DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans: Homemade Plans You Can Build

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The best way to use your miter saw efficiently is by holding it to a stable surface like a saw stand. Rather than spend so much on a stand, building one singlehandedly with a good plan is more cost-effective. However, some plans are complicated and complex to comprehend. 

The following DIY miter saw stand plans would get you started with constructing your model. 

1. Folding Miter Saw Stand Plan

Folding Miter Saw Stand Plan

If you want to build a mobile miter saw plan without compromising space, this Folding Miter Saw Stand Plan by Wilker Do’s will get it done. This design has collapsible wings to save space and a gargantuan top to accommodate your miter saw. 

Apart from accommodating the saw, there’s also enough space for the project you are working on. The instructions are straightforward and detailed enough for even a beginner. 

2. Miter Saw Cart Plan

Miter Saw Cart Plan

Not all plans are mobile and easy to store, but this Miter Saw Cart Plan from fellow woodworker Ana White combines both features. 

Its wheels enable mobility, and the table collapses into a foldable model for effortless keeping and storage. It can accommodate both the miter saw and the project. 

Our wood experts love the simplicity of this plan and how inexpensive it is to construct it. For beginners and professionals, this plan is great for designing your next saw stand. 

3. Dual Tool Station Plan

Dual Tool Station Plan

The Dual Tool Station Plan from Shop Notes is an excellent plan for professionals that work on large projects and uses different equipment simultaneously. This plan makes it convenient to reach for a tool without pushing your strides. 

Unlike the previous plans, this plan has a dual tool station for accommodating your miter saw, project, and other tools. It also has storage for extra accessories and tools. 

4. Compound Miter Saw Station Plan

Compound Miter Saw Station Plan

The Compound Miter Saw Station Plan from Wood Central has two standout features – its large, long-cutting surface and storage. Our team wasn’t surprised by the size of the cutting surface, considering it was meant for compound miter saws. 

Since it has a large cutting table, you can work on lengthy pieces of lumber with no adjustment. With the extra spaces, you can store vital tools and items. 

5. Miter Saw Stand Plan

Miter Saw Stand Plan

This basic saw plan from Chief’s Shop is simple and inexpensive to build. Woodworkers with no skills at all can make simple constructions with this plan. You should opt for this plan if you don’t need extra spaces or a large cutting area. 

It requires basic materials and hardware that are readily available. You can even use scraps to design your stand with this plan. 

6. DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand

DIY Mobile Miter Saw Stand

As the name goes, this stand plan can move from one point to the next. Mobility isn’t the only feature of this stand. It has an extra storage compartment with six drawers for keeping additional tools and items. 

In addition, it has extensions on both sides of the stand to allow you to work on longer plywood conveniently. 

7. Miter Saw Table with Extra Storage

Miter Saw Table with Extra Storage

The good thing about the Miter Saw Table with an Extra Storage plan is that it doubles as a workbench. So, you can do most of your woodworking projects on it. 

Another excellent feature is the design. While it’s easy to construct, you can customize it to fit your space. You can add drawers and shelves underneath if you need more storage space for your tools. 

8. Ultimate Tool Stand Plan

Ultimate Tool Stand Plan

Designed by Christopher Merrill, this stand plan offers excellent versatility and convenience. It has a large cutting table that doubles as a workbench for other carpentry activities [1]

It has several pockets for keeping tools and other essential items. However, one thing the plan lacks is portability. You will struggle to move the stand on your own. On the good side, it uses fewer materials to construct. Each step is detailed and self-explanatory. 

9. Ultimate Miter Saw Stand Plan

This popular woodworking plan is specifically crafted to enhance the functionality of your miter saw. Tailored for woodworkers who require additional storage and utilize their miter saws regularly, it promises to be a valuable addition to your workspace.

Tools are within your reach with this stand. Best of all, you don’t need to take many strides as the compartments are in proximity to each other. This stand isn’t the best in portability. So, you need space for it to fit in. 

For a complete DIY project, here’s how to can draw your own woodworking plan before you start assembling the wooden pieces. 


While you can find several homemade stand plans online, not all of them are easy to comprehend or have the design that suits your preference. 

These DIY miter saw stand plans would help you find the perfect model according to your desire. Even if you don’t opt for any of these plans, we hope they will inspire you to create your design. 

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