Rockler vs Woodcraft — Woodworking Supplies, Prices, and More

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When you’re on the hunt for top-notch woodworking tools and supplies, you can’t go wrong with Rockler and Woodcraft. These two names are like gold standards in the woodworking world. But deciding between them can feel like a head-scratcher.

In this analysis, I will break down the Woodcraft vs. Rockler dilemma to make your tool and material shopping a breeze.

About Woodcraft

Woodcraft may have started with a small workshop in Boston, but it has around 80 retail stores worldwide today. As a company that has been around since 1928, its influence in the woodworking industry is undeniable. 

They retail everything newbies and professionals can ever need, from power tools and supplies to project plans. If you ask us, you can compare Woodcraft with a typical big box store but with woodworking products. 

Unlike most home improvement and hardware stores, they sell resource kits suitable for beginners and intermediate woodworkers. 

Woodcraft of Omaha

Their selections include exotic and high-grade lumber boards, giving customers more choices and freedom when handling their projects.  


This South American wood specie features excellent resistance against decay and rot, so it’s only natural that woodworkers rush to Woodcraft stores to buy it. It’s a rare material to come by, but it can protect your workpieces from insect attacks.


You’ll also find Padauk wood materials in Woodcraft’s catalog. This African lumber specie has a distinct color of deep brown-like red, making it less prone to infestation. 

Padauk wood

It also carries a pleasing smell, unlike some wooden materials. Actually, it’s one of the exotic wood types

About Rockler

As of writing, Rockler’s store count ranges around 54 locations throughout the US. This company has quite a significant presence in the woodworking industry, mainly because they’ve been in service since 1954. 

It’s hard to believe, but this industry giant started as a simple mail-to-order business. 

More than their physical stores, Rockler Woodworking also established an excellent online presence thanks to its website [1]. If you scan it, you’ll find different variations of hand tools, pieces of machinery, lumber boards, instructional training manuals, and many more. 


Although their product catalog is less varied than the previous alternative, no one can deny that they showcase great material selections, from domestic to exotic wood pieces. 

I also liked that they sell every power tool any woodworker will ever need, like dust collectors, woodturners, and laser machines. 

As the company moves with the modern era, they also offer high-tech gadgets compatible with the tools they sell. These innovative items can range from LED work lights to glue applicators.

Their website and some on-site stores have become a go-to resource for woodworking education. Rockler regularly hosts classes and workshops on specific projects and techniques. 

Rockler and Woodcraft Comparison

Wood Products

As discussed, Woodcraft carries a more distinct lumber catalog than Rockler. 

lumber selection

They offer a more comprehensive range of exotic and domestic wooden products mainly because they have more store locations. 

Woodworking Tools and Supplies

Although these brands carry almost the same hand tool selections, Rockler has an edge on power tool availability. Their stores also sell innovative accessories, making products more convenient and efficient during usage.


Since both brands aren’t that affordable, it’s evident that their product selections are predominantly premium and high-quality. The brands they carry vary considerably, but we don’t doubt that professionals and novices will find the material and tool suitable for their skill level. 


While Rockler and Woodcraft may not be considered budget-friendly options, it is worth noting that Rockler tends to provide a greater number of discounts and promotional offers compared to Woodcraft.

person holding wallet

Nevertheless, both brands feature high-quality products. Because of this, their regular consumers care about excellent value instead of literal prices.  

If you want a better deal, we suggest standing by for seasonal promotions. As you know, even typical hardware stores run discounts during these events. 

Store Locations

Since Woodcraft has been around longer than Rockler, the company has more store locations. Thanks to its broad physical store reach, this retailer carries a more varied selection of exotic and domestic timbers. 

Customer Service

Their websites are also e-commerce platforms, so they need live chat support to cater to their customers in real-time. 

person using laptop

Fortunately, Rockler has this feature where you can talk to their consultants about purchases and other concerns. Meanwhile, you can only reach Woodcraft’s customer support service via phone or email. The upside is their mail support runs 24/7. 

Promos and Discounts

Whether seasonal discounts or event promos, Rockler runs them more frequently than Woodcraft. They also offer free shipping policies and more active coupon codes than their alternative. 

The perk Woodcraft has over Rockler is its email campaign discounts that the latter does not run. This retailer also has more lenient modification and cancellation policies.


Stores of both brands have in-store tool demos and hands-on experience. However, Woodcraft classes cover more of the woodworking basics. Meanwhile, Rockler has more workshops with specific projects and techniques. 


On top of that, they also offer private instruction classes for one-on-one or group teaching sessions. Rockler’s classes vary from beginners to professionals. In fact, they also have specialized workshops specifically for casual DIYers. 


When you’re deciding between Rockler and Woodcraft, it’s important to consider what each brand specializes in. Woodcraft offers top-notch wood materials, while Rockler excels in power tools and woodworking education. To make the right choice, you better assess your specific project needs before picking a store to visit.

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