Predator Wood Chipper Review (2023)
Is the 6.5-HP 62323 a Worthwhile Investment?

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The Predator Wood Chipper is both a chipper and a shredder. It sounds great and should provide excellent value for your money – or does it? Is 6.5 HP enough for what you need? To answer these questions and more to make sure your money isn’t wasted, our experts have reviewed the Predator 62323.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


The unit seemed unassuming to our team members before our thorough Predator wood chipper review. It features certain improved traits such as a dual-action slicer, which works through the toughest branches, and enlarged features such as the large side discharge port, bigger hopper, and branch chute. 

The roomier design makes sure clogging and sticking won’t happen, and it makes room for larger pieces of wood. It’s also a smaller design compared to its competitors and it’s also surprisingly lightweight despite how powerful it is. 

You may be thinking that a lightweight design isn’t entirely ideal for certain power tools (a wood chipper included), but we’re happy to inform you that the brand has kept that fact in mind and has outfitted the Predator 62323 with features to combat instability. 

Features of Predator Wood Chipper 62323

Engine Power

The Predator 62323 has a 6.5 HP gas-powered motor. That is quite a powerful component to have in a chipper shredder, which can successfully power the blades at speeds between 1520 to 3620 RPM. Piles of leaves and branches won’t stand a chance against the Predator chipper shredder.

Cutting Capacity

The shredder is quite a small device for what it is, measuring in at 26×20 inches. This is what makes the 3-inch cutting capacity very impressive. Our contractors and landscapers can fit small branches within that width into the machine no problem, and they come out the other end completely broken down.

Low Oil Shutdown

The automatic low oil shutdown feature is very handy. Just in case you forget or don’t have the habit of checking the oil situation on your machine, the power tool will automatically turn off if it’s time for a refill. This way, it won’t be running on fumes and damage the inner components.

Wheels and Brake

The Predator 62323 isn’t a very large tool, as we said, but the manufacturers make the portability even easier thanks to the pneumatic wheels[1] that are excellent for various terrains and the wheel brakes provide more stability. 


The 62323 also has a kickstand onboard to add to the stability the wheel brakes already provide. The kickstand, similar to one on a bike, will keep the unit steady while it’s working its way through the branches and other yard debris you are feeding to it.

Discharge Port

The side discharge port is larger than other models, which minimizes clogs. Clogs are very annoying and they do happen, but with a larger discharge port, you will thank the brand manufacturers for this handy feature. The process will be quick and painless and you won’t have to risk your safety to clear out the clogs.

Waste Bag

Something very handy about the Predator 62323 wood chipper shredder is the included debris waste bag. This inclusion means users can get right to work when the unit is delivered and unboxed.

Price and Warranty

The price will vary depending on where you purchase the shredder from, but it usually falls within the range of 500 to 800. For what you’re getting, which is a dependable device that should last for years to come, our professionals feel that the cost is very reasonable.

As for the warranty, our team felt that the 2-year warranty that comes with the wood chipper shredder is lengthier than the standard 1 year. 

Review Conclusion: Predator Wood Chipper 62323

After various Predator wood chipper reviews, our experts think that it really is a rare find. It’s a small and lightweight unit for what it is but can do the job of larger models from other brands. The Predator 62323 also comes with pneumatic wheels for portability that also have brakes for stability as well as a heavy kickstand to keep the machine balanced and stable during its performance. 

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