Murray Riding Mowers Manuals

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Whenever I’m out in the field, I always prefer using Murray riding mowers for that perfect lawn cut. Their Briggs & Stratton engines really give them the power needed for all types of terrains. If you’re curious how to handle the different models, I got you covered!

I’ve gone through the company’s user manual and put together the essentials on product safety, assembly, and operation for you.

1. General Operation

10/30 Murray Riding Mower

2. Safe Mowing Guide

person operating a Murray Riding Mower M115-38

3. Assembly

How to put the seat in place

Follow the steps below to install your Murray mower seat.

How to assemble the steering wheel

The steering wheel assembly does not require the use of fasteners. To correctly attach the steering wheel, follow these steps:

Murray Riding Mower steering wheel

Installing the battery cables

Note: When attaching the battery wires, make sure you utilise fasteners.

4. Operation

How to operate the throttle

To adjust the engine’s speed using the throttle control, follow these steps:

Murray Riding Mower M115-38

How to use the parking brake


Operating Murray riding mowers is a breeze, especially with its handy features like the cutting height adjustment lever and ergonomic handlebar design. To really get the most out of it, I strongly recommend sticking to the guidelines in the company’s manual.

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