Leatherface Chainsaws Used in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Films

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When people hear the word chainsaw, it’s almost impossible that they don’t speak about the iconic franchise, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Leatherface chainsaws are among the highly-discussed aspect of the films since it was the tool used by this character to slaughter his victims. If you’ve seen this movie, you’ll probably wonder what chainsaws were used, and here we’ll name them.

About the Orginal Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film debuted in 1974. To date, it is one of the most iconic chainsaw-related films, which explains why people are familiar with the widely-known horrifying film even after almost forty-eight years. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 1974

Most fans think the movie was a true-to-life story, brought about by Tobe Hopper’s petrifying execution of the storyline. However, as much as the Leatherface chainsaw looked terrifying as a murder tool, it’s not. 

The film was inspired by the serial killer Ed Gein, who was notorious for wearing the skins of his victims as a mask. 

The Chainsaw Leatherface Used in the Film

The Original Chainsaw Massacre film features a Poulan 306A Chainsaw. The Poulan Company in Shreveport, Louisiana, manufactured this

Even if the 1974 film covered the brand with black tape, the green case of the chainsaw hinted at what brand it was. However, the Poulan 306A Chainsaw is no longer in production at present.  

About the Poulan 306a Chainsaw

There are still plenty of Poulan 306A chainsaw parts on eBay, which makes woodworkers and the iconic movie’s fans curious about what this chainsaw can do. This basic home saw chainsaw has a 59cc horsepower making it powerful enough for cutting firewood. 

Poulan 306a Chainsaw

It has a magnesium casing, manual auto-bar, and chain oiler and was produced between the years 1970 to 1980. Since it was an old saw, it didn’t have efficient vibration systems and no chain brakes. 

Chainsaws Featured in Other Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies

The franchise was made popular by fans continuously supporting the murder-film series, which explains why most are curious about the chainsaws used in the other films. Here are the chainsaws that were featured in other Texas Chainsaw films:

Stihl 034 Magnum

The 2023 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Film

Nearly five decades after the original film in 1974, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise returns on its ninth installment, bagging the backstory of Leatherface. 


Did they use real chainsaws in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre used real chainsaws in the movie. Deemed one of the most popular horror film franchises, it featured actual and real chainsaws, which piqued the viewers’ interest in knowing what brands were utilized in the production. 

In fact, during the third installment, a custom-made saw was manufactured exclusively for the show. 

Why does Leatherface use a chainsaw?

Leatherface used a chainsaw to kill his victims. The latest franchise installment gave a more thorough explanation of why. Growing up, Leatherface wasn’t like the rest of the sadistic family and even was afraid of chainsaws. 

However, the film “Leatherface” depicted how the lead role, Jedidah, was used as revenge by Sheriff Hartman, whose daughter was killed by the Sawyers. 


The series of films the franchise has produced increased chainsaw retention even among non-woodworkers. It also gave publicity to the Leatherface chainsaw used in the actual film and to this powerful tool in general. 

Currently, it’s one of the most recognizable power tools. The classic-horror film also depicted how fatal and dangerous a chainsaw can be when used without caution and why it’s a must to read manuals before engaging. 

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