Milwaukee 2821-20 Review — Is this Reciprocating Saw Worth It? (2024)

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As a Sawzall or reciprocating saw, the Milwaukee 2821-20 is a tool that completes the toolbox of most wood and construction workers. It’s the next generation from Milwaukee, but does it live up to previous products or will it be a waste of money?

I have conducted an in-depth Milwaukee 2821-20 review and evaluation to answer your questions and to save you from a potentially subpar product!

What I Like

What I Don't Like


You won’t have a proper idea of what’s in store for you when you give Milwaukee 2821-20 a glance. However, aside from some very minute detail changes on the exterior, most of the upgrades happen below the surface. 

First of all, many of the components have been upgraded and reinforced, such as the blade change mechanism, the blade clamp, and the battery connection.

The next design feature that improves the Milwaukee 2821-20 over its predecessor is the weight. The 2821-20 is lighter in weight, which equates to longer working hours and less fatigue.

The materials used to create this Milwaukee tool are the same and the grip is just as comfortable as the previous Sawzall model. But there is more rubber molding over the new model to help dampen vibrations.

Milwaukee 2821-20 Features

Now, I’ll take a deeper look at the individual features of the 2821-20 and go in-depth in this Milwaukee 2821-20 review:

Power and Battery

For the power and battery, the Milwaukee 2821-20 features the latest design from the brand. This means more efficiency and consistent power. Unlike the MAKITA JR3050T with 2800 SPMthis reciprocating saw can offer 3000 SPM, which is the same as its predecessor. 

What sets it apart in this section is the battery connection, which is reinforced with metal to improve efficiency, durability and battery life. This means that the new Milwaukee 2821-20, compared to the older model, will last longer.

Milwaukee 2821-20 Motor

A brushless motor is always the best when it comes to these handheld power tools, so Milwaukee kept the brushless motor design.

Brushless motors have a high torque ratio, is more reliable, efficient and eliminates sparks. What else is great about a brushless motor compared to the brushed motors is the quieter operation. 


With a lighter body and reinforced construction, the Milwaukee 2821-20 delivers much better performance than other reciprocating saws. Also, since everything such as the battery connection is strengthened, you can feel at ease using the saw for longer without worrying about wear and tear.

The blade clamp has been replaced with one made of stainless steel to correct previous issues of durability. The stroke length has also been increased by a tiny ⅛ to 1-¼, to give you more coverage.

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If you were impressed by the 2720 and 2721, then the 2821-20 will surprise you with a lighter weight body. Milwaukee has shaved off some of the excess weight, leaving the newer reciprocating saw model at a mere 8.4 pounds, which means longer operating time with less fatigue. The saw is an even lighter 6.8 pounds as a bare tool.

Ease of Use: Milwaukee 2821-20

The slide crank mechanism of the 2821-20 saw offers protection against dust and water, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance like previous models. Additionally, it incorporates Redlink Plus intelligence, enabling seamless communication between components for enhanced overall performance.

The Milwaukee 2821-20 is also a cordless model, which gives users more range of movement and portability. Cordless options are excellent for workers moving from jobsite to jobsite or require more freedom.


Everything associated with the reciprocating saw blade such as the clamp and lever have been reinforced and strengthened to become corrosion-resistant and more durable. This will allow quick and easy operation without the blade moving too much.

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LED Light

Another great feature found in the Milwaukee 2821-20 reciprocating saw is the built-in LED light [1]. This nifty feature will allow you to work with more precision by lighting the path for your blade. 

Even if you have sufficient overhead lighting, I’d still recommend a tool with an LED light as it gives you a clearer view of your cut line.

Other Features of Milwaukee 2821-20

The Milwaukee 2821-20 also features many other capabilities and accessories that create a pleasant user experience. You can see in the features of this power tool how a reciprocating saw differs from a jigsaw

Some of these features include a rafter hook, which makes it easy to store the tool when it’s not in use. The adjustable shoe will provide accuracy, and the longer stroke length and efficient battery all come together to make the 2821-20 a well-rounded tool.

Price and Warranty

For all that you get with the Milwaukee 2821-20, the price is quite reasonable at around a couple hundred dollars. What really stands out and indicates the quality you get with this product is the warranty. From Milwaukee themselves or a licensed retailer, you get a comprehensive 5-year warranty. 

Just like with most products, I always recommend opting for a warranty, particularly one that is extensive and covers parts as well. The length of the warranty often serves as a real testament to the quality of the product and its reliability over the long term.

Milwaukee 2821-20 Review Conclusion

My review of the Milwaukee 2821-20 ends on a high note, with the product earning a seal of recommendation. It’s a great option for those looking for a durable and dependable reciprocating saw model. As one of the newest from Milwaukee, the saw demonstrated all the latest technologies and improvement for previous flaws in other models.

The 2821-20 is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal due to the reinforcements applied, extra features such as the LED light, and the lightweight body. 

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