What Should You Do If A Poulan Chainsaw Won’t Start?

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“Oh no, my Poulan Chainsaw has stopped working. Should I buy a new one?” Don’t overreact or panic because it’s not the end of the world. The best problem solvers are those who survey the issues and come up with solutions. 

Thankfully, we will simplify the problem-solving process by listing down a couple of things you can do to troubleshoot the chainsaw from Poulan. By following these steps, you will be able to get back to work in no time. 

Possible Reasons, Solutions, and Contingencies

Here are some potential explanations as to why your Poulan chainsaw has begun malfunctioning. We also tackle the actions you can do to remedy the issues right away. The user manual contains most of these solutions, so you may want to go over that for additional steps and information. 

Inspect the Fuel 

Before proceeding with other tasks, the first step should always involve checking the fuel. Fuel is essential for the proper functioning of the chainsaw. Without an adequate fuel supply, the tool will not operate effectively.

adding fuel to Poulan Chainsaw

For the best results, you want to go for a fuel to oil ratio of 40:1[1]. You can accomplish this by applying the following components and following the respective proportions:

  • Fresh unleaded gasoline (1 gallon)
  • Poulan 2-cycle air-cooled engine oil (3.2 ounces)  

Once you have finished incorporating the mixture, make sure to put the current date to know when to change the fuel to avoid a poorly functioning Poulan chainsaw. You need to change the fuel once every 90 days. Don’t start the saw right away if you smell fresh gasoline coming out of the saw. Let it rest and evaporate for about 15 to 20 minutes. After doing this, you can now pull the rope until the chainsaw starts.

Clean Your Filters

One of the reasons why your electric chainsaw or even gas chainsaw fail to start is because it may contain dirty filters. Therefore, you need to always check your air filters if there is oil residue or dirt surrounding it.

To avoid any breakages, gently remove the filter from the cylinder cover. The next step is to clean it with hot water and soap. Once you finish cleaning up the filter, wash it with cold water. Make sure the filter is thoroughly dried up before you reinstall it. 

Poulan 306a Chainsaw

To maintain your filters in the long run, wash them with water and soap once after five hours of operations, which is equivalent to 10 fuel tanks. If cleaning is not enough, you may need to replace your filters. Poulan’s recommendation is to change your filters at least once a year.

Fix the Carburetor

If you live in warm and humid areas, your chainsaw may not start after 15-30 minutes. “Why is this the case?” you may ask?  The carburetor becomes vapor-locked, which happens whenever hot gas evaporates in the carburetor, thus preventing the fuel from entering it. 

To solve the carburetor issue, flip the saw to the side area so that you can loosen the gas cap and lessen tank pressure. As a result, the fuel should fill up the tank, and your saw should begin functioning once again.  

If you plan to cut trees with immense height, using high-powered cordless pole saw is advisable

For a detailed workaround, refer to this guide detailing the ways to adjust your Poulan chainsaw carburetor

Examine the Chains

Your Poulan chain may not experience startup problems anymore, but the chains may not be cutting as well as they should. If the chains are not working properly or the chain goes to wrong direction, you may need to keep an eye on the chain brake. It should automatically stay attached to the chains when sudden movements occur. 

Poulan Pro Chainsaw

If the chains still don’t turn even though the brake is disengaged, turn the saw off to see whether burs are connecting the chain. You may have to check out the chain’s bar groove to see if there’s dirt, residue, or unwanted parts stuck on the chains. 

If the chainsaw starts becoming dull, it is advisable to buy a file sharpener to enhance its blade quality. You can consider this file size chart for chainsaw before buying one. 

Coordinate With the Poulan Company 

If all the solutions above still don’t result in a fully functional Poulan chainsaw, you may need to seek help from Poulan.The brand offers a 1-2 year warranty for their chainsaws, so you want to take advantage of this service if you encounter defects. 


We hope we gave you peace of mind if and when your Poulan chainsaw stops cooperating. 

Whether you solve the problems yourself or with someone’s help, these solutions should be more than enough to get your chainsaw back to “good as new” status. Troubleshooting the issue can save you a lot of time and money, because when your Poulan chainsaw won’t start, it doesn’t always need to be replaced. 

For reliable yet affordable chainsaws, you can check our list of high-quality chainsaws under 200. Read next!

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