Kobalt 80V Chainsaw Review (2023)

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Despite not coming from a popular tool manufacturer, the Kobalt 80V chainsaw gained massive attention in the industry for its impressive speed and power. The only problem is many users still believe electric chainsaws like these have underwhelming capabilities.

To confirm whether or not it’s a reliable cutting tool, we took the liberty to conduct Kobalt 80V chainsaw reviews via strict hands-on tests.

What We Like

What We Don't Like


Upon testing the Kobalt 80V chainsaw, it’s hard to ignore how light the unit is. With a lighter construction, carrying this tool around won’t be as hard as its gas alternative. It’s only around 21 pounds, so its operational balance is similar to traditional chainsaws. 

If you look closer, you’ll see that the unit’s tensioning system is highly accessible. Because of this, the process of tightening the chain won’t take more than two minutes. On top of that, this 80V chainsaw has an oil window where you can accurately measure how much bar and chain oil to pour for proper lubrication. 

Kobalt 80V Chainsaw Features

Overview of Specs and Features

Key Features

Motor Power

Although some gas chainsaw enthusiasts won’t accept it, Kobalt’s 80V electric motor allows the unit to maintain a smooth performance even at a higher RPM. This tool offers consistent performance despite not being a gas model, so users can expect it to cut efficiently and accurately. 

Our testers also noted that the Kobalt 80V chainsaw’s motor does not consume much battery while still managing to cut down thick materials. Because of this hands-on review, we’re convinced that this tool can handle storm-cleaning operations in your backyard without any hassle. 

Battery Capacity

Unlike other batteries on typical electric chainsaws, this tool drains power slowly. You may not know, but the lithium-ion battery cells that power up this saw have extensive retention. 

You can count on this Kobalt power saw to deliver up to 150 cuts as long as you’re cutting materials around 4 x 4 inches thick. But if you want to push this chainsaw to cut thicker wood logs, you should know that its fully-charged battery life can only last around five cuts. 

Upon purchase, the Kobalt 80V 2Ah battery will come with a standard battery charger from the brand. We recommend reading the user manual thoroughly to ensure what battery specs you’ll need if you have to replace the current one being used by your chainsaw. 

Bar and Chain

Generally, a longer bar can cut deeper into the material. And since this tool is designed with an 18-inch rugged bar, slicing through tough logs won’t be an issue. 

Thanks to its long bar, this Kobalt 80-Volt saw can pull at least three cuts on a wood log as thick as 20-inches in diameter.

The unit’s chain can remain sharp and reliable as long as the saw utilizes its automatic oiler. Thanks to this feature, this chainsaw can avoid wearing and tearing on the chain during demanding tasks. 

Chain Brake

Although battery-powered chainsaws aren’t as dangerous as gas models, these are cutting machines that can still pose harm without safety features. 

Fortunately for you, the chainsaw we reviewed includes a chain brake that automatically halts operations once it detects mishaps. 


In contrast to a gas-powered chainsaw, a battery-operated chainsaw has a reduced risk of dangerous kickbacks. Whether you need to remove any type of wood from your backyard, this saw is less likely to get stuck and cause undesirable accidents.


Despite being a battery-operated chainsaw, we can attest that this tool offers enough durability and horsepower to finish tough cutting jobs. And if you compare it to other chainsaw models powered with 40V battery specs, it’s easy to pick it apart because of its reduced kickback. 

Although you still have to grab the charger when the battery levels get drained, it doesn’t reduce the versatility owed to its 18-inch chainsaw bar.  

Additionally, the chainsaw automatically shuts down when idle for 15 seconds. Because of this, the battery levels can last as long as possible. 

Ease of Use

Even if you’re a casual chainsaw user, its thick-padded handle will allow you to control the unit better and avoid hand fatigue during extensive operations. This handle design also makes it easier for anyone to cut horizontally and vertically, so cutting small materials won’t be as intricate as it normally is. 

And as long as you use a compatible charger, the unit’s battery will reach full charging capacity within 30 minutes. 

Noise Level

Typical gas chainsaws can reach up to 120 decibels of noise level during operations, which almost sounds like a bulldozer[1]. This type of noise is something we didn’t experience during our tests. 

It runs quietly, similar to a vacuum you use at home. Its noise levels range from only around 70 decibels.

Variable Speed Trigger

The ability to adjust how fast the tool can operate is a perk you can take advantage of while using this unit because it’s equipped with a variable speed trigger. To activate this, all you need to do is pull the brake out and press this feature. 


As mentioned earlier, this electric chainsaw has an easy chain tensioning system with two knobs you can adjust according to your needs. The package also includes a readily-available wrench, which users can use for clockwise or counter-clockwise adjustments. 

This unit also runs on a battery system. Because of this, you don’t have to bother draining gas tanks and replacing other components like fuel filters once they become clogged with residues and dirt.  


If you bought your Kobalt chainsaw from the official store or authorized sellers, you automatically get a 5-year guarantee on the bare tool. On top of that, you can also take advantage of the 3-year guarantee for the unit’s battery and charger. 

Ensure you’re buying a brand-new unit to avoid hassle when claiming these perks. You should also read the terms and conditions carefully to confirm the inclusions of this guarantee.

Customer Experience

Review Conclusion: Kobalt 80V Chainsaw

These Kobalt 80V chainsaw reviews proved this unit could offer much more than most users expect from typical battery-powered models. 

Although it relies on battery power, trust us when we say you can rely on its features to handle tough tasks. On top of that, it’s jampacked with safety functions that keep you safe during the operations. 


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