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Discovering the perfect furniture that truly resonates with your personal style and complements your home’s unique look can be quite the challenge, even for those not deeply versed in interior design. If you’ve grown weary of the cookie-cutter, factory-made pieces that seem to dominate the market, it’s high time you explored an enticing alternative: Matthew Peech Woodworking.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the world of Matthew Peech’s woodworking craftsmanship. Let’s assess whether his creations can seamlessly blend with your individual style and cater to your specific needs.

Who is Matthew Peech?

Thanks to his 20 years of woodworking experience, Matthew Peech successfully established himself in the furniture and home decor trade. This dad of four started as a content creator, sharing tips and tricks with fellow woodworkers and DIYers. 

Today, his workshop continues to flourish by creating custom pieces that align with today’s industry trends without breaking the bank. If you skim his recent projects, you’ll notice how he integrates complex carvings and impeccable joinery techniques into his workpieces. 

Matthew Peech

His project catalog ranges from striking home decorations to elegant wooden tables. Many homeowners seek his project plans solely because of his attention to detail and commitment to quality in every exceptional product he produces. 

Where to Find His DIY Plans For Sale

His great woodworking plans are readily available on Etsy, but you can check his Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok to get the latest update on his recent projects. You can also reach him via his email for any commission or partnership opportunities. 

On top of that, he has an Amazon page where you’ll see some of his woodworking and project videos. The tools and materials he used for his workpieces are also on this platform to ease your hands-on experience. 

operating a circular saw

Matthew also runs a Patreon account where his clients can subscribe to get access to his Plan Of The Month and behind-the-scenes content for his latest project videos. 

Matthew’s Top Woodworking Plans

Concealment Shelf

One of the most popular project plans under his catalog is the concealment shelf, which has a primitive aesthetic. In the guide, he goes through the step-by-step process of building and distressing the mantle. 

Contrarily, Matthew Peech highlighted that distressing wood is not obligatory if you desire to achieve an alternative appearance. Thus, intentionally aging or weathering the wood, may not be essential in order to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are also part of the decorative pieces he previously offered in his Etsy [1] store. It’s a small-scale project, so it costs less than other workpieces. Although it’s easy to build, newbies can make a great profit out of it if they intend to sell. 


Lumber boards can get expensive, but Matthew has the perfect tall planter project for you that only costs around $10. He also has woodworking plans for farmhouse-style planters that suit your rustic garden aesthetic. 

Matthew Peech and planters


The typical garden trellis can cost you around $75 or more, so it’s impressive how his project plan only ranges around $15 in expenses. All it takes are a few 2×4 wood pieces to build a gorgeous wooden trellis that complements the spring air in your garden. 

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Martin House

Birdhouses are a fantastic addition to the affordable, yet rewarding woodworking projects that Matthew advocates in his woodworking plans and tutorial videos.

Crafting these handmade Martin boxes typically costs just about $8, making them an excellent opportunity for budding woodworkers to explore as a potential source of extra income. But if you’re just starting out, here are woodworking plans for free that you can try!


The wooden snowflakes have the best feedback and reviews among his decorative workpieces. Although they’re 16 inches in size, did you know that Matthew figured out how to make them for 70 cents a piece? 

wooden snowflakes

This woodworking project is ideal for the holiday season, and I’m confident it will be a hit, right up there with Christmas trees. What’s even better is that you can sell these creations at a price that offers a substantial profit margin, despite the lower production costs.

But, where you should sell your woodworking projects? Look for recommendations here!


Without a doubt, Matthew Peech’s Woodworking Plans provide tremendous value, catering to both beginners and seasoned professionals. The video tutorials and project guides offer intricate insights that can rekindle the creativity of even the most seasoned woodworker.

Beyond the comprehensive project blueprints, I find Mr. Peech’s guidance on making savvy business choices within the woodworking industry to be particularly commendable. His advice is instrumental in steering your woodworking enterprise towards success.

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