Predator Wood Chipper Review (2023)
Is the 6.5-HP 62323 a Worthwhile Investment?

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I’ve personally tested the Predator Wood Chipper, and I can tell you it’s both a chipper and a shredder. It sounds promising, and at first glance, seems like it would offer excellent value for the money. But the real question is: Is 6.5 HP enough for what most users would need? I delved deep into the Predator 62323 to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

What I Like

What I Don’t Like


When I first laid eyes on the unit, it appeared rather unassuming. But as I delved deeper into my comprehensive review of the Predator wood chipper, I recognized some standout traits. The dual-action slicer is especially noteworthy, effortlessly handling the toughest branches. I was also impressed by the design enhancements, including the large side discharge port, the expanded hopper, and the sizable branch chute.

The roomier design makes sure clogging and sticking won’t happen, and it makes room for larger pieces of wood. It’s also a smaller design compared to its competitors and it’s also surprisingly lightweight despite how powerful it is. 

You may be thinking that a lightweight design isn’t entirely ideal for certain power tools (a wood chipper included), but we’re happy to inform you that the brand has kept that fact in mind and has outfitted the Predator 62323 with features to combat instability. 

Features of Predator Wood Chipper 62323

Engine Power

The Predator 62323 has a 6.5 HP gas-powered motor. That is quite a powerful component to have in a chipper shredder, which can successfully power the blades at speeds between 1520 to 3620 RPM. Piles of leaves and branches won’t stand a chance against the Predator chipper shredder.

Cutting Capacity

At first glance, I was surprised by the shredder’s compact size, measuring only 26×20 inches. What truly caught my attention, however, was its impressive 3-inch cutting capacity. From my experience, contractors and landscapers can easily feed small branches of that width into the machine, and they emerge on the other side perfectly processed and broken down.

Low Oil Shutdown

The automatic low oil shutdown feature is very handy. Just in case you forget or don’t have the habit of checking the oil situation on your machine, the power tool will automatically turn off if it’s time for a refill. This way, it won’t be running on fumes and damage the inner components.

Wheels and Brake

The Predator 62323 isn’t a very large tool, as we said, but the manufacturers make the portability even easier thanks to the pneumatic wheels[1] that are excellent for various terrains and the wheel brakes provide more stability. 


I appreciated the added stability brought by the onboard kickstand, complementing the wheel brakes. This kickstand, reminiscent of what you’d find on a bicycle, ensures the unit remains steady as it processes branches and other yard debris you feed into it.

Discharge Port

The side discharge port is larger than other models, which minimizes clogs. Clogs are very annoying and they do happen, but with a larger discharge port, you will thank the brand manufacturers for this handy feature. The process will be quick and painless and you won’t have to risk your safety to clear out the clogs.

Waste Bag

The Predator 62323 wood chipper shredder offers a convenient feature with its included debris waste bag. This means that users can immediately start using the unit upon delivery and unboxing without the need for additional accessories.

Price and Warranty

Based on my observations, the price of the shredder can vary depending on where you acquire it, typically between $500 to $800. Given its reliability and potential longevity, this cost is quite reasonable. And when it comes to the warranty, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 2-year warranty included, which is a step above the standard 1-year offering.

Review Conclusion: Predator Wood Chipper 62323

After various Predator wood chipper reviews, I think that it really is a rare find. It’s a small and lightweight unit for what it is but can do the job of larger models from other brands. The Predator 62323 also comes with pneumatic wheels for portability that also have brakes for stability as well as a heavy kickstand to keep the machine balanced and stable during its performance. 

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