Rotorazer Saw Review (2023)
Is this 7 in 1 Saw Worth it?

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Full-sized saws have their merits, but portability and price are definitely not among them. Enter the Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw, a small and compact saw for DIY projects. 

I get it if you’re skeptical about a smaller saw. You might be wondering, can it really get the job done without compromising efficiency? I’ve delved deep into the Rotorazer to provide you with an informed review.


Customers who bought the Rotorazer have experienced defects with the product’s parts and had difficulties with the refund process.

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What I Like

What I Don't Like

Rotorazer Design

A small circular saw design that is a combination of 7 different saws may sound like a dream to most, but it raises some concerns for others that I will put to rest. The saw is very easy to use and comes with three different blades. The lightness and small size also give you more maneuverability and ease of use to create precision cuts. The Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw can also come in different colors.

Rotorazer Features

Rotorazer Motor Power

In this Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw review, our experts highlight the impressive power packed into a small, compact body. With a 480W motor operating at over 4200 RPM (revolutions per minute), this saw generates substantial power. While it may not match the strength of a full-sized saw, it proves more than sufficient for various DIY projects. The Rotorazer excels at cutting through materials up to half an inch thick with minimal difficulty.

Weight & Ease of Use

Of course, with such a small profile, one would expect a lightweight and easy-to-use saw, which is what the Rotorazer saw is. I was impressed with the mere 6.85 pounds and the relatively easy to grip handle. Even though it’s a corded model, the Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw still offers lots of room for movement because of the small size.

Blade Sizes and Type

Aside from the motor, a saw is only as good as its blade. The Rotorazer saw comes with three blades, the diamond blade, tungsten carbide blade and also a high-speed steel blade all meant for different purposes. I recommend using the correct blade for the materials you plan on cutting to prevent the blade from sticking.

Choosing the right blade is crucial for achieving optimal cutting results. For working with wood materials, I typically recommend the tungsten carbide blade due to its durability and performance. When it comes to ceramics, tile, and marble, the diamond blade has proven to be exceptionally effective. And for metals, utilizing the high-speed steel blade has always given me the best outcomes. It’s worth noting that all these blades come in a standard size of 85mm, ensuring consistency and compatibility.

The cutting depth for these blades is adjustable and the capacity for the blades are materials no thicker than half an inch.

Cutting Capacity & Depth

Since the Rotorazer comes with multiple blades, you can easily change them out with the quick blade-change feature.

I saw no problems with carpet, metals, glass, and anything else you may need to cut through for your DIY project.

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Cutting Directions

As a convenient hand tool, the Rotorazer saw is highly maneuverable and can cut in any direction. You would move the saw to accommodate the material rather than the other way around with larger stationary power tools.

Rotorazer Dust Collection

A good dust collection system built into power tools can help decrease cleanup time, which is very important to me. The Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw comes with a dust extraction system that will work while you go, clearing a path for your line of vision. The dust collection system will also reduce the amount of debris you breathe into your lungs, making it safe for long-term use [1].

A proper dust collection system also minimizes the chances of dust getting lodged in small nooks and crannies, and building up over time.

Rotorazer Accessories

The Rotorazer handheld saw comes with three different blades for multiple applications, a carrying case, dust collector, and blade guard. It is seven saws in one small handheld option!

Safety Features

The Rotorazer has incorporated a blade guard with a release lever, something I personally appreciate. This smart addition ensures your fingers remain safe, given you can’t kickstart the saw without disengaging the blade guard first. Given its versatile cutting capacity and directionality, I firmly believe this blade guard significantly enhances the saw’s safety, particularly when I’m frequently adjusting its position or orientation during a task.


As such a lightweight model, the Rotorazer saw is highly portable. It fits into the palm of your hand and is only 6.85 pounds measuring in at 17.44x 9.57x 4.76 inches. You can get an idea of how compact it is. The saw can fit easily into your work bag and not add any extra weight to your shoulders.

As a corded model, it may not offer the same range of motion as a cordless one, but our team members felt that the cable length is long enough not to hinder your movement and you won’t need to worry about charging the saw before moving to the next job site.

Customer Support

Rotorazer has customer support ready to assist you should any problems arise. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee just in case the saw isn’t up to your expectations. There is also a 1-year manufacturer warranty that the customer support is more than happy to uphold.


Is the Rotorazer saw any good?

Yes, the Rotorazer saw is good. The Rotorazer is a handheld model that is essentially seven saws in one. This increases the versatility of the item and gives you a ton of freedom for maneuverability. You can cut from any direction and through any material.

Rotorazer Review Conclusion

I really enjoyed testing out the saw for this Rotorazer Compact Circular Saw review. 

I felt that it afforded more convenience and was more user-friendly than larger options. Not having to worry about battery life or fatigue on my arms was definitely a huge bonus to this versatile and compact tool.

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