14 Places That Will Cut Wood For You — Cost and Policies

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Are you looking to get your wood cut for DIY projects but lack the necessary tools or know-how? Worry not, here’s the solution. There are 14 places where you can have your wood cut to your specifications.

Before you embark on your wood-cutting journey, it’s crucial to understand the policies and pricing at these locations. So, in this guide, I will dissect your options, enabling you to make an informed choice that aligns with both your requirements and budget.

1. ACE Hardware

ACE Hardware store

A local ACE Hardware is a store where you can buy tools and materials for building things. They don’t always have a lot of wood, but sometimes they offer to cut it for you. However, they’re not that good at cutting wood, and not all their stores offer wood-cutting services. 

So, it’s important to call ACE Hardware stores first and ask before you go there. Even though they may not be the best at cutting lumber, they still try to help out when they can.

2. Local Carpenters

tool wall

Carpenters can help you with your home projects, like cutting lumber. But they can be more expensive than regular handymen. However, if you need someone to make very exact or tricky cuts, a local carpenter might be the best person to do all the cutting.

3. Lowe’s


Lowe’s is a retail establishment that offers products to assist with home renovation and repair, similar to Home Depot, which is also a large store in this category. 

Nonetheless, one distinguishing feature that sets Lowe’s apart from its competitors is the provision of a lumber-cutting service specifically catered to customers. 

This service allows individuals to have their lumber customized and cut to their desired specifications right at the store.

4. Makerspaces


Maker space is a place where people can go to use tools and work on their own projects. You can usually rent the space and the tools. Some makerspaces will also cut wood for you if you pay them. But you can also ask a member to help you with cutting wood.

What To Expect At Makerspaces

workbenches in a woodworking shop

Advantages Of Getting Your Wood Cut In Makerspaces

5. Local Handymen


Handymen are people who can help you with all kinds of little jobs around your home. If you need someone to custom-cut wood, a local handyman can be a great choice. 

They can come to your house and help you out. You can tell them how you desire your lumber cut, and they can do it for you. Sometimes, they can even assist you with other parts of your projects, too.

If you want to do it yourself, I suggest using a CutList optimization tool to maximize your wood and other materials for your project. 

6. Local Trade Schools

woodworking class

Trade school woodworking classes require projects for students to practice their skills. The students can cut your wood in exchange for the opportunity to gain experience. Please keep in mind that some cuts may not be precise as the students are novice woodworkers.

What To Expect At Local Shop Classes & Trade Schools

7. Local Lumber Yards

Lumber Yard

Lumber yards are really good places to go if you need special cuts of wood. Some lumber yards have special machines that can make all kinds of cuts, like power saws and panel saws. 

You can call the local lumber yards and ask what they can do for you. Not all locations can do really fancy cuts, but they might charge a little extra for it. A few examples of blades or special machines that you might come across at the lumber yard are:

Band Saw

A band saw can cut very big logs. The blade moves in a continuous loop and can make very exact wood cuts. Band saws are better than regular saws because they can make very precise cuts.

Chain Saw

A chainsaw can cut all kinds of wood, whether soft or hard. It is very important to have a chainsaw in a local lumber yard because it can make rough cuts quickly and easily. However, chainsaws are not usually used for precision cuts at the lumber yard.

Oregon chainsaw


It was invented a long time ago to help turn logs into usable planks for building things. The gang saw can make many cuts at once. It is often used with a conveyor belt to cut through large logs and create many planks quickly. 

Circular Saw

A circular saw is a tool to cut big pieces of wood into angled or straight shapes. It’s often used in a lumber yard to make cuts at 45 or 90-degree angles for building big structures like houses or bridges. 

Skilled workers in the lumber yard can also use circular saws to make sloped cuts called bevel cuts.

Table Saw

The table saw can quickly and safely cut the wood into smaller pieces that are easier to work with. One of its best features is its ability to cut wood to the correct width without getting stuck.


Once the lumber yard has cut your wood, they may use a planer to ensure the planks are the same thickness. 

milling Red Oak

This helps to make the wood smoother and easier to work with. The planer can also be used to make the plank thinner if needed.


After the lumber has been cut at the lumber yard, the edger machine can be used to make the edges straight and smooth out rough parts. This can be really helpful in making sure that the wood pieces are easy to work with.

What To Expect At Lumber Yards

milling American black cherry tree

Advantages Of Getting Your Wood Cut In Lumber Yards

8. Local Wood Shops/Workshops

workbenches in a woodworking shop

Wood workshops in your community are one of the perfect places that will cut wood for you. They can help you cut wood to the size and shape you need. You can provide them with the lumber and the measurements you want, and they can cut for you. 

The cost of this service may vary depending on the project. Some workshops may even make a few cuts for free. Here are the pieces of equipment for cutting that are available at the wood workshop consists of:

Miter Saw

A miter saw can make angled cuts. It has a blade attached to a movable arm that can swing into different angles for different types of cuts. These are commonly used in woodworking workshops because they are great for precision cuts at different angles.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is used to make both straight and angled cuts on wood. Unlike a miter saw, it is not as precise, but it is more affordable and can be held in hand for manual cutting. 

Despite being less precise, it can still make angled cuts as the miter saw. Besides, there are different circular saw sizes available. 

circular saw holder

Table Saw

The table saw is an essential tool in a local workshop and can be used for many different types of cuts. 

Belt Sander

A belt sander [1] is a tool that helps smooth out rough surfaces of wood. This makes the wood look nice and ready for your project. Here’s our review of the best belt sander that you can check out. 

What To Expect With The Local Workshop

woodworking shop

Advantages Of Getting Wood Cut In A Workshop

9. Local Sawmill

milling lumber

At a sawmill, they have really big and powerful tools that can cut all kinds of wood, both hard and soft. And they have smart and helpful workers who can give you good advice and extra services.

But sawmills are best for a big woodworking project because it might be expensive and unnecessary to bring just a few pieces of wood to cut. 

10. Mom N’ Pop Shops

Local Mom-and-Pop Hardware

If you have a local hardware store in your neighborhood, they might be able to help you cut wood too. These types of stores are often owned by families and can do lots of different things.

11. Home Depot

Home Depot store

When you go to a home depot store to buy wood, they might be able to make some rough cuts for you so you can take the wood home more easily.

But if you need the wood to be cut more precisely, some Home Depot stores might offer a service where you can pay a fee, and they’ll cut the wood to the size you need. 

You should know that not all stores offer this service, and it might only be available at certain times of the day, so it’s best to check with the store first.

See Also: Lowe’s vs Home Depot

12. Menards


At Menards, they might be able to make some rough cuts for you on certain types of wood. But they can’t cut big sheets of plywood or OSB.

The rules about cutting wood at Menards can be different depending on which store you go to. Some stores might cut lumber for free, but others might charge you some money for each board they cut. 

13. Woodworking Clubs


Woodworking clubs usually have workshops with cutting tools where people can work on their projects and get expert advice.

This is an ideal location for acquiring expertise in woodworking and sometimes, you can even get free wood-cutting services. You can do the cutting yourself or ask someone else in the club to help you.

But you have to be a member of the woodworking club to use their resources, including cutting tools and expert advice.

14. Hobby-Themed Stores

Hobby-Themed Stores

Hobby shops sell various things for woodworking and other hobbies, like cool furniture, tools, and instruments. They also offer repair services, which means they have the tools to cut lumber.

One really great thing about hobby shops is that they deal with all kinds of unique items. So if you have a special kind of wood cutting in mind, this local store might know exactly how to do it.

Buying Pre-Cut Wood

To make things easier, you can purchase pre-cut wood or lumber that has already been cut to the size you need. You can look for places that sell pre-cut lumber online or in your local stores. You can search for the specific type of wood you need, like oak, and find stores that sell it. 

Advantages of Big Box Store & Home Improvement Stores Cutting Services

Big box stores and home improvement centers are great places that will cut wood for you. They. offer cutting services that are convenient, precise, cost-effective, safe, and provide access to specialized equipment. 

lumber selection at Lowe's

You can easily get the needed materials and have them cut on-site with professional equipment, reducing the risk of mistakes and ensuring accuracy. 

The cost-effectiveness of the cutting services in big box stores or home improvement stores can save money on materials and labor costs while trained professionals ensure safety. 

Other Materials Home Improvement Stores Cut


If you buy pipes from Lowes or Home Depot, you can ask them to cut the pipes to your desired size and put the threads on the ends of the pipe for you.


Lowe’s and Home Depot can cut certain brands of blinds to fit your window size, even though not all blinds can be customized.

vinyl window


While Home Depot does not provide glass-cutting services, Lowes does. However, in order to have the glass cut to your specific dimensions, you will need to buy it from Lowe’s.

Home Depot vs Lowe’s Lumber Cutting Services

Wood Cutting Policies & Procedures

Home Depot and Lowes are two popular home improvement stores that offer wood-cutting services to customers. Here are their policies and procedures:

  1. The cutting service is intended to cut the wood to fit in your car. They do not do precise cuts, and your piece of wood may be slightly shorter than you requested.
  2. They do not cut pieces less than 12 inches in length.
  3. The first two cuts are usually free, and additional cuts may incur a charge (usually around 25 cents per cut).
  4. Most stores may refuse to cut plywood or pressure-treated wood because it can damage their saw blades.
  5. Customers should bring their measurements and specifications to the cutting station to ensure accuracy.

How You Can Get Sheet Goods Cut at Home Depot or Lowes: Tips & Tricks

Getting sheet goods cut at Home Depot or Lowe’s is a great way to save time and effort on your most DIY projects. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of their cutting services:

Home Depot checkout services
  1. Choose the right sheet goods: Both Home Depot and Lowe’s offer cutting services for sheet goods, such as plywood, MDF, and particle board. Make sure to choose the right type of sheet goods for your project, and measure the size you need before heading to the store.
  2. Bring your measurements: It’s important to accurately measure the cuts you need. Bring a list of measurements to the cutting station or use a tape measure to measure the sheet goods in-store. This will help the associates to cut the sheet goods to your specifications accurately.
  3. Choose the right blade: Different sheet goods require different blades. Make sure to choose the right blade for your sheet goods, such as a fine-toothed blade for plywood cut or a carbide blade for MDF.
  4. Double-check your cuts: Once the sheet goods have been cut, double-check them to ensure they are accurate and meet your specifications. This will save you time and hassle if there are any errors.

How Do Wood-Cutting Services Works? Are There Any Conditions to Get Free Wood Cuts?

When you go to Home Depot or Lowes, they can cut your lumber for free. However, they limit how complex the cuts can be and how many they will make for you.

cutomizing wood size at Lowe's

So for a really fancy cut like a dovetail, they won’t be able to do it. There are also limits on the number of cuts they will make before they start charging you money.

When you go to a store to get free cutting services, you should always check if there are any rules you need to know about. Here are some of the conditions you need to be familiar with:

You’ve Reached a Maximum Number of Freebies

If you want to get your wood cut for free at a store, there are usually limits on how many cuts they will do. Most lumber stores will stop at around five or ten cuts. 

This means that if you need a lot of cuts for a big remodeling project, you may not be able to get them all done for free.

Out-of-Reach Cut Styles

They might be unable to cut your wood if the store is very busy. This is because they need to ensure they can help other customers too. So, if the store is crowded, they might refuse your request for a woodcut.

common boards at Menards

Convenience Matters

The cuts may not be perfect and polished. These services are mainly meant to help you fit the wood in your car or to give a quick trim to your wood. Don’t expect the cuts to be fully sanded and finished.

You’re Required to buy the Wood From that Certain Store/Place

It is not very nice to bring wood that you bought somewhere else to Home Depot or Lowes just so that they can cut it for you for free. It is fairer to buy the wood from the store where you are getting it cut. This is a reasonable request to make.

How Much Should You Pay For Wood Cutting Services?

The cost of wood-cutting service at Home Depot and Lowes can vary based on the type and size of the wood, as well as the complexity of the cuts. Typically, Home Depot and Lowes charge a small fee per cut, and the price may vary depending on the location.

cutting plywood at Lowe's

Generally, Home Depot cut wood, which cost starts at $0.25 per cut and goes up from there. Similarly, at Lowes, the cost of cutting wood materials may also vary based on the size and complexity of the cut, and can range from $0.15 to $0.25 per cut.

I suggest contacting your local Home Depot store or Lowe’s for specific pricing and availability of wood-cutting services for wood materials. Additionally, some stores may have restrictions on the size and type of wood materials that they can cut.


Getting wood cut by professionals can be a real game-changer, especially if you lack the tools or know-how to tackle it on your own. Picking the perfect spot for this service can be a smart move, saving you precious time, bucks, and energy, all while ensuring top-notch results for your project.

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