Poplar Wood Prices — How Much is Poplar Wood Worth?

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We all know that poplar is a cost-effective and workable wooden material. However, its varying prices in today’s market can confuse woodworkers and buyers. To purchase this lumber type, you must understand the factors that make poplar wood prices fluctuate. 

Let our resident woodworkers dive deeper into this topic and give you expert insights on how to get a fair deal when buying poplar materials. 

How Much is Poplar Per Board Foot?

The price range for this material ranges from $1 to $8 per board foot, depending on its size, shape, and lumber quality. You can also encounter cost changes according to the seller’s or buyer’s geographic location. 

Typically, local wood stores sell poplar boards for an average price of $3 to $4. However, the region’s current market condition and material availability can decrease or increase this cost estimation. 

manufacturing poplar plywood

Because of this, we suggest shopping around from different suppliers to see which offers better deals. 

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Cost of 4/4 Poplar Lumber

When buying a 4/4 or 1-inch thick poplar wood, your expenses can be between $2 to $8 per board foot. These prices can exceed if you purchase materials with higher grades and quality. 

In most US regions, the average 4/4 poplar lumber cost is approximately $3.50 to $4.50 per board foot. 

Cost of 5/4 Poplar Lumber

Since 5/4 poplar boards are approximately 1.2 inches thick, you can expect these options to be more expensive than the 4/4 materials. Most of the time, the price tags for these selections cost between $2.50 to $9 per board foot.

Poplar wood

In current market conditions, the average poplar wood with adequate quality and attributes has a per-foot price of $3.50 to $5. 

Cost of 6/4 Poplar Lumber

A 6/4 poplar material equals 1.5-inch thick lumber, which means they’re almost 0.3-inch more expansive than the previous option. 

The average price for these boards can go as high as $11, depending on the lumber grade. However, today’s industry condition dictates a price range of $4 to $6 per board foot. It also depends if you have specific size requirements for your materials. 

Cost of 8/4 Poplar Lumber

These wood boards are around 2 inches thick, making its usual $4 to $14 per board foot price range reasonable. 

person stacking poplar wood

While these cost estimations will constantly change due to several economic and industry factors [1], trust us when we say that price tags for average 8/4 boards often play around $6 to $8.  

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Rough-Cut Poplar Lumber

Similar to other types of wood, the price of purchasing rough-cut poplar wood varies based on the dimensions and thickness of the desired boards.

Thus, it is important to consider these factors when estimating the overall expenses associated with acquiring rough-cut poplar wood for your project.

Nevertheless, most manufacturers sell these pieces at typical board foot prices of $2 to $6, but the estimated cost could increase if you select premium or high-grade lumber. 

Poplar Logs

You may not know, but buying Poplar logs come with a minimum order range. While you can find some manufacturers selling them at $5 to $20 per piece, most options are only available per bulk, costing $50 to $150. 

Poplar log

These price estimations can fluctuate based on specific Poplar wood types and grading systems. Our resident woodworkers suggest checking local log sellers near you to gauge the current pricing in your area. 

Poplar Posts

Like logs, poplar wooden posts don’t come in single purchases. Typically, you must buy them in bulk or in several pieces. If you estimate its market value, the price estimation ranges around $5 to $30 per post. However, larger and specialty options can cost higher.  

Poplar Pen Blanks

Upon checking prominent woodturning suppliers, the poplar pen blanks cost around $0.50 to $2 per piece. Again, these prices remain dependent on the wood’s quality and size. It’s also crucial to note that some sellers offer these materials in bulk. 

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Sizes, thickness, wood grade, and location are the main factors that drive the change in poplar wood prices. 

While our team’s estimations are enough to gauge the budget you need when buying these materials, we still recommend shopping around and comparing costs from different sources. After all, not all sellers offer the same discounts and deals.   

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