Knotty Alder Stain Colors: The Ultimate List

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If you’re like me who’s constantly in search of wood with the perfect blend of flexibility and durability, you may have likely used Alder wood. Beyond its inviting soft texture, what truly won me over was its commendable bending strength of 9,800 PSI.

But what about the aesthetics, you ask? Well, if you’re as particular about color, you’re in luck. In this article, I’ve curated a comprehensive guide on all the available knotty Alder stain colors. Let’s find the perfect hue for your masterpiece!

What’s Alder Wood’s Natural Color?

Alder wood has a warm and inviting hue, ranging from light to medium brown. Its unique beauty makes it ideal for crafting furniture or decorating projects.

Alder wood grain pattern

Alder Color Disclaimer

If you want an accurate preview of your next project, I’d recommend ordering a sample of the wood species or stain color you’re eyeing. It ensures that the vision on your screen genuinely matches the final product you’ll receive.

Knotty Alder Wood Stain Color Ideas

Natural Knotty Alder

This warm, neutral medium brown hue complements knotty alder wood beautifully – perfect for adding cozy character to your space!


Give any space a cozy feel with Cinnamon’s warm, golden brown hue on Knotty Alder. This rich color offers an alluring mix of woody tones and invigorating spice! 

Autumn Oak with Black Glaze

A classic blend of warm brown and black, this stain is the perfect sweetness without any fire. Applied to knotty alder wood, its effect resembles cinnamon with all the flavor taken away!

Cinnamon with Black Glaze

Add a touch of rustic elegance to your home with this rich brown and black glazed knotty alder. Its warm, cinnamon tones bring out the beauty in any space! 

Cocoa with Black Glaze

Cocoa is a luxurious shade of brown, deep and inviting, with subtle hints of black. 

staining birch plywood

Espresso with Black Glaze

Espresso is a rich, robust hue that evokes the bold aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Its deep dark brown color has subtle black undertones making it an eye-catching shade for any room.

Natural with Choco Glaze

“Natural with Chocolate Glaze” is the perfect choice for any cozy space, combining warm golden undertones and medium brown to create a natural look. This color exudes relaxation and comfort.

Nutmeg with Black Glaze

Rich and full-bodied, the “Nutmeg with Black Glaze” color is perfect for creating inviting spaces. This bold choice stands out in modern farmhouse kitchens with its earthy brown tones contrasted against black undertones [1].


Fruitwood on alder is an exquisite pairing, creating the perfect tone of golden hues with dark brown undertones to enhance any fine furniture or wood paneling.

Cherry Mahogany

Cherry mahogany on alder is an eye-catching, vibrant stain that has become increasingly popular in homes across the US. This unique coloring quickly adds warmth to any space with its deep red hues and medium undertones.

alder wood tv stand

Rustic Cherry

Transform your furniture with Rustic Cherry! This cozy pinkish-brown stain is ideal for restorations and repairs because of its beautiful ability to match the existing wood grain. It’s an easy way to give a piece character, adding just the right touch.

Traditional Cherry

With its deep reddish-brown color, Traditional Cherry on alder, provides the perfect classic look for any room. The exquisite light red tones and rich dark brown undertones make it an ideal match for existing decor in kitchens, bathrooms, or furniture pieces.

New England Walnut

New England Walnut on Alder is a popular stain that adds rustic charm and plenty of durability to any project. It offers solid and earthy tones in shades of brown with an orange-red hue for an unmistakable look. 

Golden Oaky Spray

Transform any room with a golden oak finish! This rich, deep tone features brown and black undertones to create a beautiful effect that works wonderfully in bathrooms or anywhere else you’d like to match existing decor. 


Alder’s sunset hue is an enchanting mix of orange and brown, perfect for adding character to any project. It’s a great choice whether you’re looking to panel your walls or floor furniture pieces.

oil stain

Spiced Walnut

Rich, complex browns, topped with a hint of spice bring warmth and depth to any kitchen or living space. Spiced walnut on alder is the perfect choice for cabinets, furniture, and flooring projects that need an extra touch of character. 

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Special Walnut with Chocolate Glaze

Add a touch of luxury to your living space with Special Walnut and Chocolate Glaze on Alder. This unique color gives off a rich, medium-brown shade that provides depth and sophistication.

Dark Walnut

Thinking of elevating your space with timeless wooden aesthetics? I’d suggest the deep brown tones of dark walnut on Alder. Its rich hue, complemented by black undertones, effortlessly brings out the wood’s innate beauty. You’ll achieve effortless elegance with this one simple choice!

Heritage Cherry Spray

For furniture, cabinetry, and paneling projects that call for an extra touch of elegance, Heritage Cherry Spray on alder is a perfect choice. It gives Alder wood gorgeous deep brown tones with subtle red undertones that stunningly showcase its natural beauty. 

Ivory Mist with Chocolate Glaze

Transform your bathroom or any other room with this warm, brown stain featuring black undertones. Perfect for matching existing decor, Alder wood is given an extra boost of natural beauty and durability!

spray painting chair with tinted polyurethane

Natural Alder with Chocolate Glaze

Natural Alder is transformed with a luxurious chocolate glaze, creating an eye-catching, warm brown hue that allures onlookers to appreciate its subtle dark undertones.

Harvest End

Harvest End on Alder is perfect for exquisite furniture, cabinets, and paneling that will fit perfectly into any room. With its warm brown tones and stunning dark undertones, this wood offers an elegant yet durable option to tie your project together. 

Cider Spray

The popular choice is Cider Spray on Alder for a truly rustic feel. This natural stain enhances its knotty aesthetic, creating an eye-catching grain pattern that beautifully complements any home with a country vibe! 


For those on the hunt for beautiful and reliable wood, Lynford Alder should be on top of your list. Its deep brown shade offset with black undertones makes it ideal for flooring or paneling projects needing an extra touch of sophistication. 


Fireside on Alder evokes cozy warmth with its deep, rustic hues of brown and orange, unlike other wood stain colors.

sponge brush with gel stain

Alder Black Mahogany

Alder Black Mahogany offers a timeless, understated look perfect for those who prefer minimalism. With no glaze and an eye-catching natural finish, this stain will bring your space to life!

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Hubbs Green with Glaze

This deep green hue has a grey tint and is beautifully accentuated by its frosty white glaze. Perfect for invigorating your space during the cold winter months! 

Spanish Oak

Spanish Oak on Alder is a stain that brings out the best in knotty wood. With its deep tan hue, it’s slightly darker than Autumn Wheat but still lends warmth and charm to any project! 


Provincial on Alder wood stain adds a rich, deep red hue to any project. With its unique blend of brown and reddish undertones, this attractive color stands out from other stains, but it may not be the best choice for coastal areas due to higher humidity levels. 

Autumn Wheat

With its warm golden brown hue, the Autumn Wheat Knotty Alder stain is a versatile choice for any home. Not too light to appear yellow and not too dark – it offers a flawless look that enhances natural wood color with effortless charm. 

apply stain


Looking to add a touch of aged charm? Ebony on Alder is just the shade you’re seeking. Its deep espresso-brown hue evokes an elegant, weathered look that’s sure to be a showstopper in any home.


This sumptuous golden brown hue is reminiscent of the colors found in nature during autumn but slightly darker for added depth and character. It’s no wonder this color works well all around the U.S., adding an elegant element wherever it goes. 

Early American with Chocolate Glaze

Early American with Chocolate Glaze on Alder is a perfect choice for those looking for a warm, inviting tone in an area with manageable humidity levels. The stain’s light brown hue pairs perfectly with the nuanced tones of Alder wood to bring out its best features! 

Bleached Mahogany

Alder furniture can look antique with minimal effort – just add the red-hued stain! The classic rustic color pairs perfectly with Ebony on Alder and looks even better when coupled with black hardware or decorative pulls.

Ivory Mist Spray

Add a splash of your style with this medium, light brown shade. Its matte finish lets you customize the look further – use two colors together for an even more unique outcome!

spray painting MDF board

Olive Grove

Add a modern twist to your home décor with this medium-toned, dark green color. Perfect for sprucing up any type of wood or metal furniture.

Beech Yellow with Chocolate Glaze

This intriguing yellowish-brown color transitions from a green base to a deep, dark brown. 

Beech Green Wiped

This vibrant light green shade starts with a sunny yellow hue, gradually transitioning to olive green for a unique look. 

Beech Walnut Green with Chocolate Glaze

This olive-green hue begins with vibrant red hues before transitioning to a deeper shade of green.

Hubbs Yellow with Choco Glaze

This vivid yellow hue has a sun-soaked richness, with subtle hints of brown adding to its earthy depth.

staining wooden shelf

Olive Grove with Choco Glaze

Transform knotty and rough wood furniture with our olive glaze, which adds red undertones to the base color for a vibrant effect. The special glaze will also help smooth out any imperfections in your piece’s finish.

Nutmeg with Choco Glaze

Nutmeg with Choco Glaze is a color favorite, with its unique hue that carefully combines warm and cool tones. Try it for your next project – you won’t be disappointed! 


Nutmeg offers an array of traditional knotty alder stain colors that can easily be painted onto a lighter-weight Knotty Alder. It provides earthy tones ideal for any furniture style.

Black Coffee with Black Glaze

This luscious deep brown hue provides a dramatic and sophisticated contrast, perfect for adding depth to even the lightest woods. Whether you opt for knotty alder or something else entirely, this shade will highlight natural grain designs like never before. 

Cinnamon with Chocolate Glaze

Its sumptuous brown hue and delectable chocolate glaze are reminiscent of mouth-watering spice cake. Pair this color with knotty alder wood for the perfect finishing touch – its distinct grain accentuates this cozy shade. 


applying stain on maple wood

Espresso is the perfect hue to bring life and depth into a room with knotty alder. It enhances this textured wood’s beauty, creating an alluring atmosphere! 

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry is a vibrant red-brown that adds a touch of vibrancy to any kitchen. Its complementary colors, and white and dark stained cabinets, make it the perfect choice for traditional kitchens with stainless steel appliances and wood countertops. 

Weathered Gray with Black Glaze

Add a touch of organic warmth to your room with Weathered Gray. This cool, light gray pairs perfectly with modern appliances and countertops while creating an inviting atmosphere.

What’s the Best Wood Stain for Alder?

For a captivating sheen and vibrant color, water-based dyes in Dark Walnut Tones are your best bet for Alder. You’ll achieve consistently deep and rich shades on alder wood without worrying about blotchy marks.

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stained wooden boards

Is Alder a Fine Wood for Staining?

Alder wood is a stunning choice for staining, providing an attractive dark brown/sepia tone with intricate grain that reveals itself in varied shades of color.

Alder readily absorbs stains, allowing it to showcase a wide range of beautiful finishes. It also boasts a desirable high-sheen look when the job is done!


Does knotty alder darken over time?

Yes, knotty alder can slightly darken over time because of oxygen exposure.

Does alder change color over time?

When exposed to air, alder changes color over time to light tan or light brown with a reddish tinge.


The market is brimming with knotty alder stain colors, each offering its unique aesthetic and ambiance. The choice is yours, tailored to what complements your space, whether new or existing.

Now that you know more about the subject feel free to experiment and see which color works best for your project!

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