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Lumber sold in big box stores may not receive the specialized attention required because their common storage method is in compact stacks with little ventilation. 

If you need high-quality wood and help to decide which is best for your DIY project, the lumber yard near you might be the place you’re looking for. 

How to Find the Nearest Lumber Yard

#1: Facebook

It is the riskiest approach and the highest chance of scoring a crazy bargain as many people are selling wood on Facebook right now. 

Although many pieces are worthless scraps of lumber from a construction site that you can safely throw away, you may still find one or two truly exceptional bargains from a lumber yard.

#2: Custom Google Search

Try using Google, Bing, or your preferred search engine to locate a local lumber yard. You most likely came from one, and now you’re here. If you’ve gotten this far, you may keep reading for more tips.

Google search

#3: Ask Your Local Supply Store for Independent Lumber Yards

Rather than paying the high prices charged by middlemen, you should purchase hardwood directly from independent lumber yards. If you live near one, you can score incredible low-cost prices on lumber.

Most of the time, the lumber you purchase from your neighborhood mill is of greater quality and less expensive than what you might find at the nearest big-box retailer. 

They can also provide you with whatever kind you choose in the size you need. You can go ahead and ask the supply stores nearby if there are independent lumber yards operating in your area.

#4: Woodworking Clubs and Organizations

You can find numerous woodworking groups and guilds around and within most towns of a considerable size, and they all have a great deal of information to share.

saw mill machine

Look for their website, join their mailing list, or even better, become a member to show your support. The hardwood timber stores you seek may also offer you a certain percentage discount.

Why Shop at a Lumber Yard?


Contrary to popular belief, large box stores do not always provide the best deals. You can usually find better prices on lumber from a nearby provider. They have a lot of contacts in the lumber business so they can get good wood for a good price.

There is both cheap and extremely high-priced premium wood available from this retailer. However, when compared to the costs at a big box retailer, their lumber is usually the best value option.

Unique Selection

All household goods, from plumbing and electricity to gardening tools and decorative accessories, must be kept in stock in big box retailers. It means there is a restriction on the amount of lumber they may stock and showcase.

Small businesses can benefit from wholesalers’ large wood types and species to attract more customers. However, this is acceptable only if just the most common varieties of wood are needed in small quantities.


Given that lumber yards specialize in selling lumber and wood products, you would expect them to have a far wider variety than you would find in a discount retailer. 

You can find the basics at that depot, but if you need anything more tailored to your needs, the staff at your neighborhood lumber yard will be happy to assist you in your search.

Experts in Wood

Since selling lumber is all that their local wholesalers do, they have a distinct advantage. 

Workers at big-box retailers need expertise in many product categories, but those at lumber yards need to know wood. It enables them to provide in-depth information regarding the wood they sell and recommendations for specific tasks.

Large wholesale suppliers employ knowledgeable people who advise merchants on which varieties of wood are likely to be popular.

milling pine wood

Wood is the exclusive focus of lumber yards. They spend all day, every day, working with lumber, so they’re a wealth of information.

If your job calls for specialized knowledge, the experts at your neighborhood hardware store will be able to provide you with just what you need.

Custom Mill

Every do-it-yourself project needs special cutters. Even if you have a Sawzall or a circular saw, you may cut wood at home, but you may not be satisfied with the results. 

Cross-cutting the wood to a specific length or width is a service many big-box retailers offer, but if you need a more bespoke cut, you’re out of luck.

man operating a saw mill

However, your neighborhood hardware store can provide wood milling services to achieve any specific width and length you require.


We all know how challenging it is to find a reliable contractor. People look for recommendations from those they know, post on message boards, and peruse review websites like Angie’s List and Yelp.

Finding reliable recommendations is easy if you check with your neighborhood lumber yard. Area lumber yards are acquainted with local contractors over time and through several projects, unlike your neighbor, who may have only dealt with a given contractor once or twice.

In their experience, those who do the work well and charge fairly are the ones they do business with, and they will gladly recommend one to you.

Important Considerations To Know

Wood Type and Grade

Hardwoods and softwoods are the primary types of more than a hundred thousand known wood species. Typically hardwoods contain large, encapsulated nuts or seeds and wide leaves. Coniferous softwoods have needles rather than bark [1]

drying lumber from the mill

Any piece of wood can be categorized according to its quality standards. Lumber graders inspect boards for imperfections like knots.

Lumber graders examine the quantity and size of flaws along a set distance. Lumber with higher grade can have better quality than lower grade material due to the association between lumber grade and flaws. However, occasionally, the higher grade is primarily an aesthetic choice.


You have an idea of your DIY project’s general size, but do you have the specific dimensions?

When needing wood, it’s tempting to immediately visit your local lumber dealer without a clear idea of what kind of wood you’ll need.

milled lumber

To get an idea of how much wood you’ll need to spruce up your backyard, it’s a good idea to measure the intended footprint of your project first. You can get the dimensions you need by working with the lumber yard, so don’t worry if your measurements aren’t spot on.


Many people buy massive amounts of lumber without considering how they’ll get it from the store to their homes.

Find out how much room you have in the back of your pickup truck or SUV. You may need to make multiple journeys to the distributor, depending on how much lumber you buy. However, if you need a lot of wood for a job, having the lumber yard bring it to you is preferable.


Various alternatives exist, each catering to a different aesthetic preference, functional requirement, or financial constraint. Knowing your budget will help you purchase the appropriate lumber for your project.

milling rough lumber

The employees at a local lumber yard would gladly assist you in selecting the items you need for your project, but they will be better able to do so if they understand your financial constraints.

Always be truthful with yourself and your distributor to have a positive experience.


The lumber yard near you might be your next, go-to place for affordable and diverse wood selections. 

In addition to this, you can get a more personalized experience and score deals that you cannot get in local stores. Our woodworkers highly suggest asking your local supply store or clubs to find independent lumber yards. 

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