Is There a Left-Handed Chainsaw?

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Since most of the world’s population is right-handed, left-handed people often experience problems operating a chainsaw. When they use this saw, they risk having the chain slam back into their exposed body in the event of a kickback. 

Although there are still no designs for a left-handed chainsaw, most units are designed to be ambidextrous. In this article, we’ll share everything about these chainsaws.

Are There Chainsaws for Left-Handed People?

Unfortunately, there are no left-handed chainsaws available at this time. No company has yet begun producing chainsaws that left-handed individuals can use comfortably. 

The vast majority of chainsaws sold now are designed for right-handed users. However, few left-handed users argue that the currently available chainsaws are usable.

Coocheer Chainsaw 62CC 20-inch Gas Powered Chainsaw

Can You Use a Regular Chainsaw Using Your Left Hand?

Since no left-handed chainsaws are available, left-handed persons have to make do with right-handed or regular chainsaws. Regular chainsaws are designed to be used effectively by left-handed individuals.

It’s vital to take note of how these chainsaws are held. No matter which hand you want to use, you shouldn’t have trouble operating the chainsaw as long as you do so correctly. Because of this, chainsaws are made such that anyone can handle the throttle with either hand.

As a result, the throttle on modern chainsaws can be gripped with either hand, although the left is typically used for more precise control. Gas chainsaws are also convenient for left-handed users because the pulling string is typically positioned on the left side of the tool.

Is it Safe to Use a Chainsaw With Your Left Hand?

Depending on the saw and how it’s adjusted, there is no definitive answer to this question.

While some left-handed chainsaws are made exclusively for use with the left hand, others may be operated with either hand. You must read the manual thoroughly to determine if a left-handed individual can use the chainsaw safely.

left handee chainsaw users

Some situations in which chainsaws operation for the left-handed would be advantageous include:

However, there are also disadvantages, including:

chainsaw for left handers

If you’re planning on purchasing a chainsaw but like to wield it with your left hand, it’s a good idea to read up on what other customers have said about that model.

By reading the reviews, find out if the chainsaw is easy to handle and if other customers experienced issues with kickback and binding.

Always wear protective gear such as safety glasses, earmuffs, boots, and gloves if you intend to chop wood with your left hand. And before you start cutting with a chainsaw, make sure you read the manual first!

Who Makes Chainsaws for Left-Handed Users?

As of writing, no company has begun producing chainsaws catered for left-handed users. In today’s market, right-handed users have a greater selection of chainsaws.

Husqvarna Powerbox Chainsaw Case

Many chainsaws are made to be used by either the right or left hand, while others include a directional gear-driven chain powered by the user’s side-to-side motion rather than by pressing with both hands.

Some companies even provide options for left-handed customers to choose from among their models. If this is crucial to your chainsaw purchase, it might be wise to get some expert advice before making the final decision.

Our Top Chainsaw Recommendation for Left-Handed Users:
Husqvarna 135

The Husqvarna 135 chainsaw is our top choice for left-handed people because of its low vibration and high power levels. This equipment is great for homeowners that have to take care of trees of different sizes.

Despite the chainsaw’s lengthy bar, it has no trouble gnawing through the diverse materials. The chainsaw’s blade is keen, and the machine itself is sturdy.

Once you’ve gotten your Husqvarna 135 up and running, you’ll find it quite intuitive to operate. If you use it like a workhorse, you won’t feel vibrations. 

The saw’s weight may be high, but it’s well-balanced and easy to use. It’s not uncomfortable to hold the chainsaw due to the rubberized grip.


While there are no left-handed chainsaw units available today, operating a regular chainsaw if you’re left-handed is not impossible. You can still use a chainsaw safely and effectively. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the chainsaw before you start cutting or chopping. You must also familiarize yourself with all the safety precautions and operating instructions.

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