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Dewalt DCS386B Review — Cordless Reciprocating Saw That’s Newer and Faster

Due to the numerous saws floating the market, searching for one with an incredible cutting ability becomes quite complicated. 

As a newbie, the chances of making the wrong choice are huge, and you could end up wasting your money. However, you don’t need to fret about making the wrong saw choice, as our team will discuss a high-quality cordless saw in this Dewalt DCS386B review.


  • Possesses an excellent cutting speed
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to change the blades
  • It has a bright LED for better visibility in a low-light environment
  • Great battery life
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • Lacks orbital action
  • Cuts metals relatively slow

Dewalt DCS386B Design

The Dewalt DCS386B design is not different from the previous Dewalt cordless models. However, it boasts of a slightly compact nature than its predecessors. The saw’s dimensions are 19.75-inch x 4.18-inch x 7.37-inch.

The saw’s design is also durable, as it’s constructed with sturdy materials to maximize its ruggedness. You can use the saw to make several cuts, and it can still withstand the cutting’s rigorousness.

The Dewalt cordless saw is relatively lighter than most cordless saws our experts tested. It weighs 8.88 pounds without the battery and 10.4 pounds with the battery. Therefore, operating and transporting the device would be somewhat convenient.

The functions are clearly defined with the bright LED, pivoting shoe, and keyless blade clamp situated at the saw’s front. You will find the variable speed trigger in the handle area.

Also, the handle is large enough to accommodate any hand size. The best thing is that it has some rubber coating, making handling more comfortable.

Features of the Dewalt DCS386B

Cutting Quality

This saw’s cutting quality is fantastic, as our experts made several cuttings with utmost precision. With its 1⅛ – inch stroke length and cutting speed of 3000 SPM, fast cutting and accuracy are guaranteed.

Compared to previous models, Dewalt DCS386B boasts of better cutting performance. Although it’s a tad slower when cutting hardwood and metals, the cutting performance is still impressive.

Thanks to the increased blade control and brushless motor power, this cordless saw can make rapid cuts on any material it comes in contact with.

Furthermore, the saw includes a keyless blade clamp for rapid and seamless blade changes.

Blade Control

As previously stated in this Dewalt DCS386B review, the blade control helps adjust the speed trigger for better and faster cuts. This means you can modify the speed between 0 – 3000 SPM according to the material type for more efficiency.

Though the variable speed trigger isn’t as advanced as other top contenders, our experts still love that it adjusted pretty well.

Vibration Control

Regarding vibration control, Dewalt DCS386B didn’t fare incredibly well when our experts made some cuts with it. It retained some of the vibration issues that were evident in previous models.

Despite the claims that DCS386B has better vibration control by the manufacturer, it would be somewhat impossible to use this saw for a long time, as it would cause hand and arm fatigue.

Dewalt DCS386B Power

Dewalt DCS386B has 50% more power than most cordless saws within its price range. The cordless saw comes with a 3.0/9.0Ah battery, enough to power the device for an extended period. This is an upgrade to the original model that boosted the 2.0/6.0Ah battery.

The 20V Lithium-Ion battery contributes to about 30% of the saw’s weight, so you shouldn’t be surprised if the saw feels a little heavy while using it for the first time [1]. Nevertheless, most users would be able to lift it conveniently during subsequent use.

You can also pair this saw with batteries, excluding the 20V Lithium-Ion battery, such as the 60V battery.

The downside of this saw is that it doesn’t include a battery. You would need to purchase differently, which results in additional costs.

Extra Features

Though the Dewalt cordless saw comes in a basic design, it includes some extra features, such as a pivoting shoe, blade release lever, and LED light. The LED light is an excellent addition because it offers better visibility in a low-light environment.

Dewalt DCS386B Price

This saw’s price isn’t as high as one would imagine. Though the battery is sold separately, it is not as expensive as other cordless saws, even though it comes with better features.

Additionally, the charger is sold separately. While it’s affordable, buyers may find this additional cost unsatisfactory.


The cordless saw comes with a three-year warranty, plus one-year free service. This speaks volumes about the brand’s intentions to satisfy their customers.

Also, there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the machine’s performance.

Dewalt DCS386B Review Conclusion

As evident in our experts’ Dewalt DCS386B review, the Dewalt DCS386B is a durable and highly efficient cordless saw with unique features that makes cutting quick and effortless.

Though relatively lightweight, the saw’s compact nature is outstanding, as you can move it without any issues. The saw’s soft handle makes handling less tiring, resulting in improved cuts.

The LED light’s inclusion also makes cutting better and more precise at night. More importantly, the saw comes at a relatively low-budget price and a three-year warranty.

Overall, our team of experts was impressed with the performance of this saw.

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Dewalt DCS386B Review — Cordless Reciprocating Saw That’s Newer and Faster
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