Miter Saw Table Plans: DIY Ideas For Building Your Own

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If you’ve had a miter saw for years and still don’t have a proper stand for it, you are missing out! If you want to make the most out of your workshop, a sturdy miter saw table might be the answer. 

Check out these miter saw table plans that are simple to make, even if you are a novice DIYer.

Ideas for a Miter Saw Table

1. Pursuit of Handyness’ Mobile Miter Saw Table Plan

Pursuit of Handyness’ Mobile Miter Saw Table Plan

If you’re a true DIYer, the portable miter saw table of Pursuit of Handyness will test you. 

However, the tool storage and the perfect design ensuring a flat cutting surface can compensate for the difficulties you have endured while making it. If you need a good stand for your miter saw, you better try this one out!

2. Chief’s Shop Miter Saw Table Plan

Chief’s Shop Miter Saw Table Plan

This plan from Chief’s Shop is perfect for a stationary miter saw. You can assemble this stand’s hood, base, and extensions in any order or anytime you have the budget. 

This plan is simple and fast but lacks many fancy features because it’s mostly constructed from affordable building components and simple hardware. 

A novice woodworker may handle this project with ease.  It could be a decent option for those that require fewer features.

3. Saws on Skates’ DIY Mobile Miter Saw Table

Saws on Skates’ DIY Mobile Miter Saw Table

The side wings on this table plan from Saws on Skates are distinctive because they fold easily. Having a folding structure makes it quick to set up and recline when you’re done working. 

It is a great piece of equipment because it’s portable and can be used in the backyard or at a friend’s house to assist with a task. The best part is that it will work with almost any miter saw.

What to Consider When Making a Miter Saw Table

Built-in or Mobile?

A miter saw is necessary for every workshop, but each one is unique. A fixed miter saw stand with all the needed storage may be best for pro woodworkers. 

Occasional DIYers may need a mobile stand that can be folded and rolled from one place to another to keep their tools organized. 

Table Height

The ideal height of a stand or table is a matter of personal preference and what suits your needs best. A typical counter height is around 36 inches.

dimensions of a mobile miter saw stand

Furthermore, you should easily reach the saw’s top handle without leaning over and align the wood with the blade.

Added Storage

In the workshop, storage is a concern, so utilize the area below the deck to your advantage! A couple of basic racks may make a huge difference! 

While there are ready-made guides online, learning how to layout a woodworking plan yourself is also a great skill, so you can always customize according to your liking. 

Avoid a buildup of sawdust by wiping exposed shelves regularly. When you have doors and drawers, you don’t have to worry about dust on the equipment underneath.

Side Supports

Side supports are needed for the material not to fall or become tangled up in the blade. When the saw is not in use, a stand with foldable sides may be an option, especially if you have a small workspace.

Miter Saw Table extension

Miter Saw Stop Block

Using a stop block, you can quickly and easily cut materials of the same length.  To cut the board to the desired length, simply place the block in the desired location and butt the end against the block. 

One of the most effective ways to boost productivity and accuracy is to install a stop block on your miter saw stand.

Dust Collector

When using a miter saw, a cloud of sawdust will be released with each cut [1]. Therefore, attach a wet/dry vac to the sawdust port to collect as much of it as possible. 


How tall should a miter saw table be?

A miter saw table should be as tall as 36 to 40 inches. However, you should still do your measurements and determine what height is comfortable for you. 

Remember that, with a setting that is either too low or too high, you risk experiencing back pain when using it.

How wide should a miter saw table be?

A miter saw table should be as wide as 40 inches. However, the measurement will still depend on your workspace and the type of projects you perform most. 

Furthermore, the width of the miter saw table would also vary if you plan to put extensions or wings.


Our team recommends these DIY miter saw table plans for an exciting project. You can use lumber or recycled building materials to create them. 

If you want to treat yourself, you can design a furniture-like miter saw table with drawers, shelves, and doors. Customize these plans any way you want!

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