor power. So if you’re in search of long-lasting tractor engines, use garden tools equipped with Briggs and Stratton 31R977 (M31) motor like this one or choosing the more costly Gravely mower unit.

Despite its smaller size, it holds a high-capacity fuel tank that keeps the engine operations uninterrupted and a visible gauge to keep you informed of the gasoline levels. Besides that, the John Deere s100 also features an electric starter, making it easier for mowers to start even in cold conditions. 


If you’re going to mow for hours, this 42-inch lawn tractor can deliver the longevity you need through its hydrostatic belt-drive transmission. Along with this is a manual steer feature that gives enough control during the mower test drive. 

cooling fan above the hydrostatic transmission

This tractor is equipped with a reliable wet disc brake system that ensures smooth and efficient halting without encountering any malfunctions.


One of the most notable feature of the John Deere S100 lawn tractor is its innovative chassis. If you inspect its entirety, you’ll notice how it was welded with steel frames that give it a distinct design. It also has an e-coat finish that enhances the lawn tractor’s durability

Mowing Performance

As mentioned earlier, John Deere units are equipped with Briggs and Stratton motors. It means this tractor can withstand long hours of mowing with no problem. And even though it’s not a zero-turning radius model, it has a pretty tight turning system that makes the tractor easier to use even with low effort. 

Safety Features

Let’s face it. Whether it’s a push mower or a tractor, cutting tools are known to have caused injuries[1], and John Deere models are no exception. Luckily, this brand complies with ANSI and OPEI standards to ensure user safety when using their products. 

Besides its sturdy construction, you can also rely on its safe reverse mowing feature for extra protection. 

John Deere S100 engine


A big part of this tractor’s reliability relies on its attachments. Fortunately, these units come ready with blades, snowblowers, and decks. There are also extra attachments like mulcher, spreader, bucket holder, etc., that can make lawn tasks easier. 


Compared to other compact options of the same caliber, the price of this John Deere mower is a budget-friendly choice. If you scan the market, its price range won’t go over $2000. 


Upon purchase, you’ll be granted a two-year or 120-hour bumper warranty duration. So, it’s better to buy from official and authorized sellers only if you want to use this perk. 


Who makes the engine for the John Deere S100?

The engine for John Deere S100 is made by a company called Briggs and Stratton. It runs with a 17.5 HP motor and 500cc displacement. This company is known for manufacturing engines suitable for high-performing lawn and garden tools. It’s also highly rated for its extensive industry experience.

How fast does a John Deere S100 go?

A John Deere S100 can go as fast as 5.5 mph in a forward setting. When set in reverse, it can run at a speed of 3.2mph. And since this is a compact and light unit, one of its undeniable perks is its agile cutting capabilities.

Where is the John Deere S100 made?

John Deere S100 is made in a factory located in Greenville, Tennessee, USA. It has several manufacturing locations worldwide. And since it’s a brand that produces machines for different uses, it’s only natural that each of its factories specializes in different product lines. 

How much weight can a John Deere S100 pull?

A John Deere S100 can pull an approximate weight of 415lbs or 188.24 kg. Anything beyond this towing capacity isn’t recommended as it may cause unprecedented damage to your tractor. Its lighter construction and design may also contribute to the overall weight this John Deere tractor can pull. 

Review Conclusion: John Deere S100

Having delved into the comprehensive array of John Deere S100 reviews, it’s now the opportune moment for you to determine whether this unit aligns harmoniously with your unique requirements. 

Should its pricing and features harmonize with your specific lawn care needs, I enthusiastically encourages you to seize this remarkable opportunity. Conversely, if you find that the S100 doesn’t quite fit the bill, you’re free to explore alternative products that may better suit your preferences. 

John Deere S100
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