Poulan Pro PR5020 Review (2023) — Is This 20-Inch Chainsaw Good?

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When you have demanding cutting jobs, a chainsaw with a powerful engine becomes a necessity. Poulan Pro is a well-known manufacturer in this domain, renowned for offering chainsaws at an affordable price point, while also garnering high consumer ratings. 

Despite this reputation, it’s crucial to delve deeper to understand whether these tools are genuinely durable and capable of standing the test of time, or if they are unreliable and prone to failure after just a few uses.

In this post, I conducted a hands-on Poulan Pro PR5020 review and compared this gas-powered chainsaw with other tools of the same caliber.

What I Like

What I Don't Like


Unlike old models of Poulan saws, PR5020’s tool body is very impact resistant. With most of its manufactured parts made from ABS plastic, you can count on this powerful chainsaw to last a long time despite daily usage.

Even for the bigger stuff like the bar and chain, they feature durable housing to maintain the protection within the gas-powered saw. Operators also have easy access to the Scrench tool replacement, eliminating the hassle of reaching down every time.

Since Poulan Pro PR5020 belongs under massive gas-powered chainsaws, it’s only natural that it features a hardwearing engine made of chromium-plated cylinders. With this design, the chainsaw will have no trouble handling tough jobs like cutting thick logs.

Maintenance also comes easy for this gas-powered chainsaw, specifically because of its tool-free service access. Thanks to this feature, you can expect hassle-free changing of air filters and spark plugs.

Poulan Pro PR5020 Features

Overview of Specs

Starting System

Most budget gas chainsaws sold in today’s market tend to have problems revving the engine with one pull. Typically, it’ll take several tries before the chainsaw motor kicks off. Fortunately, Poulan Pro PR5020 has an advanced EPS system.

This feature makes it easier for the unit to start up with minimal effort. When compared side-by-side with other brand options, it’s evident that Poulan Pro PR5020 includes a high-quality cord interface.

Each pull exhibits no resistance from the cord. And with a few more tugs, the good saw eventually has its power and fuel making its engine operate.

It may not be an electric chainsaw, but the Poulan Pro PR5020 can kickstart in two to three tries. Even in colder temperatures, this unit will stick to its efficiency and not take more than five pulls to get its engine going.

And since it works with a fuel primer, the carburetor can draw gasoline easier and initiate a smoother engine startup.

Engine Power and Displacement

Poulan Pro chainsaws include OxyPower-patented engines, so it consumes 20% less fuel and produces 70% fewer emissions than saw selections from other brands. These combined functions make the unit an eco-friendly alternative to some of the best electric chainsaws.

Although these power tools have lower fuel consumption, it doesn’t mean they can’t withstand thicker materials, especially when a chainsaw has a 50cc engine displacement. The larger the motor size, the smoother the chain will operate.

On top of that, higher displacement specifications also make the chainsaw more powerful, allowing it to withstand more massive bar and chain attachments.

Bar and Chain

Building upon the details shared previously, the Poulan Pro chainsaw stands out as a formidable tool in the world of woodcutting, empowered by a robust motor and substantial displacement capacity. 

Its solid construction and powerful attributes make it perfectly compatible with a 20-inch bar and chain, ensuring it can handle extensive cutting tasks with ease and efficiency.

With a bar this long, the saw can easily cut through 18-inch wood logs. While it’s compatible with chain options from other brand names, buying components from Poulan is good for avoiding mishaps and accidents.

Choke Control

One of the benefits of having a choke control feature in your chainsaw is it lessens the need for multiple cord pulls. And with this feature, your Poulan Pro chainsaw can rev up even amidst colder conditions.

Brake Handle

When operating a powerful tool like Poulan Pro PR5020, it’s always a matter of safety [1] and efficiency.

Thankfully, the Poulan Pro chainsaw is equipped with an immediate brake handle feature. By pulling it, you can swiftly halt the operation of the saw, providing an essential safety measure in case you feel the tool is slipping out of control. 

This feature proves incredibly useful, especially in situations where the chain may get stuck or jammed upon contact with the wood, ensuring that the motor is turned off instantaneously.


Another feature that makes this chainsaw more convenient is the automatic oiler system. Besides smoother cutting operations, it prevents unprecedented accidents caused by sudden binding and overheating.

The consistent oiling process also eliminates the need to halt the chainsaw operations to refuel. Thanks to this, you can be more productive during extended usage.

Cutting Performance

Poulan Pro is a brand under Husqvarna, so you shouldn’t be surprised if its chainsaw parts perform better than models within the same price in today’s market.

Since the saw has a well-built design and stable construction, it can maintain a medium-scale property and handle demanding logging jobs. This Poulan Pro chainsaw also showcases an anti-vibration system, providing more accurate results.

Ease of Use

Not every chainsaw has a reliable choke control, so it’s an edge you can’t take away from PR5020. It makes the startup less frustrating, which is typically rare for gas-powered models.

It’s not as light as other budget-friendly options, but its weight and power ratio are more than enough to carry a consistent operation. Its durability also eliminates the risk of potential damage and breaking down.

Price and Extended Warranty

Unlike other gas models, PR5020 does not cost a ton of money. During this chainsaw review, we’re taken aback that this versatile and heavy chainsaw belongs to the lower price range.

Upon purchase, all chainsaw parts fall under a two-year product warranty. You can avail of its extended policy if you also bought pre-mixed fuel and oil from Poulan.

For this warranty, remember that it only covers chainsaw defects and not the flaws caused by regular wear and tear. It also doesn’t include protection for commercially utilized products.


Regardless of whether you plan to use this chainsaw for small backyard tasks or larger property management jobs, committing to regular maintenance is key to ensuring its longevity. 

With this particular model, the carburetor is less prone to accumulating dust particles, and it generally requires fewer pulls to start. 

This design feature results in a lower maintenance requirement compared to other gasoline-powered alternatives, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Every chainsaw review referencing Poulan Pro PR5020 includes different opinions and firsthand experiences. If you search online, you’ll see that most positive feedback about this model comes from professional users rather than casual and newbie operators.

Overall, the consumer reviews look at its smooth performance and easy startup quite positively. Meanwhile, some complaints indicate that its construction isn’t up to par with the displacement and capacity this chainsaw can offer.

Poulan Pro PR5020 Alternatives

If you’re on the watch for a chainsaw within a similar price range, you can put Echo CS 271T on your list. Like the PR5020, it operates with a two-stroke motor engine and an easy start system. 

However, it carries relatively shorter guide bars that may limit its capability to handle different tasks. For lighter and more handy options, go for cordless models like Greenworks G-Max 12 or a smaller gasoline-powered alternative like Remington RM4216 Rebel.

More about Poulan chainsaws:

Review Conclusion: Poulan Pro PR5020

After my several Poulan Pro PR5020 reviews and tests, the results show that this chainsaw can handle tasks within small to medium properties. Regular homeowners also don’t need to break the bank to get a tool as reliable as this.

Given its powerful gas engine, it’s crucial to handle this chainsaw with care and attention. Despite being an excellent tool for various cutting tasks, it is important to note that this model is heavier than other alternatives available at a similar price point. 

Ensuring you have the proper safety gear and following recommended safety guidelines are vital steps to take when operating this chainsaw to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth, efficient cutting experience.

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