Rockler Woodworking Review: Tools, Plans, and Service

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Rockler Woodworking has made its name in the industry for being a popular go-to source of tools, materials, and how-to guides. However, with many alternative resources online, how can you ensure you’re not wasting money on expert services you can get for free elsewhere? 

Let me share my thoughts on Rockler Woodworking’s offerings to see if they truly bring added value to our craft.

History and Reputation

Having been founded way back in 1954, Rockler Woodworking & Hardware continues to innovate its products and services to serve the industry up to this day. 

It started as a family-owned business, but today, the company operates with multiple stores nationwide. On top of that, its website also has an impressive international audience. 


Like many large companies, I’ve seen a range of feedback about them – both positive and negative. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the sheer breadth of their offerings, with over 20,000 products in their catalog.

Their how-to videos, articles, and hands-on classes have been the cherry on top of every positive review they received from the customers. So, let’s dive deeper and explore these services together.

Products and Services Offered

Wood Selection

During my shopping trip, I was genuinely amazed by the vast array of wood types Rockler had to offer.

Beyond the standard plywood, they stock both domestic and exotic lumber. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, they also have wood veneers and live-edge slabs on offer.

Pittsburgh - Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

Upon exploring deeper into their catalog, you’ll also have access to unique wood materials like dowel rods, inlays, knife scales, and even different wooden barrel parts.

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Power Tools

Every power tool you’ll need is also available at Rockler’s. Their selection includes typical sawing machines like miter saws, jig saws, and table saws. You can also choose from their collections of track saws, circular saws, panel saws, and scroll saws. 

Their power tools aren’t limited to cutting machines. If you need a reliable sanding machine, best believe they have what you’re looking for, from drum and orbital sanders to belt and disc sanding tools. 

There are also different types of drills in their catalog, along with wood-turning tools and router tables.


On the website’s “Learn” section, you’ll be able to find the free wood project plans they offer that are readily available for digital download [1]

If you not yet skilled enough to draw your own woodworking plan, they have tons of featured woodworking plans like hand-made gifts and home decorations. 

Rockler Tablesaw Crosscut Sled

If you take your time to scroll, you’ll also find helpful project guides on furniture-making and home improvement. After going through their extensive project plan catalog, I couldn’t help but notice how specific and unique these guides are.

From wireless speaker kit plans to lift-top coffee table guides, any user can pick one project according to their skill levels. 

Other Woodworking Products

On top of all these tools and wood selections, Rockler Woodworking also sells finishing tools like sandpapers and sponges. Glue and epoxy kits for wood materials are available on their shelves if you need one. 

Their hand tool collections are the usual big hardware store offerings. You can choose chisels, clamps, saws, and planes from different brands. The same applies to measuring and marking tools.


As of writing, Rockler Woodworking stores are scattered around 25 states. Overall, they have 30 stores that you can find in the likes of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and many more. And that count doesn’t even include the other 60 partner stores they are also located in. 


Shipping and Turnaround Time

The shipping duration for products bought varies per store branch and the delivery destination. You can expect the arrival of your order in 7 to 10 business days, as stated in the shipping information emailed to you after placing an order.

You can check the delivery status via the company’s website or call their customer service hotline for inquiries.

Product Replacement and Return Policy

Rockler stands behind its product’s quality, which is why they have a satisfaction guarantee return policy. If you’re dissatisfied with what you received, they will grant you a refund so long as you return it within 90 days from the actual purchase. 

However, if you’re thinking of making a return, you have to make sure that the merchandise has all its components and inclusions. It just makes the full refund process smoother and hassle-free.

Rockler Beadlock Pro Jig

You’ll also have to shoulder all the shipping charges unless the item you received is defective or damaged upon delivery. 

Customer Service

I appreciate the fact that Rockler Woodworking has separate hotlines for different customer concerns. If you need help with your orders, you can reach them via call at 1-800-279-4441 or write an email to 

On top of that, you can also talk to their product specialists by calling 1-800-260-9663 or emailing For emails, it usually takes less than 24 hours for them to respond.

They also offer a live chat feature, which is very helpful for tracking ordered items and talking with online consultants who specialize in the field. 


As previously mentioned, their catalog features a wide variety of products and brands. You can discover affordable accessories and hand tools on their shelves, but their premium power tools mostly fall into the higher price range.

person holding wallet

Extras, Sales, and Coupons

If you wish to return any items in Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores, you can opt for a gift card. They also have a reward card that you can check the balance via their website. 

As for promo events, they regularly hold flash sales via their website. All the user needs to do is click the “Sale” section and proceed to the “Flash Sale” drop-down item. You can also see which items are holding a sale in physical outlets or online. 

Safety and Privacy Policy

Rockler has been exercising strict privacy policies as a company with a huge customer base and international reach. You can fill out their data request form if you wish to remove your info or call their hotline at 1-833-989-2897. 

There’s also a “Do Not Sell My Info” link at the foot of the website to ensure that you’re not sharing any data with the company’s third-party advertisers. 

Store and Online Customer Experience

Most of the store staff in Rockler Woodworking are well-versed in the woodworking projects they sell. They’re knowledgeable and always ready to assist customers during our visits. I also liked that they have in-store demonstrations that everyone is free to attend. 

person using laptop

As modern shoppers are always on the internet, the company also made itself accessible on several social media sites. You can reach out to Rockler via their accounts and channels on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 

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Having witnessed their contributions to the woodworking industry over the years, majority of Rockler Woodworking reviews lean towards the positive.

Beyond their extensive product catalog, there’s no denying that this company offers invaluable resources that can genuinely elevate the craft, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional.

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