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You will spend so much money or take multiple trips to your local supplier if you don’t know the number of materials you need for a project. This plywood calculator will give the precise measurements to perfect your project.

How to Use the Plywood Calculator

To identify how many sheets of plywood you need, enter or select the length and width of the area you will cover from the drop downs. 

Next, enter the height and width of the plywood. Include the scrap pieces and the price of a single sheet of plywood.

plywood measurement

It will then calculate the number of sheets required and the total cost of plywood sheets.

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Plywood Sheet Formulas

Uses of Plywood

Plywood sheets are commonly used as construction material to make the following:

Types of Plywood

The most common types of plywood are multi-ply which contains durable, thicker plywood panels with numerous layers. MDF [1] consists of tiny wood fibers compressed with adhesive.

person carrying plywood

Particle board consists of small wood particles glued together. Block board has a core of wood strips sandwiched between two glued plywood sheets.

Common Plywood Thickness

Our woodworking professionals say plywood is often available in ½”, ¼” and ¾” thicknesses. However, these are just the nominal thickness; the actual plywood size covered is usually 1/32” thinner, and you can alter it to the thickness needed for your project, whether you’re constructing a shed door using plywood or making wall skirts, and so on. 


How many square feet is a 4x8 sheet of plywood?

A 4×8 sheet of plywood is 32 square feet, regardless of its type. To get the area measurement, you must multiply the length in feet by the width (in feet). 4×8 and 5×5 sheets are the most common plywood sizes. 

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